zebra print fashion

Africa | Design | Hermès scarf: (South) African designers. Congratulations to Fée Halsted and her team of artists at Ardmore for ‘La Marche du Zambeze’, the latest hand-rolled silk 'carré’ by the iconic Paris fashion house. Three years in the making, the scarf features some of Africa’s famed wildlife framed by flora found along the banks of Southern Africa’s longest river, the Zambezi. [Ardmore is internationally acclaimed for its striking ceramic art and is based in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.]

Daughter of Eve

Making soap out of dreams can draw
icky, unwanted attention from octupi,
sea serpents and other greedy bastards that
should know better. She’s thicc,
daring, swift - but never enough.
3-fold her karma sings, edging her on. Why
zebra print? Fashion. Why Jon Snow? Fear. Ah,
you think, I get her. You don’t. No
droll human does, not even her. You
remind me of her hands sometimes.
Another day, another way of living, he
thought. Only she knew he was wrong. Now,
I think, she loved herself like I
only loved the stars. Her tears are red if
nights like these happen too much. So, encore!