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If there is gonna be a Luffy vs Sanji moment, like the Luffy vs Usopp moment... My heart can't handle it.... T_T

I don’t think my heart would be able to handle it either T_T What makes the upcoming fight more heart-wrenching than Luffy vs. Usopp is that unlike Usopp who was earnestly angry, Sanji’s lying - and Luffy clearly knows that he’s lying. This fight isn’t because of any misunderstanding (like Luffy vs. Zoro in Whiskey Peak) or dissent; despite having absolute faith in Luffy, this time Sanji thinks it’s impossible for even his captain to protect Zeff who’s far back in East Blue… and who can blame him for thinking such a way given the circumstances? Maybe Sanji will tell his friends about his hands and Zeff when he gets the chance later, but I doubt it because I don’t think he’d ask help from his nakama being the martyr he is, and more than anything I doubt he’d try anything that might trigger an attack to the Baratie - that’s just how much terrified he is of losing his old man. Sanji’s plight reminds us of Nami and Robin in many ways, but I think his situation is much more intense given that he had no choice but to lie despite having unshakable trust in Luffy and chose to fight his captain one on one. Sanji’s not going to risk losing Zeff no matter what but Luffy’s not going to give up on his cook no matter what… their fight is going to be painful to watch to say the least and I blame Oda for torturing us with this much angst T_T

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so we're finally getting a Sanji backstory, how the hell he ended up in that boat in the first place. Who do you think will be next? Zoro and how he ended up at the dojo? Luffy and why Dragon left him with Garp? Maybe even Franky's parents. They were pirates after all. I would actually love it if someone from Brook's crew, the one that stayed with the original captain came back to see him, or maybe the child of one of them.

Omg!! many questions!!! assdasa ♡♡♡

About the boat, do you mean The Orbit, which was attacked by Zeff? Because at the end of his flashback on the chapter 841, we can saw how he ended up there.

About Zoro, I don’t know if I want another backstory of him. I mean it’s too much for the story (?). But seeing that he will fight against the shogun, maybe we’ll see little flashbacks (?) I have seen some theories about Zoro’s dad and his connection with Wanokuni, but I always ask “Then, how he ended in the East Blue coming from the New World and from an Island which borders are closed?”. To be more clear, it would be a little mess explain it… For me Zoro is a good character, he doesn’t need an arc of his origin, because he doesn’t have many mysteries, like Sanji who had them, but we always ignore it. For me Zoro it’s ok with his story, we don’t need more.

I hope to see why Dragon and HIS MOTHER left Luffy. But I think we have a clue, Dragon is the world’s most wanted man, a revolutionary… I suppose that he didn’t wanted to endangering his son. And Garp was the best option, is his father, is a marine and Luffy would live in the East Blue, the “weakest” sea. It was the best option, isn’t it? But that doesn’t mean that Dragon is a good father, maybe a little bit, or less.

Same here as Zoro, we don’t need that (?) Is like Nami, we don’t know anything of her true parents, we don’t know if they survived or not… But she had a family after all. Same as Franky, with Tom-san, Iceburg, Kokoro and the Franky family. I think that we don’t need more. It would be too many past stories that we don’t move in the story. Remember that we are on the 70% of the complete story!! 

Hmm, I don’t think that someone of them survived. I would like more if Brook meet Laboon on behalf of all their dead nakamas. It would be more sad, and emotional… Well, for me, it would be.

That’s my point of view!!! Thanks for asking me all this, I love to talk about One Piece! ♡♡♡


Now that we’ve had a brief preview of what Sanji’s past with the Vinsmokes was like, we can finally understand how much Zeff’s sacrifice meant to Sanji, why he was so dead-set on protecting Zeff’s dream even if it cost his life.

I bet Zeff is the person who taught Sanji that love could be unconditional. In stark contrast to the Vinsmokes who abused Sanji simply because he was weaker and kind-hearted, Zeff sacrificed his leg and looked after Sanji even though he had done nothing for him.

Zeff did tell Sanji that he saved him because he also dreamed of All Blue(I’m not saying that this reason wasn’t enough to redeem Sanji from his horrid past), but I bet somewhere along the line of raising Sanji he got to love the kid like his real son, and whether he also dreamed of All Blue didn’t matter so much anymore. Sanji was a source of joy to Zeff simply for existing; It’s from Zeff that Sanji learned that he could still be loved by being himself - the kind-hearted soul who is always willing to help those in need with his passion for cooking.