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I am not a writer, I never was.  I can’t swoon you with my words or erupt butterflies in your stomach. I can’t make you smile or cry. I am not a writer – I never was. It was never about pen to paper, it was always about you. I wrote with no response for the longest time, I would write and write, hoping my words could ever possibly mean something to someone one day, my words did nothing but float into nothingness. I was never a writer, but I wanted to be. I wanted to be the one that healed your heart, the one that stopped you from jumping off that cliff.. I wanted to be the one you thought of when morning awakened you, the one who was able to get a smile to randomly creep to your lips and god did I want to be the one to read you to sleep so your dreams could be complete with blissfulness. But I am not a writer.. I aspire to be.

-Zeinab Aoude-

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one: spell your name with song titles
Skin - rihanna

Traum - cro

El perdon - nicky jam & enrique iglesias

Feeling myself - nicki minaj feat beyoncé

Ain’t nobody - felix jaehn feat jasmine thompson

No angel - beyoncé

I bet you look good on the dancefloor - arctic monkeys

two: Why did you choose your URL?
bonucci is Daddy™

three: what is your middle name?
that’s something entirely different in slavic culture but it come from my dad’s name and it’s nikolaeva, not as much as a middle name but a pre-last name

four: if you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?
vampire because I’m obsessed with looking forever young and just in general being immortal sounds like fun and I want to travel the world so

five: favorite color?                                                                                           right now it’s probably white

six: song you like right now?
too good - drake and rihanna, just fucks me up

seven: top four fandoms
1d fandom was lit, hp fandom was chill, fashion fandom if it’s even a thing but the fashion blogs, I miss having one and football fandom is just something 

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