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Celestial Bodies & Animals ✨🐻

A list of common animals and animal-like beings that are associated with various celestial bodies.


  • Moon - rabbit, wolf, frog, sheep, cat, koala, hippo, crab, dog
  • Sun - wolf, rat, badger, bull, chicken, elephant, lion, puma, elk, dragon
  • Mercury - fox, bobcat, pig, wolf, monkey, gorilla, dolphin, reindeer, whale
  • Venus - cow, fish, rabbits, sheep, bull, deer, armadillo, bee, otter, hippo, giraffe
  • Mars - ram, bull, fox, horse, sheep, lion, wolverine, cheetah, hedgehog, tiger
  • Jupiter - monkey, chipmunk, rabbit, buffalo, squirrel, boar, camel
  • Saturn - goat, ant, snail, chicken, dog, horse, wolf, rabbit, armadillo, ram, skunk
  • Uranus - butterfly, horse, zebra, bird, bear, polar bear, coyote, reindeer
  • Neptune - sea serpent, fish, frog, ferret, duck, rhino, moose, spider
  • Pluto - bat, butterfly, spider, bird, snake, wolf, bear, lynx, raven, mole, whale, chameleon 


  • Asteroid - horse, wolf, buffalo
  • Aurora - bear, bee, wolf, bird
  • Black Hole - owl, raccoon, cat, snake, bat, raven, dragon
  • Comet - polar bear, butterfly, bear, snake, frog, coyote
  • Dark Matter - jellyfish, chicken, dog, horse, wolf, armadillo, ram
  • Magnetar - pheasant, skunk, wolverine, badger, bear, rat
  • Meteor - monkey, rabbit, cow, buffalo, bee
  • Nebula - beaver, wolf, deer
  • Pulsar - bat, cat, pheasant 
  • Quasar - hedgehog, ram, squirrel
  • Star Cluster - bird, armadillo, buffalo, bull, elk, bear, deer, dog
  • Supernova - bat, bear, phoenix, snake, wolf, whale

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Planetary Associations

Celestial Body Correspondences


Here is Starwild!
She’s a customized Breyer and absolutely in the top faves. This PAINT! It’s semi-matte shimmery just amazing. I had to customize with it the moment I had it in hand. It is so cool, that she also has a sister (to appear in an upcoming post) Wildstar. The combo of metallic and the shimmer paint then the fantasy zebra stripes in bluegreen is just tops. I love the selection of paints that exist today and 100% encourage anyone to try everything because who knows how cool of stuff you can make when you try.
Her hair has been replaced (was cut off) with 2 colors of purple, a bougainvillea and a dash of dark aqua (for where the head/neck stripes are) She has shimmer-changing purple enamel for 3 of the hooves, the fourth has a touch of gold (for her sister) and one gold stripe. The really well sculpted dynamic/exciting pose plus the exciting new paint made her mega, mega fun to customize. 

059 Animal Crossing - Savannah!

Special Characters:

Blanca, Blathers, Booker, Brewster, Chip, Celeste, Copper, Cyrus, Digby, Don Resetti, Dr. Shrunk, Franklin, Gracie, Grams, Gulliver, Harriet, Isabelle, Jack, Jingle, Joan, K. K. Slider,Kapp’n, Katie, Katrina, Kicks, Labelle, Leif, Leila, Leliani, Lottie, Luna, Lyle, Mabel, Mr. Resetti, Nat, Pascal, Pavé, Pelly, Pete, Phineas, Phyllis, Porter, Redd, Reese, Rover,Sable,Saharah, Timmy and Tommy, Tom Nook, Tortimer, Wendell, Wisp, Zipper T. Bunny


Annalise, Buck, Cleo, Clyde, Colton, Ed, Elmer, Epona, Filly, Julian, Papi, Peaches, Roscoe, Savannah, Victoria, Winnie


Inkwell, Marina, Octavian, Zucker

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