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25: How do they see themselves 5 years from today?

Kayn is convinced he will vanquish the darkin and master his power, achieving his ascended form as the Shadow Assassin and the new Master of Shadows.

Before this, he believes Zed will acknowledge his talent and skill, and accept he has been surpassed. Ideally, Kayn is ready to fight Zed to prove himself, and perhaps Zed might even guide him through techniques to subdue the darkin with Shadow. If you look at Kayn’s Shadow Assassin transformation, he seemingly drowns Rhaast’s eye in shadow until it’s consumed and the red stain disappears completely.

Once he achieves this, he becomes the rightful master of the Order. Hopefully, without killing Zed. Kayn genuinely doesn’t want to, yet. But we all know Zed will not accept someone has surpassed him. Ironically, he will probably find himself mirroring his master Kusho.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Here’s my huge christmas picture for you guys with ‘detail’ shots (if you wanna call them that) :D Champions in the photo were all volunteered by their respective muns and are as followed: (left to right)

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Hello, you may call me Zed. Now I’m here to tell you to take a moment to take a deep breath and smile. ‘Cause you deserve it. Don’t let a follower count or notes stand in the way of that smile, it’s not worth it and 10 years from now it won’t be worth it either. Just have fun, if you aren’t having fun then do something else and if you still aren’t having fun, rinse and repeat.

A Lame P.S.A. from your unfriendly neighborhood shadow ninja.

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Ezreal was knelt before his master, head hung in shame and obedience. Hands curled into soft fists rested on his knees, dark hair falling over his face. Though he had learned to hold the position for countless hours as part of his discipline, it was still not one he particularly enjoyed. Merely holding his tongue, the boy waited for his inevitable punishment before even daring to speak and voice his own concerns.

((So like I have a mom, a brother, a friend of brother’s who shockingly hasn’t strangled said brother.

Moms boyfriend who is literally Rammus and you can’t tell me otherwise

Then like my wifey and Emumu mun who told me about wandering emu’s in the zoos of Australia.))