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I don’t watch Survivor, but this moment just hit me in the gut.

You know the show. It’s tribal council. The losing team is deciding who to vote out. Jeff Varner, a gay man, knows he’s on the chopping block but tries to turn it around by saying fellow players Zeke and Ozzie have a secret alliance. “There is deception…on levels we don’t understand.”

Then (it’s at 1:55 in the video if you’re impatient), he turns to Zeke and asks, 

“Why haven’t you told anyone you’re transgender?”

Yeah, you read that right. Zeke just got outed on national television. 

The reaction itself speaks volumes, as it shows what I think is a powerful microcosm of society in 2017. 

Yes, it’s 14 minutes, but it’s the most powerful 14 minutes I’ve seen on tv this year.

Watch and reblog if you support the trans community. 

All Fire Emblem Echoes Personal Mourning Quotes

I put all the voice acted personal mourning quotes together for whenever I feel like I want to cry

it’s Alm’s army, Celica’s army, in recruitment order (ish) with Fernand (who gets his own section) at the end

you can probably tell who is mourning who but the detailed list is under the cut

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