Zefal Kit May Day Puncture Kits & Levers - $17.99
The Profil FC01 with its telescopic barrel and the flexible, screw-on Z-Flex connection allows inflation from farther away and prevents damage to the valve stem. The repair kits will help you to repair your bike easily and safely and the Z Levers are highly resistant and unbreakable. Their thin shape fits easily between the rim and tyre, without damaging them. The hook end is reversible and allows removal and refitting of tyre.

This 1983 Lotus Eclair is hiding on Central, New Jersey’s craigslist. The post says Lotus Zefal SP2 bike, which is a hybrid of the bike and tire pump. But what appears to be a 100% original Eclair with dual racks and Zefal pump. Only one pic and no other descriptive info. Looks like it just came out of storage. Asking $250, which is totally worth it assuming it’s not covered in rust. I’d say it’s worth the trip.

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Каталог вело-компонентов Zefal 2011

Sitting on the porch enjoying this fine Carolina morning. Boy do I love this state.

I’m also happy that I found this Zefal air foot pump for my road bike bag. I picked it up for $14.00, which was quite a bit less then the other ones I was looking at online. Overall the reviews seem fair, it was heavier then a frame pump but still small enough to fit in my road bike bag. Win!

Having a “go to” or “jump” bag, that is made up with as many used, recycled or cheap parts as possible, has been a summer project of mine. The logic behind having a bag like this is simple. Its super easy to loose your motivation to do anything, let alone ride, after a long day in the office. So removing as many barriers as possible, like gathering your gear, helps lessen the chance of loss. I know, this isn’t a new idea or anything but it was an “ah ha” thing for me so I figured I would share.

Earlier posts talked about my completed mountain bike bag. Now my road bike bag is starting to take shape! Found the bag at Wal-Mart for $20. I think it is a gym bag because it has a cool compartment to store shoes. Great for my bike cleats. My water bottles fit it the side compartment and my helmet, shorts, sunglasses, towel and pump fit nicely in the center. I still have plenty of space for a spare tube, tool kit and medical kit.

Looks like I am ready for next Thursdays ride. What are some other uses you guys have for “go to” or “jump” bags?

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Buy Zefal Bicycle Rim Tape 13mm Pair

Buy Zefal Bicycle Rim Tape 13mm Pair

Zefal Bicycle Rim Tape 13mm Pair


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An Economical Way to Increase Power in your Pedal Stroke

Now, I can still recall the use of a flat pedal that typically comes free with a new bike purchase. They are alright and gives you a comfortable break-in period with your new bicycle. But soon, they became a reason for it to be replaced, as you seek to increase the power you can transfer to the chainring.

You became rather hesitant, having then discovered that a pair of bike shoe will both require a set of new compatible cleats and pedals! And thats where most cyclists digress into using toe clips.

For a couple of beers, you would have effectively increase the power transfer to your bike, all while wearing a conventional running shoe. I would say its a no-brainer proposition, save a few trials of actually getting comfortable to efficiently plunge your toes into it with each kick off.

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