Okay, so I had a weird dream where I was watching TV one night and suddenly out of nowhere Trucker Hat Zed appeared on Conan and started listing off reasons why Conan’s hair looks like ice cream. This was the weirdest dream I have ever had and it’s all thanks to this stupid blog and that stupid Zed player.

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i just had the cutest idea!! libra boys w/ an s/o that compliments them literally all the time?? and they do it in a really cheesy way too (example: s/o holds up a bag of candy bars and says "all these candy bars and they're still not as sweet as you")

This is so pure?? Omg I love the idea of s/o using cheesy compliments


  • He’d feel so praised all the time?? Lots of blushing aha
  • Sometimes if s/o does it really often Klaus is flustered to the point of no return. S/o has successfully embarrassed him from how nice and adorable they are
  • Sometimes Klaus has a good compliment back for s/o, which ends up flustering s/o aha


  • Whenever s/o compliments him he just blushes lightly and stutters out a thank you
  • Even though the way s/o compliments him is cheesy he thinks it’s so adorable of s/o to compliment him that way?? He’s got an arrow shot through the heart anytime s/o does a cheesy compliment
  • Please picture this: a 3 musketeers candy bar battle where both Steven and his s/o give each other the candies that have the compliments on the wrappers every time they receive one from each other. Also applies to everyone else. Both of them end up with a bunch of musketeer bars in the end


  • If s/o keeps on giving him compliments like that often he’s very flustered and embarrassed aha
  • Feels like he doesn’t deserve this kind of praise at all (he does tho)
  • Anytime s/o says a cheesy compliment to him he’s screaming internally at how flustered he is and how adorable s/o is with their cheesy compliments
  • Sometimes he’ll think of a good cheesy compliment to tell s/o, which he’ll stutter out with embarrassment aha


  • Anytime s/o says a compliment to him he’s just flustered and embarrassed, and also laughing a little at how cheesy s/o makes their compliments for him
  • Zapp can’t do anything else except stand still while he’s blushing and screaming internally on the inside
  • Stutters out a thank you
  • Sometimes Zapp himself get back at s/o with a compliment of his own, but it sort of backfires when he himself is blushing at his own compliment since it’s probably cheesy as well lmao


  • Zed would be so flustered and embarrassed all the time if s/o compliments him often, and especially in that kind of way
  • Anytime s/o compliments him in a really cheesy way he just blushed and he can’t say anything but stutter out a thank you aha
  • He’d think that s/o is just so pure and nice honestly because of how often they compliment him and how they always do it in a cheesy way

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Wait what whos Nathan why do you keep mentioning him I'm so out of the loop

nathan aka nathan zed aka thethirdpew on youtube aka the only youtuber ever plz check his videos he is the best

Syndra, purposely annoying Zed about being gay: So, is he on top or???

Talon: He sometimes bottoms.

Zed: …

Talon: Between you and me I think he likes it more too



In which Nathan Zed fills in for Hank while he’s on paternity leave and delves into that taunt that haunts your doorways: “you’re not good enough”.