shitty’s that closeted bisexual who’s like “haha yeah there are like a few exceptions to my heterosexuality like i’d totally bang chris evans…and jack is pretty hot…and oh i had the BIGGEST thing for zefron in middle school…and oscar isaac? everyone’s into oscar isaac” and lardo’s like “…that’s all?” and shitty’s like “ohhh we haven’t even gotten into hockey players yet. so sidney crosby has a weird face but it works for him? and that butt–”

and then lardo Bisexual Stares Into The Camera Like She’s On The Office

He asked me if Zac Efron walked up to me and asked me on a date would I say yes? And I was like well yeah of course. Cause well, celebrity crushes are still a thing for me. And he asked me would I let Zac Efron kiss me and I said yes. Then he was like “omg then you’re not asexual! that means you want to bang him!”
No, no it doesn’t. Finding someone physically attractive doesn’t mean I want to bang them. And wanting to kiss someone certainly doesn’t mean I want to bang them. I can get romantic urges towards people without getting sexual ones. I felt those kinds of romantic urges towards Will, like urges to kiss and cuddle, long before we got on the level of sexual attraction. So no, it’s not all the same thing to me.

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24. (truth) If you could only own five material objects (not counting life necessities like food/water/a house/etc) what would they be? (dare) Put your music player on shuffle. Post what the first three songs are, and for each one, tag a blog that the song reminds you of.

im gonna do the dare bc I like that one better lol

-Potential Breakup Song by Aly & Aj (this song reminds me of driving around in my friend’s car and singing this song at the stop of our lungs & it was the best time omg) tagging: @uglyseb (bc i think you probably like this song lmao)

-The Underdog by Spoon (ok this reminds me of 17 Again starring Zefron bc that was the first time I heard this song and i still think of a specific scene in that movie every time i listen to it) tagging: @punkpeqqy

-I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston (this honestly makes me think of the 80s and neon colors and workout videos but I LOVE IT) tagging: @sweetheartbarnes

25. (truth) What is the last thing you lied about? (dare) Tag three people you want to know better and ask them each three questions about themselves.

im gonna do the truth! And I think the last thing I lied about was telling my grandmother that I wasn’t hungry for breakfast so that I could get Starbucks instead on the dl lol

30. (truth) What is the last thing you did that you have to keep secret from someone? Who do you have to keep it secret from? (dare) Tag five blogs with great URLs.

Dare! Okay, I really love these urls and yall should go follow these peeps! @sugardaddychris (my personal fave lmao) @barnesthighs @drbanner @bisexualbvcky & @getbvcked !