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“Stay” Music Video
ZEDD x Alessia Cara

shows how one tiny moment can change everything / every second counts -Alessia Cara

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There have been many indications that Liam has a collab song with Zedd. And Zedd is in many shows as Niall is. So even if Liam only has that song out by then I can see him being a guest of Zedd to perform the song with him! And we get Liam and Niall together many times!!! 😁😁

It’s offical.  1D is trying to kill us all. 

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Legend of the Seeker Rewatch  ↯  Puppeteer {s01.e09.Jan.17th.2009}
‘’Darken Rahl is sending a message. 4 words. I will find you’’

Let's Talk About Zedd's Coachella Show...

Have I ever.
Been more proud to be a Zedd fan as I am in this moment.

What this man just did goes beyond musical interests. It goes beyond his career. It goes beyond your typicial boundaries.

Ever since I first started listening to Zedd, I knew he was a good person. He always had a big heart and adored helping others. He never really put himself first if it meant he could help someone else get to where they needed to be. Caring for others is just what made him happy.

Tonight, Anton not only brought KESHA out on stage to sing his song “True Colours”, but he moved TO THE SIDE OF THE STAGE so she would be up front and he wouldn’t take away from her performance. Not ONLY that, but he allowed her to change the lyrics from “we’ve escaped our capture, yet we have our masters” to “we’ve escaped our capture, and I have no master.”

He let Kesha, a woman who’s been mentally and sexually abused, who was told she’d have no place in music unless she worked with her abuser, have a chance to get back into what she REALLY LOVED. He gave her the thing she missed the most back. I can only IMAGINE how much that meant to her. After all this terror and heartbreak, she finally was able to get back to where she wanted to be – and Anton was more than ready to give up his space, his show, and his time for her to do it.

I am speechless.


Legend of the Seeker + Name Meanings

Why We Should Love ‘____’ (2nd : Anton Zaslavski aka ZEDD)

1. plaid. plaid. plaid.

2. loves eating. (doesn’t get fat)

3. addicted to his iPhone

4. loves bras


6. once had long hair

7. so damn cute

8. plays drums

9. loves McDonalds + Chicken Nuggets

10. Why are you my Charity?

11. finger porn creator

12. gets drunk when he tweets

13. freakin dj skils + great songs

14. Obsession over Avicii’s ‘Levels’ (ZEDD’s favorite song)

15. funny faces + cute faces = just handsomeness

16. Loves his fans

17. loves BACONS

18. zeddifies everyone

19. he tries to shave the world.

20. because he’s anton zaslavski, just fukin love him.

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