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Series: Syrian refugees - Single mothers daily fight for survival

In Jordan, one in every four residents is a refugee, most of them Syrian. The vast majority do not live in camps, but in cities and villages, often surviving in deplorable conditions.

Among the most vulnerable are single women, many of whom have exhausted their savings as the Syrian War is set to enter its sixth year – and they are growing increasingly desperate.

These are three of their stories. Starting Monday.

Source: AlJazeera Text:Renate van der Zee Images:Mona van den Berg

anonymous asked:

Has the NORTH ever been actual explained in any fashion?

The narrow way past the Pale Wastes, past the Drowning Dust. The Dilmun Club might seek this place, or those mad with strange hunger. All others, turn back now.

Not a lot’s really known about the North, apart from the fact that it’s weird and messed up. There are a lot of repeated statements telling you to go/not to go North in the dreams and with SMEN, but not a lot about what the place is actually like.

That’s not to say there’s nothing about it, though! Here are some Northerly quotes for your edification.

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