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I still can’t get over Shadow sitting in a bar stool and having his wittle legs crossed even though they are swinging. I mean, look at this guy.

Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Lifeform everybody. Can you even believe that he went full Terminator on Tails and Cosmo in the next episode? Me neither.


@whatevermate1234 dad!!!!!! Here’s your drawing!!!! It was going to be Angst but I wanted to give you some fluffy Prinxiety!!!!! ((I could make an angst version, if you wanna see what it was originally going to be, but it’ll take me a little while!!!!)) Assrdghckhbkbifryd idk which one is better out of these, so just…. take all three. The third is…. my fav I think.
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“Your kind called it star skin, a long time ago.”
“Yeah ? We just call ‘em freckles now.”
The sky sighed. “What a shame.”


hey, im weird but i loved this phrase so i drew this for you @nblafayette! also i wanted to thank you again for the birthday drawing!!! it means a lot ♡
sorry if this is weird, i can take it down if youd like!


“That was… not relevant…at all.”

Since we were talking about Ace attorney the other day, @zeepuri digged up some memories of the Tenipuri crossover. This led to me either doing :”Making a sprite for Bane because he’s the only Rokkaku I haven’t drawn yet” or “fuck it all and do some selfindulgent Icchan/Aoi revamp”. I chose the latter (sorry Bane).

So in this AU, where Ojii got “murdered”, Aoi is of course a super important witness, since 50% of his life is spent with the old man. I still can’t decide who would be the most annoying witness, but he’s up there. He would totally reinvent his story to sound super cool And it just turns out he’s a nice, loud kiddo at the wrong moment at the wrong time.

Relevance of statements: 3/10
Trustworthiness: 5/10
Headache: 8/10

“Can the witness please leave the yelling to the lawyers,”