After New Years

So it is 2014, and it was a pretty rough start. However after multiple attempts, I managed to draw something xD. 

Anyway, this artwork is based off the Tired Pie Tumblr blog made by Dhui. Go check out Dhui’s stuff! Dhui is really good with colors and anatomy.  The blog is very cute. So if you like my stuff, you might like this blog too!  Tired Pie is by Dhui Art is by me

I DID NOT DO THE SKETCH FOR THESE PIECES; THE SKETCH WAS BY SKETCHIT26. All I did was the line art and coloring. 

Go check out Sketch’s stuff! She has a great askblog that is really cute and pretty funny to boot.  She also has a good sense of expression, and because of that I managed to interpret it with different coloring styles to convey the expression in different ways. 

I hope you guys enjoy it :D

Late Night Session

The piece was inspired by a failed gaming session with some of my friends last night. I was lagging BADLY (200-700 Ping) on the server. So I drew the line-art for this while my friends were gaming, and finished it now xD

Piece was also inspired by the Tumblr blog Gamer Luna.  Princess Luna is owned by Hasbro and Lauren Faust Art is by me


So I got a lovely message from Chris saying that he loves my work. I went to his profile and he stated that he had some depression issues. I know that I have some depression issues myself, so I wanted to make a piece that might help him a bit when he’s depressed.

Thanks for liking my stuff dude! I hope someday that you will be confident with your future :)