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Imagine the ghostbusters dancing around Holtz's lab to the spice girls, and Kevin getting really into it

omfG. he’s like just gyrating his hips, moonwalking, then holtz watches and grins delightfully at his dance moves as he slides out on socks rapping: “sOO HERES THE STORY FROM A TO Z, YA WANNA GET WITH ME YOU GOTTA LISTEN CAREFULLY-” and they all just laugh at the beefcake dancing around and grabbing patty, shimmying and dancing around her while she laughs. 

(his aussie self pronounced z ‘zed’. they didn’t have the heart to tell him it doesn’t rhyme that way)

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person: don't use allo/zed it lumps us with our oppressers use non ace instead/person: actually don't use non ace it lumps us with- (eternal sighing they really don't want us to have words do they)

What are they thinking of??

This boy...

What if Bitty finally convinces Jack to go to brunch with him one day? He’s super excited about it, until…

Bitty returns from the buffet and catches Jack dipping his plate of chicken tenders in maple syrup.

It’s horrifying, but also so “Jack” that Bitty is really conflicted.

“You know they have waffles, right?”

“I know, Bits.”

“And an omelet station. And a huge salad bar…”

“I’m good.”

“What about crepes? You like those, right?”

“Oh??? I’ll be right back.”

Bitty breathes a sigh of relief because his boyfriend will be seen eating normal food finally, but…

Jack returns with just plain crêpes and pours more syrup on them and just??? Eats them??? Like pancakes?????

“What? This is how I always had them at home.”

This boy…


MET @thenathanzed & HE SAID ‘DOODLESBYADZIE’!!! we were like old internet buds reuniting!! I’m so happy to have met him!

Ramping up for Worlds content

Hey Everyone,

This is Pabro, from the Personalization team here to talk about the slew of World Championship related skins, icons, and good stuff hitting PBE for Patch 6.18. We’re super excited to celebrate the 2016 World Championship with you, and we’re bringing a bunch of ways to show off your team pride in game.

First off, we’re bringing back World Championship summoner icons and temporary team emotes. You’ll be able to purchase and equip an icon for your favorite team which unlocks the ability for you to show your support with an emote. This year, you’ll also be able to upgrade emotes across three tiers to show your dedication to your team. Each tier has a different border for the icon and emote, and the final tier has additional sound effects and a special esports recall particle! The final tier of emotes is hitting PBE today, with the other tiers coming at a later time. More details on how the upgrade system will work to come later, but for now enjoy playing around with your favorite team on PBE. (Note, if your team doesn’t make it into Worlds they will not be featured on live. LEND THEM YOUR ENERGY!)

Secondly, we’ve added some extra art to Summoner’s Rift to commemorate the World Championship. The map will feature special textures to reinforce the spirit of Worlds in every game.

Last but certainly not least, we have some exciting news for the Championship skin line. We’re happy to introduce Championship Zed as the mid laner we’ve been waiting for since the famous Faker vs. Ryu showdown. Take him for a spin, and let us know how he feels.

In addition to Zed, we’ll also be bringing back Championship Riven, our first member of the Championship team. We know this has been long-awaited, so check out the full details and further info on her return here [link to Championship Riven PBE post].

Please hit us with your feedback and stay tuned for more details that we’ll reveal soon in anticipation of Worlds!