I re-designed an old Character of mine I found in my Refsheet-Folder.
He’s a demon. Some facts about the demons in my MC Story:

- they’re actually dragons who can shapeshift. Some of them are endermen, some are dogs and some are humans. It depends on the individual!
- their blood, eyes, claws, flesh and insides all have the same colour. For Cypher it’s purple.
- they all have runes somewhere on their body which are roughly translated describing their power(s)

Cypher is the main demon in the story. He had a deal with Landa.
When she found out she wasn’t able to ever have offspring, she made the deal with Cypher. He gave her the chance to be a mother, and said he’ll come back for her part.
But Landa ultimatly got away from him without fullfilling her side of the deal.
They became enemies, as Cypher was outraged to not get her part.
When he hunted her down, he claimed that he will take the most important thing from Landa. After getting her part of the deal, he died.