Yes! Im finaly back and the first thing i post is cosplay of blonde MC from mystic messenger! XDXD

So i had a party for the club im in and well…i was so into ameri lie’s blonde mc design that i went and did it!
Having been in contact with them recently (due to suggesting an MMD for them to do and them toraly loving it!) And after seeing their mmd with 707 and blonde mc, this is what happened!

I totaly love their design of blonde mc! Its so much better then the other one to me!!! The shirt print was perfect and i needed to do this!!!

Personaly i ship blonde mc with 707 most because she totaly seems like a girl who would be fun and memeing all over like 7, but for anyone shiping her with zen (which ive zeen quite a bit of), heres some selfies of her because we all know zens girlfreind would take selfies in attempts to keep up with her boyfreinds perfect looks and great selfies!

Anyways this was so fun to do! I think this is my favorit cosplay i have mainly so far! (If only getting my hair into a wig cap and hiding it under the wig was easyer with my short hair cosplays OTL)
I think she turned out great and if u can tell, yes i tried to spntour a bit and yes i failed misserably!
Aaanyways! I hope u all enjoy because this is by far one of the easyest and most fun cosplays i have ever done!

Design: Ameri Lie
Ameri lie youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCwXK5JA4kJrhpVlqdbZtmvQ
Ameri lie tumblr: http://ameri-lie.tumblr.com/
Blonde mc: hurtssonice