Hey so a little bit ago, I mentioned these two girls who have really cool blogs and cosplay John and Sherlock so now they have made a separate blog specifically for their cosplay and honestly it’s the cutest shit and will be the death of me and plus the things they are planning to do are really creative and funny. Also, you can send them questions and give them requests that they would be really happy to do so why would you not follow them?

Here’s a little preview of just some of the things they’ve done

So here’s their cosplay blog



So Sherlock and I went to see a group called the Liverpool Legends this weekend (They dress up like the Beatles and perform and such) and it was amazing! We got to meet George Harrison’s sister and the band members were so amazing! 030 We got all their signatures!

Plus, George Harrison’s grand nephew (who looked just like him) gave me a button for free and I basically freaked out. o3o

I will never eat curly fries the same again...

So today Sherlock proposed to me using fattening fast food. Yes, as in, we are getting married next Saturday by the glorious Dave Strider.

It was very sweet~ and extremely delicious…although I didn’t get to eat it.

I have been waiting for this for a very long time actually, so I think I was more shell shocked than anything. But the way he did it was very perfect; absolutely Sherlockian in every way. It couldn’t have been more us if we tried.

I love you Sherls. <3

Your new fiancé,