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Planner squad session using the WEEKLY PLANNER printable. It’s great for planning fixed schedules, printing copies for each individual week, then adding one-off tasks and events for each specific week. Have it stuck up next to the desk AND on the fridge as a reminder 💭😉✨ The mildliners don’t photocopy well, but you can just colour that in while planning. You can get it as a FREE PRINTABLE. Just follow the link in the bio ☝️Enjoy !! .
Coloured using zebramildliners and zebrasarasa pen


sooo i’ve been getting plenty of anons asking about what markers and pens i use for my lettering, so here’s another mini stationery haul for you,,,

from left to right, top to bottom:

  1. artline - artline stix brush markers (my fave, 10/10 great for everything)
  2. zebra - mildliners
  3. tombow - dual tip brush markers
  4. uni-ball - signo DX 0.38 black pens (another fave, just don’t drop it)
  5. pentel - black and grey calligraphy pens

i’ve arranged the supplies according to what i’ve used in each section of the spread!!

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Summer Session 2016 | Studying for Exam 1


In the last blog post about ‘Cornell Notes’ and how to take them (read bog previous post), I mentioned that I would post a blog about ‘Cornell Notes with a Twist’. Well, here it is… It’s basically the same method as Cornell Notetaking, but there is an added step. Here are the total steps:

1. READ FIRST. Read the chapter or content before the class. Nerdy nerdy but it’s good. Find out what it is, so you can read the info and ‘get with the program’ before the rest of the class. 

2. TAKE YOUR OWN NOTES.  Once you have read the info, take your own notes in the middle column. 

3. ADD KEY WORDS / QUE WORDS / TEACHERY TYPE QUESTIONS. Once you have written your notes, you will have an idea about what the key word or que words  etc are. Place these in the columns marked. 

4. GO TO CLASS & ADD MORE NOTES. When you turn-up to class, the teacher will cover the content. If there is something new, then you add that content to the class notes column next the related notes you already prepared. 

5. ADD MORE INFO. If there is any other info that is of importance, add that.

6. ADD YOUR SUMMARY. Similar to the Cornell Notes method, critically think about the page, and write a summary. This tests you understand the stuff from all angles.

7. ADD YOUR REFLECTION. Similar to the Cornell Notes method, once again critically think about the info on the page, and add a reflection of how you think this info relates to the rest of the unit. 

Go forth and conquer.


finally back home!!! and i picked up some back to school must haves. i’m so excited and ready to take on junior year. thank you for all the follows and messages. feel free to ask me any questions about any of the things i got :p

everything shown above:
herschel supply co backpack
staedtler triplus fineliners
muji pens in 0.38 mm
zebra mildliners
pastel colored sticky notes
five star planner
cube of sticky notes
sticky notes form target dollar section


Guys I really do have an affinity for Zebra Mildliners. Need me that orange pack!

#100studytips Group Study Goals in lettering 📝Wrote a blog post about group study rules in the last post, if you’d like some ideas on getting the most out of studying in a group.. Hope the weekend is going well !! .


27.4.16 // So proud of these mind maps! 

They’re for gathering together everything I have to know about some aphorisms from The Gay Science, I’ve spent a really productive morning!

When you feel like you can’t focus no more, it helps a lot to try new things!


@sao801 Of course!

1. Micron pens-they’re inexpensive and incredibly high quality. Recommended!

2. Pilot Futayaku double-sided brush pen-Has a really nice firmness to the brush to make easy and varying strokes. Has a grayscale brush too!

3. Zebra brush pen fine tip-REALLY love this brush pen, I got this at my local Daiso store for like a buck, but can’t find it anywhere online for less than $16 :(

4.Pentel sign pen-fun for just doodling and such~I don’t use this for watercolors often, as it smudges easily when erased over.

Hope this is helpful!

As requested, I have made a post where I’m sharing my best tips for neat printing. Because these photos are so zoomed, my printing doesn’t actually look that neat, but all the same. 

So first off, here is my printing: 

One of my main tips is to practice! I mean, it obviously doesn’t make sense to take an hour out of your day to practice printing, but there are some good ways to do it. 

  1. If you catch yourself doodling, write out the alphabet instead!
  2. Rewrite your notes from class. This will help you retain information, have neater notes overall, and help improve your printing. 
  3. If you’re in class and writing something that isn’t time sensitive, try to write as neatly as you can. If you’re in a lecture and the slides are flying by, don’t bother… but sometimes it’s good to practice in class so you get used to it. 

Another thing that I recommend is finding a good pen. Above, I wrote the same sentence in three different pens. The second two have gel ink, which makes my writing messier. The third is the messiest, probably because it has the largest tip size. The type of ink, the size of the tip, the grip, and many other factors of what you’re writing with can change your writing! Once you find a pen that you really like, stick with it and your overall printing should improve. I also recommend using mechanical pencils over number 2 pencils because printing usually looks neater with mechanical! 

My final piece of advice is to choose one style of printing. Trying to change up the style of your printing can make it look really disorganized and trying to remember the different fancy ways to write a specific letter makes it harder for you to keep them neat! 

These are pretty much all my tips, but hopefully they helped! Under the read more, I am going to put all the pens I used, just in case anyone loves pens as much as I do, haha! 

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Happy Monday guys!
Just wondering, which notebook do you think looks better for the #100studytips doodles? The bound moleskine or the spiral muji. Well all brands aside… the bound notebook or the spiral notebook? Lol. I can’t work it out which one I like… 🤓 What do you think ? Love your comments ❤️

Nail art for the signs
  • Aries: glitter tips
  • Taurus: zebra or cheetah print
  • Gemini: tie-dye
  • Cancer: lace and roses
  • Leo: holographic
  • Virgo: french tip
  • Libra: dots or stripes with bows
  • Scorpio: solid color with jewels and charms
  • Sagittarius: galaxy
  • Capricorn: solid glitter
  • Aquarius: multi-colored ombré
  • Pisces: water-marbled

Anon asked me to swatch my highlighters so here they are!
I thought I would also share my opinion on each of these as how I like them to maybe help someone out. 

First up, those Pilot Frixion highlighters are L I F E. There are total of six shades, and I really hope I would have gotten the mint, orange and yellow too because just look at that pastel goodness? And what is even better, you can wipe it off if you make a mistake. Yes. Erasable highlighters.
I believe they come in usual neon highlighter colors too!

Zebra Mildliners in the other hand are great, because they have both a bold and a fine tip which is the downside of the Frixion highlighters since they only have the bold tip. Zebra has definitely the widest range of colors and I’m definitely going to buy more of these! Out of the ones I have some of the shades are kind of pastel-ish neon and some more true pastel if that makes sense…? Anyway I would definitely recommend these, these are probably my favorite ones to use!

Lastly, Muji highlighters. I only have these two because I’m not that big on neon highlighters, and as you can see they’re the most intense in color. They also have both bold and fine tip which is great, and what is unique about them is the bold tip. The bold tip is clear in the middle, so you can actually see what you’re highlighting! Otherwise they’re pretty much your average highlighters.

#100daysofproductivity & #100studytips STUDY TIPS ! STUDY TIPS !. Will try to continue with this for 100 days!! Let’s see anyway. Today’s tip ‘READ THE CONTENT BEFORE CLASS/LECTURE’. This is an absolutely amazing tip, and will most certainly make student life sooooo sooooo much more achievable, empowering and pleasant. Why would you do this? Here are some reasons:

1. If you write 20% of the time in class and listen 80%, you absorb more of the discussion is class and lectures. And you achieve this by reading the content first and taking notes before class. 

2. You can collect teacher cues on what will be on the exam, simply because you are listening and looking at the teacher more, instead of writing all the time. Teachers are always giving hints without knowing it. So if they start repeating themselves like they have a memory issue, or start yelling info like they’ve lost the plot, you know it’s on the exam.

3. By reading the content before class, you already have some background knowledge about the topic. So anything in class will be processed and pushed into your long term memory more effectively. 

4. You can ask intelligent questions in class which teachers and lecturers love (well, most of them), and you will look engaged, and be remembered at least. And, you will actually learn more.

5. Classes and lectures will make more sense. At least you will know what is going on, instead of being the cluelessness in the back. 

6. By reading and preparing (i.e. doing notes before class), you are already prepared for the exam. No cramming for later! 

7. You simply supplement your already written notes with any new info from class. Less stress. 

8. Just by being prepared you are ready to kick some serious a.. ! and get those  grades. 

Hope this tip is helpful. It totally helped me masses. 

Made on a #muji dotted notebook with #mildliners and #zebrasarasa pens


Tuesday 20 January 2015

Sorry for not posting recently! I’ve been dealing with some motivation and personal issues. I’m so glad to be back though! To get in the swing of things, I started by organizing my pencil case. It’s SO much easier to find things now!

Here’s what I carry around on a daily basis:

  • Papermate Inkjoy colored ballpoint pens (I’m not sure about the tip size)
  • Zebra Z Grip black ballpoint pens (medium tip size)
  • Crayola colored pencils (standard 12 pack)
  • Pentel Twist-Erase XP mechanical pencils (0.7 mm lead)
  • Mini Up&Up brand highlighters (I only like them because they’re small)
  • A flash drive (for my CAD drawings for design class)
  • BIC Wite-Out Quick Dry correction fluid
  • Pentel eraser
  • Puzzle piece erasers (I’ve had them for years)
  • Extra 0.7 mm lead (Pentel brand)
  • Post-it notes (with some extra rubber bands)
  • Sharpie pens (not pictured, but I swear by them)

Also my pencil case is from Vera Bradley, I believe it’s the medium cosmetic bag.