Here is Zedof holding Felisneon as it pesters Jake. I thought it would be cute to draw. There were a lot of colors I realized I don’t have like a good Zedof eye purple and I’ve still trying to get the hang out using grays. I need to mix them with other colors because that’s what I do digitally. XD

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Commission for AlkseeyaKC on KofK of her characters Jake (on the left) and Zedof (on the right). At the time I only had their sheets to work from and had no idea of their personalities. So I kind of got them backwards. D8 I still really like this picture though. Made in August 2010!

By the way, you should totally read KC’s comic, Neon Glow~

Trying to decide which cosplays I want to do after I’ve finished Japan.

I’m actually REALLY high on Neon Glow right now, and the temptation to cosplay Zedof is strong. I doubt anyone’d recognise him (it’s got a tiny following, more’s the shame) but that’s definitely one to do because I want to.

I’ve also talked to people about a Raggy Dolls group, and Hi-Fi would be a relatively easy one to get done and out of the way… Ranma wants re-working, I’d love to get a Narnia group going (Mr Tumnus ♥), and Dread Pirate Roberts (The Princess Bride), Emperor Kuzco (Emperor’s New Groove) and Jeremiah Gottwald (Code Geass) are all ones I’ve been eyeing strongly for months now…

Maybe I’m just getting greedy though - I’m normally lucky to finish two cosplays in a year, and once Japan’s done that’ll be 3 in 5 months!