“you see, mister stark, the universe is much bigger than what your machinations can even perceive”

Doctor Stephen Strange for zeeewa/crypdusa!!!

I like the idea of Strange just randomly showing up at the tower the annoy the bejeezus out of Tony and flirt outrageously with Pepper and Jarvis and Rhodey. 

I tried to give his outfit a bit of a MCU update? And I will forever cling to the idea of Oded Fehr as Stephen Strange.

zeeewa-deactivated20150627  asked:

your fucking arT HOLY SHIT!!! i love everything about it, it's so PRECIOUS AND GREAT AND WOW!!!!!! the style, the coloring, the varying features!!! AND ALSO THAT FUCKING MC BAT COMMANDER SWEET CHRIST WHAT A HOTTIE

Oh holy cow!! Thank you!!! That’s so incredibly sweet of you to say!! Thank you so, so, so much!!! *u*