zee gets me

RE: MY LONG ASS HEADCANON POST (again) i know ppl must be wondering about my preoccupation with bev and zee like “what about price and zee, they were the ones who really close in canon” to which i respond: 
          1. fuck canon
          2. i love price and zee to death, believe me. i have tons of headcanons about them, most of which i haven’t gotten around to writing about. but in the evolution of my portrayal of zeller, i’ve discovered that he is much more comfortable around women as opposed to men. likewise, he is more at ease with divulging his personal life and his feelings with women, and not so much with men. zee’s friendship w/ price is more feel-good, goof-off-at-work type deal, bc bev’s a hardworking cookie and didn’t indulge in that nonsense as much. but bev and zee had a more intense emotional bond bc they both had fun and confided in each other more. zee wouldn’t have bothered price w/ his personal issues much, but he felt okay doing it w/ bev from time to time bc he was just perfectly AT EASE with her, and vice versa. but price and zee did grow a lot closer emotionally after bev’s death bc they had no one but each other to confide in.
          3. aka the real reason blame @lookwhatthekatzdraggedin bc we’ve been close friends for over 3 years and much of that was spent harassing each other w/ sad hc’s and au’s about bev and zee. she doesn’t rp much anymore, but we still talk about them plenty. i’ve never had a lasting price rper in my time here to explore our muses’ relationship, otherwise i’m sure i would be raving about price/zee MUCH more. but i’ve spent most of my time here having emotions about bev/zee bc her death had such a significant impact on his life, thus my portrayal.
         4. looowwwkey was turned off of them bc of all the bs pre/ller in the fandom :// 


You can take my hand and I can take the lead.

“We can hide under sheets, under heavy covers
So deep as the night draws in
And we’ll be slow honey lovers ‘til the clocks go forward again“