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airmom. tumblr. com/post/159215839296 is the mars post I was talking about you doing for the rest of the signs. it's simple, to the point, and informative. I like it a lot. lol.

ooo hehehe ok sure

Aries Mars:
-anger e over everything
- 1, 2, 3 action! (cannot handle laziness)
-loves competition, either gym rat or athlete monstr
-hates waiting 
-angr e sex could be a strong desire
-strong risk-takers, u either try or die trying
-loves the chase
-actions speak louder than words!!!
-str8 to the point
-wants to play basketball w ur feelings probably
-wants to live their life to fullest

Taurus Mars:
-likes to touch rather than talk
-process things slowly and steadily (not saying they’re slow, I meant by approach)
-takes patience to understand them heh
-might b a sugar daddy/sugar baby
-obsessed with their things, so don’t b surprised how protective they can b abt u
-so calm, so hard to read
-keeps sexual activity like a secret, sh
-might forget that sex is abt creating a bond, bc they are so focused on their own pleasure oopz

Gemini Mars:
-so unpredictable omgknjvnsjvnd
-like to makes things abt themselves sometimes
-likes to learn, hit them with that new math problem u learned at school
-double-texters imo
-want someone to keep up w them
-so easily distracted, and scattered o no
-have a way w words oo la la
-likes to talk over the phone, might have a phone sex kink (shrug)
-prefers variety and to keep their options open
-needs their space, does not like to rush into things

Cancer Mars:
-will talk about having children
-cute girls > hot girls
-huge homebody oo co zee
-most likely to come off really cute!!! cute energy!!!
-v smart, will make the effort to the things they want to achieve
-hides in their shell, so ppl don’t see their true intentions
-takes a while to get with these bad bois (eas e peas e? ya u tHouGht)
-likes to observe the ones they like
-might give u a quiz, n will see where the relationship is going from there (might make platonic or romantic move on u, and see ur response to it)
-might come off harsh if they feel trapped 
-want to feel secure!!

Leo Mars:
-anger e over everything pt 2
-lazy but are very goal-oriented
-confident over the person they r trying to pursue (might not always b the case)
-need to learn to slow their roll, 100/100 likely to go straight into flirting
-likes attention n affection hehe
-when they aren’t trying to seek a partner, they r busy doing something artistic
-loves everything art
-wants to make themselves n the ppl around them proud!!!
-super stubborn grrr
-loves the adrenaline they get when they r in love ahh, thats y they like falling love
-enthusiastic, and warm makes them v cute partners
-pretty much a top

Virgo Mars:
-keeps it one hunneh
-likes to pursue things n not make a big deal out of it, they know they did good
-strives 4 success
-polite conversations > flirting
-calm, and quick-minded
-dont get in their way bc they’ll just push u aside
-has sharp-tongue (b careful when u french kiss them o no)
-can turn calm into detached, ya theres a difference
-hit them with that correct grammar and that advanced english
-old-skool loverz
-they remind me of….office sex
-another earth mars that keeps things secret sh
-prefer to do things thru experience 

Libra Mars:
-another air sign that has a way w words oo la la
-commitment is not in their dictionary (ehehe jokes)
-most likely to win ur heart (fUcK)
-so charming, alluring, and kno how to grab ur attention
-dont kno what they want 
-decisions r so frusTurAtInG
-when they become weak when they are being pressured (sorry I’m exposing u like this)
-struggles to be fair, what other ppl want and what they want
-want to have fun, so rushing things will b ur downfall heh
-like to b complimented and shown any type of attention
-likes dirty talk probably, sexting may b?

Scorpio Mars:
-hates losing, losing is not an option
-prefer to have a few goals, so they can b focused in order to achieve them easily
-possessive & controlling 
-will sit back n think whether u r worth the effort
-digs deep into things
-probably a stalker (love to research and find out things for themselves but that doesn’t mean u should b dishonest w them)
-very hard to befriend 
-takes a while to gain their trust, lots of patience pls
-pls proceed w caution
-very good healers, very strong fighters
-fascinated w occults, death, dangers, and things that r unanswered

Sagittarius Mars:
-adventure seekers
-change their wants everyday probably
-always coming up w ideas
-likes someone who keeps them entertained
-not a cheesy/corny lover
-fun > emotions
-quick-witted, and r very fun to have a conversation w
-funny!!!!! so funny!!!!
-they r so spontaneous 
-always going thru new experiences, wisdom is key!!!
-can never finish projects bc a new idea always pops up o no!!
-will dip when things get 2 serious 2 soon

Capricorn Mars:
-sorry but reality is harsh and so are Cappys
-goals come first
-very serious & straight-forward, lets cut to the chase
-work-oriented, especially when they r pursuing someone!!!
-can b cold when u c their bad side, move aside, they want to achieve
-love and sex is a slow-burning pleasure yummy
-they strive for success like the other earth signs
-can control their anger
-old-skool as heck
-plans for the future!!!
-make great spouses tbh
-dry dark sense of humor ):<

Aquarius Mars:
-rules? never heard of her
-r not obvious lovers
-prefer to b ur friend first!!!
-they think instead of express, they r an air sign not a water (ahem)
-can be very detached, anything expressive or physical can give them discomfort
-reasonable, and calm
-kink e
-they like to experiment ((((;
-idealists, they know what they abt to do to u 
-logic & reasoning, logic & reasoning
-have a very headstrong approach to everythinnnnnnng
-independent!!! quirky!!!!
-”me, myself, and ego”

Pisces Mars:
-things change their moods v easily n they won’t notice!!!
-goes thru things unconsciously
-will like u one day then won’t answer ur texts the next (wauw)
-so indirect
-if they want to pursue something they need to b emotionally committed ):<
-never know where their feelings r coming from when they express them (y r they sad? tHey DOnT KnOW)
-things like money, power, security, etc will not tempt them
-they r v soothing, feels like u r rocking in the ocean when they hug u (try it)
-patience pls for this water sign (aside Cancer & Scorpio)
-difficult, u r in for a ride!!!!
-should meditate when angered

+ I got some lil understandings from this site

In the 1980s, this circle of friends and lovers evolved into a small community that grew steadily. In 1979, AAF member Zee on co-founded Gente (People), the first lesbian of color group in the Bay area; soon Zee held the first of many annual Women’s Get-Togethers where Asian, Black, Latino, and white lesbian friends gathered. Gisele Pohan, a Japanese-Indonesian lesbian, went to the 1979 March on Washington and later worked at the Artemis Cafe, a woman-only restaurant and cabaret that served the women’s community. Canyon and Crystal Jang, a Chinese American lesbian teacher, joined the public-speaking campaign against the Briggs Initiative, which threatened to prohibit homosexual teachers in public school.

The late 1970s and early 1980s were also a period of path-breaking cultural work by women of color, and Asian lesbian writers were active participants. Pat Parker, a San Francisco poet and outspoken Black lesbian activists, was performing in many local venues. The year 1981 saw the publication of This Bridge Called My Back, edited by Chicana lesbians Cherrie Moraga and Gloria Anzaldúa. This landmark radical women of color anthology, which later received the prestigious Columbus Book Award, included works by Asian feminists Nellie Wong, Barabara Noda, and Merle Woo.

[…] The most significant cultural contribution by Asian lesbians in this period was the formation of Unbound Feet (UF) in 1979. The first feminist Chinese American women’s performance group […] Using the metaphorical image of bound and unbound feet […], the group challenged the stereotypes of passivity and servitude that bound Chinese women in their mind. The signature piece that opened each program described the crippling process in which a young girl’s toes were bent back to her heel and held in place by bandages. With feet thus bound—made small to fashionably emulate a lotus bud—Chinese girls were painfully initiated into womanhood. Closing with a choral refrain, however, the poets declared themselves unbound women—writers, workers and free. Through individual and group performance, they creatively addressed sexism, immigration, and family issues and developed a huge following of straight Asian Americans and lesbians. […] Kitty, Canyon, and Merle, who were lesbian and openly challenged homophobia by their public disclosure, were greatly admired, especially by other lesbians.

—  “Asian Lesbians in San Francisco: Struggles to Create a Safe Space, 1970s-1980s” by Trinity A. Ordona in Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: A Historical Anthology edited by Shirley Hune, Gail M. Nomura
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Prompt; Ziall - Adoption

frailmouse: Chcesz prompta, tak? Więc ładnie proszę o Zialla i ich zmagania co do adopcji dziecka. Zayn bardzo chce, Niall nie wie czy sobie poradzi, i tak, o. Trochę łez, trochę śmiechu, ale żeby koniec końców było dobrze! :) (Trudne, wiem, ale wierzę w ciebie!)

Od autorki: Dzień z promptami, yolo. Dziękuję za propozycję, mam nadzieję, że się spodoba i że ktoś przeczyta. Zapraszam xxx 


– Zayn, kochanie, zrobisz mi herbatę? – zapytał Niall, sadowiąc się na kanapie pod kocem, a na stoliczku ułożył stos papierów. – O, a podałbyś mi jeszcze okulary? Ślepnę ostatnio.

– Ale jest jeden warunek – zastrzegł Mulat. Niall spojrzał na niego wyczekująco.

– Tak, kochanie?

– Adoptujemy dziecko.

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