“you see, mister stark, the universe is much bigger than what your machinations can even perceive”

Doctor Stephen Strange for zeeewa/crypdusa!!!

I like the idea of Strange just randomly showing up at the tower the annoy the bejeezus out of Tony and flirt outrageously with Pepper and Jarvis and Rhodey. 

I tried to give his outfit a bit of a MCU update? And I will forever cling to the idea of Oded Fehr as Stephen Strange.

Almost Human Fandom on Tumblr

An alphabetical Masterpost of AH-related blogs

AHFanCon is over but we can continue to keep Almost Human alive! Thank you everyone who participated, especially the awesome panelists for making some truly great posts. I will be reblogging everything over the coming days to archive it. Anyway, here’re all the blogs you should be following ;) If you’re not on here and you want to be, comment or reblog or something so I can get you added. It’s under a read more because I KNOW I didn’t get everyone and I want to add to it continually.

OFFICIAL: almosthumanfox

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Hello officers! We reached 500 followers this morning at 2:30 AM EST (we were waiting for it to happen like nerds). Captain dewcake and I, First Officer starfleetdicks, want to extend a personal thank you to you for all your support! We also wanted to commerorate this happy occasion by sharing some of our favorite blogs who we pull content from and enjoy seeing on our personal dashes. They’re some of the many blogs that make FYMcSpirk possible!

klmeri, imagine-jim-bones-and-spock, ask-triumvirate, and jimandspockandbones

lovelytrek, textsfromtos, confessingtos, jamesfuckingkirk-and-his-vulcan, and thuringia100

spockisgaypassiton, lostconner, jimsdeadbones, petakov-kirk, carmelilla9, peacockpubes, spicyshimmy, starship24, just-fuck-my-life-already, bloggerhobbit, dippitydapper, zeeewa, heatheerly, vulcanmoonlight, sketchpilot, vulcan-ology, archivingworkflow, and once-upon-a-time-the-end

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