I can’t believe Darren Criss is going to be in the Flash. And in the same season that Tom Felton is in! (I doubt it) but I would love for both there paths to cross on The Flash and for Tom to say something to Darren like ; “you remind me of a classmate of mine”. Or even if he say something and was like “my father will hear about this!"😂😊😉🤣😏 Or if Darren said something to Julian like "is Hermione still trying to draw your rocket ship, you and I both know she can’t?” And Tom be like “think you have me confused with someone else*mate*!"😉🤣😂🤣❤ GOD FLASH WRITERS AM DOING YOUR JOB FOR You! 😂😂😂😍😍❤❤ You know just more ideas for The Flash writers should they need them! They could also spin it so that Harry Potter and the Vary Potter Musical might just have happened on different earths!!!

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starkid things that still fuck me up in 2017
  • the opening notes of going back to hogwarts
  • jaime’s belting in not alone
  • harry and ron hugging after they kill the zefron horcrux
  • big t and old snatch finally getting to see the world together
  • not alone i cannot stress this enough
  • the golden trio meeting on the hogwarts express and harry’s immediately like “holy shit this is what it feels like To Have a Home”
  • when roach asks bug to save his wife aka the queen of the hive
  • when the marauders and snape (and cedric) sing everything ends to harry and darren struggles so much with his tie
  • when they start crying in avpsy and everyone’s saying goodbye to darren

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imagine, it’s first thing in the morning and all you want is a shower. walking in, you’re greeted with the sight of your roommate, naked, and laying across the toilet. and before you realize it, you burst out into laughter. you hold up your phone and snap a picture.

“I own you now.”

Everything You Need to Know About A Very Potter Musical

Lauren Lopez is perfect

Lauren Lopez falls off furniture rapidly


Dumbledore gives 0 fucks

Harry gives 0 fucks

Snape also gives 0 fucks


Everything about Hermione is perfect

Ginny is literally me if I ever met Darren Criss

Annnd last but not least, ZEFRON JOKES

Seriously guys why are you reading this post why haven’t you seen it already head over to youtube RIGHT NOW

I literally had the best dream ever

The dream starts and I am in Blockbuster. Everything seems normal, I am browsing through the tapes, taking my time. Everything is in first person view, super vivid. I go to reach for a movie (I do not remember the title) and another hand clasps over mine, reaching for the same one. Startled, I turn to look at the face, our hands still together. 

It’s him.

Zac Efron.

He leans close to my ear and whispers. “We are all in this together.”  And I wake up.