*Sanji Headcanon*

I think the fact that Sanji already knew how to use knives when Zeff started to really teach him about cooking initially surprised the old chef.

One day when Zeff asked Sanji about it saying, “So little eggplant, who taught you to use blades like that?” He was shocked by how quiet the little blond got. The tears that started to leak down the small boys cheeks made Zeff’s heart ache.

Zeff reached down and gathered Sanji in his arms and let him cry until he exhausted himself vowing all the while that he wouldn’t let whoever hurt his little eggplant anywhere near him ever again.

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how would sanji react a woman had killed zeff

Sanji, my baby :’(

  • fuck he would cry first and foremost
  • he’d just be too devastated to function properly let alone fight
  • I think you want me to say that that would be his ultimate trigger that would lead him to beat a woman, but man I cannot picture Sanji after Zeff dying, being capable (mentally) to even raise a limb
  • i’m sure as heck he would be absolutely furious at her and just hate her with every fiber of his being

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Okay, following the question about Zeff in Fluency, what's Zoro's reaction to the "standard public loving" b/w Zeff and Sanji, which usually consists of insults (& maybe some one-sided blows)? (I kinda can't wait to see Zeff again...)

Zoro’s first reaction was something along the lines of ‘holy shit this is terrible’, especially as he was super bad at interpreting tone back then and didn’t understand that all that was normal for the pair’s odd relationship. 

Zoro has sort of an inverted relationship with his father. Criticism or anger from Mihawk is a SUPER SERIOUS AWFUL THING. Though Zoro knows that his parents love him he’s always a little anxious about earning Mihawk’s approval and acceptance in his role. Mihawk does tease his son a little but when he does it’s really obvious that it’s what he’s doing and it’s never about his role as a prince and more about getting lost or dealing with perona. 

With Zeff and Sanji though there’s so much outward antagonism but Sanji is completely secure in the  knowledge that Zeff loves and approves of him always. The moment Zeff had the slightest actual grievance with Sanji he’d say so and it’d be obviously distinct from their usual fighting. Zeff kind of figures that making mistakes and fucking up along the way is part of growing up and he’s content to let Sanji learn that way. For example, sneaking out of the castle was something Sanji used to do all of the time and it was worse when Zeff tried to stop him but when Zeff left him alone Sanji cut it out. Now if he wants to leave he just does and is better about letting people know where he’s going and if he wants to climb the building for fun then he does, as a result he’s better behaved. 

Mihawk is shortly about to learn the kind of behaviors that result from trying to control Sanji when he finds that both princes and most of the knights are gone. When Zeff finds out he’s going to laugh his ass off.

Recs for a velcro breed? Where velcro means “would prefer to be touching me 90% of the time”. Kai is the kind of velcro dog where he likes to be within 3 feet of me 95% of the time, but he does not like to cuddle at all or even lay down on my feet or anything. He wants to be directly next to me with at least a few inches of separation. Will he tolerate me cuddling him? Yes. Actively enjoy it? Not so much.

…And by cuddling I mean him laying on my lap or against my leg or something while I pet him, not the “why doesn’t fluffy like my bear hugs where I hold him still and lean over him” kind of cuddling.

Axel will enjoy it if I initiate by flopping down next to him, but if Emmy isn’t here he likes to be on the other side of the room chewing things- as it should be, since he’s her dog.

After finding out Sanji came from an abusive royal family literally everything he does makes sense.

He had so much food in royalty, there would never be a lack of food for the royal family and when he was 7 and joined the ship as a busboy he wasted food because he was so used to having an excess. But after being stranded with Zeff he learned there’s never such thing as enough food so each bite must be savored.

He fights so hard for the other crew members. Yes the crew all would give there lives for one another but his is interesting. Like the time Eneru was going to electrocute both Nami and Usopp so he used his own body as a shield, blocking Usopp away.

Or when jokes like “You look like the Prince of Moronica,” by Zoro was made, of course it seems he’s angered by being called a Moron. But also Prince. Sanji left his family, he left his role as a prince. The last thing he wants is to be reminded of it, let alone by his rival.

Or when Robin got captured and he was on the militarys train. There was just a dark look on his face, something quite determined and violent. He wanted to get her back at any cost, even when he joked and grinned with Zoro, he was still dark. There was nothing that would stop him from protecting a member of his family. Even his sacrifice of himself back to his family to protect the crew.

Or how much he can relate to Brook. Brook is ungentlemanly and has bad manners, somewhat the opposite of royalty raised Sanji. And yet they can get along rather well. Probably because they both faced a certain trauma and loneliness that cant be quite explained. Sanji was lonely, alienated from his entire family and then later lost all his friends to a tidal wave and pirate ship just to become stranded and almost starved to death. Brook had many friends for much of his life until they all passed away and he was plunged into darkness and loneliness for up to like 30 years. He was lonely and he had nothing but his memories while Sanji had nothing but the future.

Sanji values the crew more than anything in the world. Because he grew up knowing what loneliness was like, what being abandoned was like, what having nobody to look out for you besides yourself was like. The crew is his family. And he’d die to protect them.

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through some unknown/magical/weird thing, your kids now badmouths you, what will your reaction be and how will you deal with it?

Shanks and Mihawk: Kick their ass.

Benn: Guilt trip. All of the guilt trips.

Rocinante: Don’t have to listen to it. I have power over silence.

Kuzan: Freeze him for a bit if he needs to chill out.

Zeff: …How is this different from how Sanji and I normally talk to each other?

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I just wanted to ask, in Fluency, what is Zoro's opinion of Zeff? We don't see that many interactions from Zoro's perspective so I was just a little curious

His opinion was bad at first because he assumed that Zeff was being awful to Sanji as he didn’t get the manner in which the pair spoke to and about each other. These days though it’s more grudging respect. He doesn’t like how Zeff orders Sanji around, like how he tried to get Zoro to make Sanji leave when he didn’t want to. He does respect him for how much he obviously cares for Sanji and how he obviously is a good ruler, plus Sanji does love him and that counts for a lot. 

Right now though he doesn’t exactly *like* him, but then again Zoro’s own parents haven’t made the most fabulous impression on Sanji either so Zoro can’t really complain. 

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9 for Property of Sanji and Love Me Dead! Because you mentioned alternate plot lines in other asks and now I'm really curious about the "paternity plotline" in Property of Sanji.

  • 9:Were there any alternate versions of this fic?

Hahaha, ok then!

Love Me Dead - Oh man there were a bunch of different ways with Sanji interacting with Baby that were written and taken out, mainly becaused they played out as too ‘saviour’ kind of way. One of them ended with her shoving Sanji down a flight of stairs and him getting injured that way, I think I far prefer the way things actually went down then. 

I’ll put the ones with property of Sanji below a cut in case people don’t see it. 

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Look here! It's a wild Mom! Well, wild might be pushing it. Ryuuko is sprawled o the sofa, tired and bored and considering a nap. Or she would be if she didn't smell something happening in the kitchen. Looks like her son was up to something tonight. The older woman merely peeks her head in, giving a nod to the butler/grandfather figure who was watching over the blonde boy before speaking up. "Hey, kid. What'cha got goin' on in here?" (KID/MOM AU COMES TO LIFE ON THE BLOG)

❣;; @thatsuitsmejustfine

Most eight-year-old boys didn’t know how to BARGAIN with adults, but having a mentor like Zeff meant he was exposed to a great many things. After hours of high-pitched whining and complaining, Sanji had convinced the old man to help him make something special for Ryuuko. After all, how else was he supposed to show her how grateful he was to her?

His surprise was nearly SHATTERED, sadly, when he heard her voice. Whipping around and nearly dropping the potato he was peeling in his hand, he was horrified to find her peeking.

“No!” He screamed and threw his things onto the counter top, little hands pressing at her knees as he tried his hardest to banish her from the kitchen. “You’re not supposed to see yet! Get out! I promised I’d surprise you, okay? You can’t look until I tell you.”

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In Fluency, has Zoro ever gotten a peg kick from Zeff yet? Or will that happen the next time they see him or something? ;P

Not so far no, previously they didn’t have enough interaction for it to be a semi-friendly antagonism. Generally speaking it’s not a great to attack someone from a culture where duels are such a serious thing. They knew each other a little better by the time Drum came along but Zoro would definitely have interpreted Zeff kicking him as a real attack then, mostly cause he felt that he deserved it.

But yeah, in the future Zoro is totally going to be a victim of the father in law peg kick of disapproval.