Yesterday I got myself an awesome new tattoo!  Here’s a [bad] picture of what it looks like (hurray for mirrors flipping the image, and for camera angles managing to hide my first tattoo, hah!)  I attached the second image so people could see where the image came from and actually read the text.

I’ll also use this space to go ahead and say, “Read Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli!"  It’s such a wonderful graphic novel, and it really helped me through rough times a few years ago.  It is full of beautiful imagery, great quotes, and fantastic design and narrative synergy.

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Your tag for the education tuition cost post was extremely flattering. I don't deserve such praise!

Really though. Your posts are insightful and well thought out, or just plain clever. They make my day! Also your avatar always make me smile.

Everyone go follow this blog.

Halfway through November and my facerug is coming along nicely. 

My chin is hiding the unfortunate expansion on my neck which will promptly be slain on December first. 

My mustache has not yet reached baleen whale status, for which I am thankful.

I would sarcastically say, “This is the face of a real charmer.” but I think I need to shift my self-perception when a man (attended by his ladyfriend) passing by the front desk tells me that I’m more attractive than the women who also work here.


Today it was recommended that we stay inside due to crazy blizzard snow.  Being an intelligent fellow I instead decided to gear up and walk to the university campus (normally about a thirty minute walk) to see a talk on nanomaterials.

You can’t snow me down!

Behold and despair

for I have defeated the Reaper at his favorite game for the twenty-fifth time.  Tonight I dine on sweets to celebrate my immortality and mock Death for his feeble attempts to beat me in a game of Battleship.  Bow before me and pay tribute to my greatness!

Or just have a normal day like I did.  You know.  Whatever floats your boat.

Written by Tobor

A friend recently told me that my tumblr was one of the least emotional (or possibly the most emotionless) tumblr that they follow.  I’m not sure if I like that or not.

On one hand I like it since I try to post analytical thoughts in response to important discussions.  But on the other tumblr is also a place to share who we are via a collection of things which affect us in some way.  On that note though, I am unsure if I prefer the method of explaining why something is showing up on my page, or if it is better to leave it unexplained until someone is curious enough to ask.

Either way, I am going to devour this french toast which I just made.  I am going to devour it with my mouth parts, and it will be delicious.

Changing Shirts

Someone broke their hand, so I’ll be swapping my pink shirt to my work-appropriate white one to cover for them tonight.  Hopefully it’s a calm night as I am not anywhere close to being in a truly personable mood and would much rather read interesting gaming/neuroscience/education articles.

In better other news:  I’ve figured out more about Multimedia Fusion 2, so am moving on to more level design work and less tech-building work for my current game project.  Huzzah and stuff!

Officially Joining the Fray

Today marks the day when I stop just being a paper designer when it comes to games.  That’s right!  I’m working on prototypes for the first time in years.  This also means I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing with this software.  Just imagine a monkey smacking a laptop with a banana and you’ll have a good visual of my creative/learning process.

Photographic evidence of my printshop purchase was delayed by holiday.  But here it is!  Me and my Pokemon Drinking Boardgame.  Now I just need to find some game pieces, a lot of booze, and some friends.

Also, the rules just involve rolling dice to move forward, and I’m tempted to swap out dice for cards so that players can control their movement (this is based on an old conversation with guilelessmonk) and actually show some good decision-making skills as well as actively try to fight other players (when  you land on the same space as someone else you battle).  But I also think it might be best to just leave it as die rolls so that it is easier when inebriated and maintain the easy-going nature of “It’s not my fault I rolled a five!”

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Holiday Special Spiderman.  Why?  Because after over four years of passing it by in a local antique shop I finally bought it.  That and because I’m relatively sure the Mary Jane is haunted and waiting to kill me in my sleep.  But that is a risk I am willing to take!


In my constant search for silver-linings, a certain experience tonight has finally allowed me to use the attached clip as a reaction video.  I got egged on my walk home.

“No egg on my face!  Not a glob!”