zebra humor

I have a backlog of new designs for spoonies.  The ones on this post I already had preview images made up, just never got around to posting I guess.  Once I have images for the others, they’ll be posted as well.  They just may not be this fancy since I can’t look at the computer screen for too long without getting a migraine  >.<

Please share so fellow spoonies can see!  Links to design pages are at the bottom, or click here to go to the main chronic illness design page to see everything I have to offer in that category.


Brain Fog
Brain vs. Body
I’m Aware #1
I’m Aware #2
Living With Chronic Illness
Mental What Doesn’t Kill You
Not Faking
Too Busy Fighting
Trial and Error
What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Weirder


In a deleted scene for the Jash Intro Video, Michael Cera discusses Zebras.