zebra with a camera

A Familiar Face

Klaroline Infinity Day 7 - Ideal Endgame Scene

A year, a century, what was time to an immortal? For Caroline, forty years meant love, laughter, fear and grief. With her daughters grown, she’s ready to stop playing it safe and to go looking for the adventures the world once promised.

She had forgotten how lonely it could be, the fate of a vampire. At home, the girls knew exactly who she was and what that meant - but they couldn’t possibly understand the weight of outliving such a phase in her life. Humans went through a handful of these complete shifts, but Caroline was realizing she would have to do this over and over again until she met the wrong end of a pointy stick.

Having buried both Stefan and Alaric years before and signed the Bennett School over to Josie and Lizzie, Caroline decided to take a well deserved retirement trip around the world for her sixty-fifth birthday. She had left a week earlier, kissing the girls at the airport. “I love you, call me every day.”

“Every week,” Josie promised sternly, onlookers probably confused to see a young woman asking her mother to call every day.

Because Caroline didn’t look her nearly sixty-five years; she didn’t look a day over seventeen, and she never would. It was a realization that came in waves, one that hit her again as she flew over the Atlantic to South Africa. The list of postcards and souvenirs she had planned to buy was much too short for someone of her age, but everyone had died or moved on with their very human lives.

The girls, obviously, would receive the brunt of her gifts. Matt never cared for her messages, and Elena didn’t even know who Caroline was anymore. Some of the school’s students kept in touch, but it wasn’t the same.

She was always missing the people she loved, and she wanted someone to miss her.

Shaking her head, Caroline glanced around the plane to distract herself from the morose thoughts. Brass curls caught her attention, but she turned to her book before she could let herself wonder why.

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hello! i’m 17 and this is part of my current bedroom. this dresser was my grandma’s and is one of my favorite things in my room. on it i have a bunch of random things: my fisheye camera in a hand bowl, another camera, makeup, a zebra figurine i got at a garage sale, an autographed tennis ball, a french slang book, my favorite interpol record, etc. if you have questions about anything just ask!

Fifth meeting

Previous chapters: First meeting, Second meeting, Third meeting, Fourth meeting.

Being partly nocturnal had its advantages.  Most prey were diurnal, which meant Tobias could hit the gym in peace without as many suspicious looks and the comments that had begun accompanying them.  

“I’m sorry, but our other costumers would feel more comfortable if you-” or “We reserve our right to refuse service-” or just the plain “We don’t want your type here”

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More than two years ago, we brought you a story about scientists enlisting citizens to help speed research through troves of data. One of those projects was called Snapshot Serengeti, which sought to catalog a sample of African animal species captured in camera traps.  

A study released today in the journal Nature Scientific Data by Alexandra Swanson and her colleagues highlights the efforts of the massive citizen science project, which analysed 1.2 million sets of pictures. The results are in and they have revealed behavior that lone researchers and documentarians were little able to study–the wild birds and mammals of the Serengeti love to photobomb.

In the pictures captured from 225 camera traps deployed over more than 430 square miles, volunteer online spotters found 48 animal species, many mugging for the camera. The effort, which included more than 28,000 registered contributors who classified 10.8 million images for the presence of animals, represents a win for the citizen science idea. In the end, users found more than 320,000 images that contained animals in them. The group’s work is expected to bring new insights useful in wildlife conservation and machine learning. 

Some of the images showed predators with their prizes, others depicted brushfires on the savanna, and a few could grace the pages of National Geographic. See more images below.

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[28/12/16] just a few gifts i got for christmas :) my mom got me the polaroid camera and mildliners i’ve been bugging her about! my grandma also got me The Divine Feminine by Mac Miller and i am obsessed with it!

Those zebras obviously saw a camera somewhere around them and they probably figured something weird was going on but do they know they’re in a taylor swift music video? Do they know