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who are your inspirations in terms of art? you mentioned that studying the works of artists you admire is a good way to go - do you have any recs? :o

I got a few, no particular order (I take little bits and pieces from their work to incorporate it into my own, or I just use them for inspiration):

Nurzhan Bekkaliyev (edges, gesture, values)

Zeen Chin (colors and concepts)

Wangjie Li (colors, edges, values)

Jung Lee (concepts, also she mostly uses a hard round brush which is terrific)

Joel Jurion (girls, gesture)

Kim Jung Gi, of course (EVERYTHING)

Wesley Burt (concepts, clothing, unique faces)

Claire Wending (GESTURE, lines, animals)

Benjamin Björklund (edges, color, values)

Event day happenings

Note: This is the ceiling
SFX: Really serious

Seon: Wow it’s nice to see you guys~!
Note: Twitter friends
Narr: Can’t hear because it’s too busy to organizing

Seon: That is ZeenZeen.
SFX: Startled
SFX: Glance
Note: Twitter friends

SFX: Nod
Zeen’s thought: Hello!
Zeen: Who are you!
Narr: Didn’t actually do this but it felt like

Today. I participated in a comic event with @seonseon0022.
I met a lot of good people. Although I am tired, it was really fun.
Also I bought “Rick & Morty Triple Comics”. I love this one very much. It brings me to an ecstatic mood. SO GOOOOOOD