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Studio Love - Part 8

Leigh-Anne was dressed and ready to film her first solo music video. Excitement radiated through her body. Her director was the Steven Marks and her choreographer was none other than Danielle Peazer. Not to mention that Zayn had gotten Lou to agree to hair and make-up. It was her dream team and Leigh was on cloud nine.

“Are you ready for the first take?” Steven asked.

“I’m so excited!” Leigh squealed in a rush while standing on set. Her music video was being filmed on a blocked off street. There was extras around everywhere who would act as spectators while Leigh walked down the sidewalk with her ‘best friends’ during the first verse.

“Alright,” Steven nodded his salt-n-pepper head and walked off set. “Quiet on set!” He ordered loudly. A crew personnel marked the take. “Playback!” The music began and Leigh-Anne smiled waiting for her cue.

Yeah I go. Yeah I go. Yeah I go like this.

Ay you girl in the tight up skirt!

Ay you!

Tight tight tight up skirt.

“Uh oh, what a way to be hot. What a way and everybody just a stare a lot.” Leigh-Anne lip synced while waling forward towards the camera which was moving back with every step she took. She paused her steps holding up her index finger and wagging it. “What a way to be sexy. Can’t keep your eyes up off me.” She moved her hands down the sides of her body accentuating her figure with a playful smirk. She began to walk forward once again continuing to lip sync. Steven called the scene and the playback stopped.

This time Leigh was dressed in her second outfit in the middle of the street with four backup dancers (two girls and two guys). The playback for the chorus began and they began to perform. “Me and my girls in a tight up skirt. Me and my girls in a tight up skirt. Whine my waist, show you what I’m worth. Whine my waist, show you what I’m worth.” The first day of the shoot continued for five hours before everyone was dismissed and told to be back bright and early.

Leigh changed back into her clothes pulling her hair back into a ponytail. After saying goodbye to everyone she was escorted to the waiting vehicle. Zayn had called to ask how the shoot was going. She didn’t get to answer for him, but now she had a few hours before she would retire for the night. Patiently she waited for the call to connect. After four rings it became clear that he wasn’t going to answer. The dark skinned beauty sighed pressing the red end button and getting into her black foreign sports car. She pulled away quickly and drove towards her home. Along the way she stopped at a local market for a few groceries. She felt like cooking herself dinner tonight.

While waiting in the checkout line Leigh Anne scanned her glaze over the newsstand which held various newspapers, magazines, and tabloids. A particular rag caught her attention with its bold white lettered caption.


Perrie Edwards return to the UK to claim her man.

On the cover there was a picture of Perrie, now a brunette, outside of a London cafe with her mobile to her ear and frown on her face. She was looking off into the distance as if she saw something disturbing. Leigh snatched the tabloid and tossed it amongst the rest of her items. She didn’t believe any of it, but she figured Perrie would get a good laugh from it.


Perrie wore a wide smile when Leigh Anne walked through the door holding the two large brown paper grocery bags. She could see the surprised expression being masked on the brown woman’s features. The Geordie nearly smirked. Her movie night ideal had gone over extremely well. By the end of the night her and Leigh were snuggled together under the same blanket 'engrossed’ in the dramatic movie playing on the television screen. Now Perrie had to set the rest of her plan in action. Johnathan expected her to give up and come back to him any day now, but she wouldn’t. She had always been determined and she was even more so now.

“I didn’t expect you to be here.” Leigh Anne admitted while kicking her door closed and walking into the kitchen. She placed the bags on the counter before turning to Perrie who had followed after her.

Perrie shrugged her shoulders. “Jonnie and Katherine are busy. I’m actually meeting up with Jade later.” She had to hold in her whoop of success when Leigh’s features lit at the mention of Jade.

“Really? How is she? Gosh I haven’t talked to her or Jesy in forever.” Leigh responded moving to remove items from the bags.

“She’s great. She’s engaged to Sam now.” Perrie announced. A hint of bitterness laced her voice. “We ran into each other the other day.”

Leigh smiled widely. “You should invite her here.” She suggested. “The three of us can catch up together. I was planning on making myself some dinner anyway.”

Perrie nodded excitedly. “Jade loves your cooking. I’ll go call her now.” She rushed out of the kitchen as a sneaky smile coated her lips. Leigh Anne continued unloading the bag eventually placing all of the necessary ingredients on the counter. While she cooked her infamous fish tacos with pico de gallo, Perrie busied herself setting the table. A bit after six the doorbell sounded. “I’ll get it!” Perrie called smoothing out her casual navy dress with her hand on the doorknob. She took in a deep breath, plastered on a smile, and opened the door. “Jade!” She squealed taking in the small blonde who she had spent four years of her life with.

“Perrie!” Jade squealed as well throwing her arms around her old friend and embracing her warmly.

Leigh Anne rushed into the small foyer upon hearing the loud exchange. “Jade!” Her own happiness was exuberant as she pulled Jade from Perrie’s embrace into her own.

Jade laughed light-hearted and returned the hug. “Oh my gosh Leigh Anne. I’m so happy to see you. I heard your song on the radio on my way here.” Jade pulled away so that she could speak properly. “It’s really good.”

Leigh waved off the compliment. “It’s nothing. Come in. The food is nearly ready.” She ushered everyone into her living room. “I’ll go check on the fish while you two catch up.” She decided throwing a friendly smile at them both before leaving out of the room.

“How long have you been back in London?” Jade questioned Perrie.

“Oh, nearly three weeks. I’ve been bouncing back and forth a lot.”

Jade nodded, “Oh yeah staying with friends and family is much cheaper than staying in a hotel.” She agreed.

Perrie shrugged her shoulders. “That is true. Plus I don’t like to be alone.” She admitted in a softer voice. Jade fell silent not sure what to say. “Anyways. How are you? You’re engaged now. I want to see the ring.” She exclaimed doing some of her best acting.

Jade held up her hand with a proud smile. “It was really surprising.” She giggled. Perrie and Jade continued to catch up until Leigh Anne called them to the table. The three of them eat merrily and informed the others on what their lives had been like for the past year.

“I have a new boyfriend.” Perrie announced. Leigh was already aware of this, but Jade was out of the loop.

“That’s great. What’s his name?” Jade questioned.

“His name is Johnathan and he’s all Perrie talks about.” Leigh teased while standing and grabbing the plates. “I’m going to grab the desert she announced.” Perrie and Jade nodded their heads while Leigh Anne walked to the kitchen.

“I’m happy we got to do this.” Jade admitted while taking a brief glance around. “I’ve been worried about you Pez.” She added softly.

Perrie chuckled easing the serious atmosphere. “I’m fine Jade.” She assured. “I’m doing really well and I’m happy.” She added with a warm smile.

Jade nodded her head. “I was surprised when you called me and invited me over. It was out of the blue. We haven’t seen each other in months.”

Leigh stopped outside of the small dining room holding the cheesecake in her hands. “What?” She whispered having overheard Jade’s words. Perrie said that the two had run into each other a day ago. Had they not? Jade made it sound as though the dinner invitation came out of the blue. “Did Perrie lie?” Leigh Anne wondered as she debated rather to keep eavesdropping or make her entrance. When it became clear that neither of her friends were going to answer the question, she decided to let her presence be known. She was greeted with an excited smile from Jade and a small grin from Perrie. Leigh motioned to the desert she had carefully purchased and placed it in the center of the table. “Alright ladies dig in.” She instructed.

“Pez I’m so happy you called me.” Jade voiced while lifting a fork and moving towards the cake. Leigh glanced at Perrie to survey her reaction, but the Geordie remained impassive. That didn’t set Leigh at ease at all. If it wasn’t clear before, then it definitely was now. Perrie was hiding something.


Leigh-Anne: I love zayn malik! Hr’s my fave 1D memebr becaus he used to do the ends of songs and he was just the sweetest

Partridge: I think he’s to cocky and full of himself

Zayn: I like Perrie from Little Mix

Pringles: I dnt even KNOW him!

Paddington Bear: I dont even have TIME to date Zayn Malik omg I’m too busy with the girls


Zertrie: *is ‘dating’*

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