“you see, mister stark, the universe is much bigger than what your machinations can even perceive”

Doctor Stephen Strange for zeeewa/crypdusa!!!

I like the idea of Strange just randomly showing up at the tower the annoy the bejeezus out of Tony and flirt outrageously with Pepper and Jarvis and Rhodey. 

I tried to give his outfit a bit of a MCU update? And I will forever cling to the idea of Oded Fehr as Stephen Strange.

Since I follow lots of amazing blogs that make my dash a happy place and my day brighter, I made my first follow forever. mutuals bolded.

aeveenien | agentofasgardasguardianasgxrd | avengeyours | avnegersbartonbellas | bckysbenfluffshawblackwidov | blakcwidowbootycap | buckybarnsbuckybarrnes | buckyybear | buckywho | buckyyscaliginous-mindcapsarmy | capbootycaptainfknamerica | captainscrewbuckychrishemsworthburritobaby | chrsprattchujo-hime | classystark | comicology | creampuffsteph | daily-downey | daredevils | dredpoolembracingthemadnessendlesstoneewstark | funknetofysebastianstangalaxysguardiansgenerationlokigiidas | goddammitdeadpool

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If our Avengers character ships faces merged together. Because why not?

Also a directory of some of the best fan art blogs and deviantarts for each ship which I know of.

1) Frostiron (Tony x Loki) askthefrostiron, lei-sambatwynn (deviantart) , pepperonipotts, and a generally awesome frostiron blog [x]

2) Super Husbands/Stony (Tony x Steve) zeeewaaskthestarkfamily, shaliara, royswordsman liuhangaren, lucleon

3) Science Bros/Science Boyfriends (Tony x Bruce) askthesciencebros, they post a lot of different stuff but occasionally there is some science bros stuff orb01, seen a few science bros things here as well lu-fu-maybe, lucleon

4) Hawkiron (Tony x Clint) I sadly could find no Tumblr blogs dedicated to this ship, so I tried to find some deviant art accounts to pass the time. MaidenofIron157, (lots of really cute Clint things here) kingbirdkathy, wow there really need to be more Hawkiron blogs and stuff!

5) Ironthunder (Tony x Thor) ask-thunder-and-iron again there is not enough stuff for this ship, dayum! I like I have failed you all here, feel free to add more links, but I seriously couldn’t find a thing for this ship!

6) Thorki (Loki x Thor) tenshi-art (Tenshi-no-Hikari deviantart), marty-mc, nexus-lanes deviantart, thorkiofasgard, lucleon [1] [2]

7) Frosthawk (Loki x Clint) ltflower, potatogamja, xchocolaterainbowx deviantart, lucleon [1] [2]

8) Blackfrost (Loki x Natasha) Not my favourite ship in the world, it isn’t gay enough. But here we go anyway! asklokiandnatasha, studiokawaii deviantart, crazyotaku13 deviantart, kirapop deviantart, 

Lotolle - Posts loads of cute Avengers/Marvel things. Yes! Just had to include that here.

ask-stony-and-thorki - Just it is totally darn cute!

night-cf - Another pretty cute versatile blog.

sconeo - Again lots of Marvel stuff!

luclean - Lots of genderbending, Thorki, Clintasha etc.


Hello officers! We reached 500 followers this morning at 2:30 AM EST (we were waiting for it to happen like nerds). Captain dewcake and I, First Officer starfleetdicks, want to extend a personal thank you to you for all your support! We also wanted to commerorate this happy occasion by sharing some of our favorite blogs who we pull content from and enjoy seeing on our personal dashes. They’re some of the many blogs that make FYMcSpirk possible!

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