Man Vs Titan

This isn’t a request but this was inspired by two anon asks here and here

Also I’m still playing around with Schneeple’s character, sorry if it seems a little off to any canon-characteristics. And excuse the terrible writing of the German accent!

Warnings!: Swearing, needles, violence, mentions abuse, angst, a little fluff, a little discrimination (I mean no offense when I use terms in these fics. These are demons I’m writing.)

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Schneeplestein was quiet as he gently patched over the scratches and bruises on your arm. His eyes were focused, hard as stone and just as cold. 
You knew where his mind was. What he must think when you come to see him covered in a few hand-print coloration’s. 
And you knew where this conversation, once started, would end up going.
You sat in silence. Not wanting to be the first one to break the quiet, like always.
But your promise of quiet was cut short when the Doctor washed over a rather brightly colored bruise.
“It iz like clockwork.” Schneeple sighed. His voice emotionless. “You leave healthy and unbroken, a smile on zat lovely face. But zen you return bruized and injured. And I zould have to patch you up.” 
You looked at him firmly. “He isn’t abusing me, Schneeple. He’s a titan. We’ve established this many times. He has never hurt me intentionally.” 
“Your vounds zay othervise.” Schneeple growled, lifting your arm up a little to prove his point as you winced. 
“We had a rough night. You get a little rough sometimes.” You reminded him and the Doctor rolled his eyes. Finally looking up at you. 
“But I do not leave bruizes, Bärchen. Not unvess you ask.” He winked and returned to soothing the swelling on your arms. 
You smiled a little. Conversations like these you tried to keep an air of humor in it. You knew the Doctor disapproved of your relationship with the titan. And made certain to further state that point whenever he came across the other man. 
Even going as far as standing up for you when A made you upset. 
“You unnerve him you know.” You said playfully, but quietly. “There aren’t a lot of people who stand against him so freely.” 
That made Schneeple’s mouth twitch in a small smile. His eyes glittered mischievously. “I am a Doctor. My priority iz my patients. No undersized Hulk can scare me from looking after my favorite patient.” 
He leaned over and pressed a lingering kiss to your cheek. His stubble scratching lightly when he paused to nuzzle your neck before returning to work. 
You smiled and went to say something when a very loud banging echoed through the house. It sounded like someone was knocking, but with enough strength to shatter the wooden frame. 

“It zeems your other lover haz followed you.” The Doctor growled. Your eyes widened when you heard A holler something through the front door. Unnerving you further when Schneeple’s eyes started to glow a deep green. 
“Let me talk to him before you two start fighting.” You insisted. Standing and walking out the room before Schneeple had a chance to protest. 
You went to the front door and pulled it open just as A was about to start “knocking” again. 
“Where is he?” He growled. The veins in his neck were already bulging and turning black. 
“A, you know you’re not allowed here.” You said firmly. But you could feel your courage start to fade as A’s eyes darkened and he started growling. 

Apocalypse had never raised a hand against you. Only once had his massive hands struck you, but that had been on accident. When the two of you were out and some punks tried to hit on you. A had swung his fist, and one man had pulled you in front of him just as A’s fist crunched against your ribs. Schneeple had never trusted the titan again after A carried your broken body to the Doctor.
“I don’t give a flying fuck about it.” A snarled, his entire chest vibrating from the sound. “But that fucker is starting to piss me off! He’s fucking trying to put you against me.” 
You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. How did A know about Schneeple’s attempts to sway you into breaking it off with A? It wasn’t something you publicly told the titan. Bloodshed was assured if you did.
Seeing your confusion, A withdrew his phone. His hands shook as he attempted to not crush it from his anger. 
“That Nazi punk has sent me fucking threats! And if he thinks he’s fucking scaring me then he has another thing coming!” A’s voice was rising in volume. The air around you shook with his fury and already you could see his body mass expanding. 
“A, calm down-” 
“Ves, lizten to (y/n), A. You are becoming unstable. I vould hate to use vorce in vy own home.” Schneeple stood a few steps behind you. His hand clasped behind his back as he locked a piercing green glare on the titan. 
His iris’ seemed to be glowing as he glanced at you. Flicking over your body to see if there was any harm. 
A moved past you. His hand almost tender as he pushed you aside. 
He stormed towards the Doctor, looming over him like a mountain as he spoke through a clenched jaw. 
“You don’t order me around, German freak.” A snarled. You glimpsed the seams of his shirt beginning to stretch. Even with the elastic material, A still managed to tear his clothes upon growing bigger. 

You hurried forward and stepped between them. Your back was to Schneep and your hands were pressed firmly against A’s chest, trying to move him back a little. 
“A, please don’t-” 
“Stay out of this, (y/n)!” A barked. His hand grasping your arm in an iron grip and yanked you to the side. You yelped when his hold squeezed one of the bruises.
Schneeple’s gaze flared brighter and his lips pulled back in a snarl as A released you. 
“Don’t you dare hurt them!” Schneeple bellowed. His stature changing from passive to aggressive within moments. “You have done enough damage to zem, you monzter! You are nothin’ but an abomination. You do not dezerve their kindness! Dare to touch them again and I will make your life mizerable.” 
A bristled with anger. His knuckles popping as he clenched and stretched his fists. 
“You are nothing but an ant! You think you can beat me? HA! I’d like to see you try,”  A bellowed with wicked amusement. His lips pulled back in a sneering grin. 
Schneeple scoffed and nodded. “Then letz not disappoint you, friend.”
A’s eyes widened in surprise for a moment, but they crinkled with dark joy as he lifted his fist and swung. 
But Schneeplestein was faster. He ducked under the titan’s attack, lunging forward and his hands flew from behind his back. Two syringes plunged into A’s left calf and the Doctor pressed down on them. Filling A’s bloodstream with the contents. 
This all happened within a second, a blink of an eye, and all you managed to see was A swing and Schneeple’s white coat blur as he moved. 
You didn’t see what happened until A suddenly swayed and Schneeple stepped back. Moving you with him as Apocalypse stumbled into a wall and crashed to the floor. 

Your hand covered your mouth and you ran to A’s side. Dropping to your knees and checking for a pulse. 
“What did you do?” You exclaimed. Fear and shock coloring your voice.
“Do not vorry, he iz fine.” The Doctor assured you. Keeping his distance from the fallen titan. “I injected a mixture of sedatives and toxins into his body. He vill be out for a minute or two before the sedatives wear off. But the toxins vill stay in hiz bloodstream for some time. Hopefully he vill begin to take me seriously when he vakes.” 
You stared at Schneeple, unsure what to make of what he just said. You knew Schneeple was cunning. He had an air of deception about him at times. But to come up with something that would fall A was beyond your assumptions of the Doctor. 
The two of you stayed near Apocalypse. His body spasmed at times, sweat covered his body as he twitched and groaned in his sleep.
Which Schneeplestein explained was the toxins working through his body. He was in pain and would be so for a few days until it all left his body. 
Finally, A’s eyes opened and he groaned. The sound more a growl than one of pain. 
He didn’t notice your hand on his until he went to move and his dark gaze found you. 
“Are you veeling better? Calm?” Schneeple asked. Not a trace of concern in his tone as A stood, wobbling a little as he used the wall for support. “(Y/n), I think it would be better for you to stay away from Apocalypse until he is in a better mind.” 
A snarled and his hand wrapped around yours. Pulling you behind him as Schneeple outstretched his hand towards you. Both glared at each other and Schneeple lowered his hand. 
“Do you need another dose?” The Doctor asked with a raised eyebrow. 
A’s body shook violently and you leapt forward to balance him as he bent over in pain. Your eyes were wide as you saw his eyes screw shut and his lips were firmly closed to stop himself from crying out. 
“You…will not…touch them.” A managed to spit through the pain. “You…fucking… freak!” 
Schneeple sighed and withdrew another syringe from his coat pocket. Giving it a testing squeeze as the mixture spurted out of the needle. 
“It seems you have not learnt your vesson.” Schneeplestein said as he stepped forward. But you stepped into his path, shielding A from Schneeple’s gaze. 
“(Y/n), my dear, move please.” The Doctor instructed. His gaze and voice lowering and becoming gentle again. 
You shook your head, glaring at the Doctor as if you were scolding him. 
“A has had enough. He’s going to leave.” 
“I’m…not going…anywhere.” A growled, forcing himself to straighten. Despite the agony he was currently feeling. “Not… without…you.” 
You looked up at A as he said this. His voice, though strained, held something more than anger or hate. It was something along the lines of concern. 
“She is safer vith me than you, Frankenstein.” Schneeple scoffed, but pocketed the syringe. Turning back to you, the glow in his eyes settled. “My Dear, it iz still my appointed day. And thiz monster haz been taught a lesson. Let him lick hiz vounds. Perhaps he will know now to treat you properly.” 
“You think I fucking hurt them on purpose?” A said, regaining some strength in his voice. 
“I have zeen the vounds you leave. You abuse them!” 
A scoffed, but his gaze flickered to you. “I do not do it on purpose you German fuck. I am not some fucking puppy! I was made to destroy. My strength is not something I can control.” 
“Zen perhaps you do not deserve them!” Schneeple shouted. “Zey took you as a lover vor your personality. But I do not zee a man, I zee a bomb just waiting to explode. And zey will be the one to get hurt!” 
A said nothing. His eyes were as black as pitch and the veins in his neck and arms were pulsing with dark power. 
Just as you were about to step between them again, A stormed away. Barging through the open door and slamming it shut. 
In his passing, he snatched his phone from your hand and you glimpsed the sullen look on his face. He said nothing as he left. 
Schneeple stayed close to you until he was sure the titan had left. He sighed heavily and looked up at you. 
“Don’t.” You snapped and Schneeple took a step back. His head hanging low. 
“I didn’t vish to use that on him. But he needed to learn.” 
You shook your head and went towards your shared bedroom. Slamming it shut and sitting yourself on the bed, running your hands over your face to clear the shakiness in them. 

How were you going to survive with these two?

Snow flurries

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Request - The Reader is really excited snow, but he tries to talk them out of going in it because the thinks they’ll get sick. 

Pairing - Kurt Wayner X Reader  

Word Count- 987

A/N - Hey guys its Day 3 of my Christmas requests and my first real time writing Kurt so if you could give me some feedback it would be much appreciated.  

You were waiting for the first snowfall of the year, why? Because you loved snow, the way it felt in your hands as you formed a snowball, the beautiful white scenery that always appeared when snow formed on houses and trees creating perfect sceneries for Christmas cards.You also loved the juxtaposition that the snow could bring, while it looked soft and harmless it could also form into something tough and strong.It often reminded you of your boyfriend, Kurt Wagner…

 When the first snow of the year did eventually fall over the institute, you were thrilled you were finally able to go outside and enjoy the cold crisp winter’s air with the glittering snow crunching beneath your feet. As your excitement grew, your excitement did not reflect your boyfriend’s mood. He was much more subdued about the snow. You had been excited not only for yourself but for Kurt. This would have been his first real experience with snow. But when you realised that Kurt refused to go out in the snow and was hesitate for you to do so, something was definitely wrong. 

More snow had settled on the ground and you were definitely determined to go outside. But you didn’t want to go out there by yourself, not when everyone had made plans last night to go outside today and have some fun. You desired to have this one memory, maybe after he went out in the snow he would realise that it wasn’t so bad after all. 

Knocking on Kurt’s bedroom door which he shared with Peter, tapping lightly. Upon hearing a muffled come in you entered, Kurt was laying on his bed reading. 

“Hey love, will you come outside with me and the others?” You asked softly, moving further into the room before sitting on the edge of the bed.

“No. I am sorry, Mein Liebe, I do not zhink you should go outside either. It’s very dangerous, you could get sick.” So that’s what Kurt was worried about, Kurt was scared that you were going to end up getting sick. You smiled, as you leant forward kissing your boyfriend’s lips softly. 

“Vhat vas zhat for?” Kurt asked while you took his three-fingered hand in his. 

“That is for caring, but, Kurt the snow isn’t going to hurt me. There are ways to protect me from getting sick, like scarfs and coats and gloves. Besides, after we have been out in the snow there is a very special way to warm up afterwards” You knew you had Kurt’s interest peaked, you raised an eyebrow at him before he sighed. 

“Fine, but as long as you vrap up varm. I don’t vant you to get sick.” With a squeal of excitement, you leant down again kissing Kurt thankfully before running out to finish getting ready. Kurt was feeling better about the white monster outside…especially if you kept kissing him. 

Wrapped up and ready to go you waited for Kurt by the front door. As sudden BAMF and Kurt was standing in front of you, you took his hand in yours before you opened the door to the mansion looking at the large pile’s untouched snow. The others were already outside beginning to mess around in the snow. 

“Are you sure you want to go outside I know I was hasty before.” You questioned, Kurt smiled as he leant down and kissed your forehead. 

“Yes, I am zure. Besides, I am most curious as vhat is this special vay of varming up is.” Taking Kurt’s hand you lead him outside, letting him take his time. The snow was like freezing cold candy floss, you crouched down picking some up in your gloved hand, holding up to Kurt, Kurt touched the snow before pulling away. 

“It is very cold. But maybe not zo bad. Vhat do people do in zhe snow?” Kurt asked as you began walking cautiously down the stairs, after making it down. 

“Some people make snowmen, some make snow angels and some have snowball fights.” 

“Vhy don’t ve make a znowman. That zeems harmless.” You and Kurt found your own patch of snow and slowly and surely you began to teach and build a snowman. The more Kurt realised that the snow wasn’t going to hurt him as long as Kurt respected it. Everything would be fine. 

After spending time out in the snow everyone began to head inside to dry and warm themselves up. After you dried off and got changed into some comfortable clothes you walked towards the kitchen to show Kurt exactly what special way of warming up meant. Making two steaming ways of hot chocolate you were met with a BAMF and a puff of smoke. Kurt’s arms wrapped around you from behind as he leaned his head on your shoulder. 

“So vhat is this special vay of varming up is?” Kurt asked as he kissed your cheek softy. You took the two mugs and walked away with Kurt following behind you when he noticed you had walked away and into the librabry, Kurt noticed that the fireplace was now lightly lit and a warm plaid blanket laid on the couch just waiting to be used. 

“You know if ve always varm up like this, zhen maybe, zhe snow von’t be so bad afterall.” Putting the cups down on the table you quickly sat on the couch as Kurt joined you on the couch draping the blanket over the pair of you as you laid your head on Kurt’s chest, his tail wrapping itself around your waist. 

“Ya know, I hope that I get to experience many more things vith you because you always find a way to make them special. ich liebe dich, Y/N” You smiled at Kurt’s words before surprising him at what you had been learning 

“Ich liebe dich auch” You replied and Kurt smiled before enjoying the rest of the day with you by his side…

Als liefde een persoon zou zijn.

Ze zou de meest fleurige jurken dragen, ruiken naar boeken en regen op hard heet asfalt.
Ze zou de meest aanstekelijke lach hebben, tanden bloot en vol innemend.
Haar wandel zou bijna zwevend zijn, onder de zon.
Haar naam zou zeem zoet zacht weerklinken op een briesje, en wanneer je haar zou aanraken zou je weten waarom je op aarde gezet bent.

Is witchsona still a thing? EITHER WAY I DON’T CARE

I fucking love witches I MIGHT HAVE MENTIONED.

I might be the dark kind of witchy BUT I HAVE THE PINK SPARKLES ;DD (also if I want my witchsona to have impossibly long lashed that I don’t have I am gonna give her some - but I DID embrace my white girl no lips thing lmao also I WISH I HAD HAIR THAT THICK AND WITH THAT VOLUME)


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Kurt Wagner x reader

Notes: None 

Warnings: One kinda swear?

You have always loved the library but what you loved the most about the library was seeing Kurt everyday in there. Kurt always spent the first few hours after school to go in there which was the usual of you to. You had fallen for Kurt ever since you met him a few months ago now.

You were sitting in the back table of the library reading your copy of to kill a mockingbird when he walked in. Everyone stared at first because of his obvious blue mutation but there wandering eyes soon left Kurt and back to their books in front of them. The library was fairly full that day but thanks to your hidden table in the back no one sat near you until Kurt wandered over and sat down at the chair across from you. You looked up and smiled sheepishly and he smiled back. Ever since then you and him had talked lots more and gotten to know each other pretty well over the few months and your love for him grew stronger and stronger. You just wished he felt the same way.


“When will he find out Jean,” you asked as you laid on your freshly made bed. Jean rolled her eyes and smirked at Ororo.

“He likes you (y/n), I told you yesterday and he doesn’t know that you likes him.
That’s why he doesn’t ask you out, he is too scared that you don’t like him,” you sat up from your seat on your bed and sighed.

“Should I ask him?” You said as you looked up from the ground.

“heck yeah! Jean and Ororo shouted in unison as they burst from their seat. You were taken back at first but you soon agreed with Ororo and Jean.

“You go girl you make the first move!” Ororo shouted as you opened the door. You blushed as for there were many students walking past your door. The students stopped in there tracks and stared.

“She’s just excited,” you explained as you closed the door behind you and walked quickly down the hallway.


The library was empty beside Kurt who was sitting on the couch reading once you entered. You began to regret your decision that you made as you came closer and closer to Kurt. You felt butterflies in your stomach as you stood behind Kurt and you sighed. You leaned over Kurt’s head so that you saw his face upside down and smiled happily.

Kurt smiled,”hello (y/n),” you moved backward and Kurt turned to face you.

“H-hi K-Kurt,” you stuttered as you walked over to Kurt and sat down on the couch next to him.

“You zeem nervous (y/n), vhat’s wrong,” he asked as he set his book on the table beside the couch.

“Well it um just… Damn it.”

“Vhat is it, you can tell me anything,” he said as he grabbed your hand which made your cheeks turn a bright shade of red. You looked down at the ground and sighed once more.


“Vhat, you spoke too fast (y/n). Can you speak slower,” he asked with a smile.

“Do you want to go out on a date with me sometime Kurt?” His Amber eyes widened and he suddenly grasped your other hand. You looked at your hands which were held with Kurt’s and you realized that he wants to.

“I would love to (y/n).”

“Really, you would,” you said with big grin.

“Of course I vould love to, I mean I do have a crush on you and I vas planning to ask you zometime it’s just I was nervous that you vould not want to go vith me but now that you asked me I..I don’t have vords to describe how happy I am.  C-can I kiss you (y/n), if you want to of course I don’t want to pressure you into something,” you rolled your eyes at Kurt and grabbed his face and kissed him. Kurt eyes widened and started to fall backwards as your kisses traveled over his lips and onto his cheeks. You let go of Kurt and pushed him back into the corner of the couch with lip gloss from your lips smudged on his cheeks and lips.

“Damn that felt good,” Kurt looked stunned as he laid back onto the soft couch.

“Are you ok Kurt?”

“Yes!” Kurt said as he snapped out of his shocked daze and sat up next to you.

“I need to go but I can say that I very much enjoyed kissing you,” Kurt blushed and stood up next to you.

“I…I enjoyed it too (y/n). Now may I see you after school, I can meet you here in the library,” you nodded and smiled gladly. Kurt leaned inward and you kissed his soft blue lips. You broke and you started to walk toward the exit.

“Bye Kurt,” you said with a slight wave.

“Goodbye my angel.”


You walked into your room and shut the door behind you. Jean and Ororo eyes shot to you.

“He said yes and I made out with him.” The girls jumped from there seat and ran toward you, squealing with happiness.

“I told you he would say yes!” Jean shouted as the three of you jumped up and down with excitement.


Minutes later in the boys dorm

“(Y/n) kissed me a lot,” Kurt said as he walked into his room which also had Kurt and Peter who were both watching a movie on Peter’s TV but there focas soon started toward Kurt.

“Oh god Kurt, you have lip gloss all over your face,” Scott pronounced to while  Peter looked stunned as he looked at Kurt’s kissed face. Kurt whipped the lip gloss from his face and smirked.

“Vell it was vorth it completely,” Kurt said as he flopped onto his bed.