zebra carpet

reign-ink said: hey i was wondering what kind of jungle carpet is this. More so why is he so yellow he is absolutely stunning

I get questions on what’s up with Hashtag a lot, and THEY’RE GOOD QUESTIONS! Cause lets be real, carpet pythons are pretty confusing.

Hashtag is a zebra jungle carpet python. “Zebra” being a morph, and “Jungle carpet python” being a species. Zebra is a co-dominant morph, and it makes the animals markings heavily fragmented, breaking up the light and dark bands into a labyrinth like pattern, like so:

For comparison, here is a photo of my normal jungle carpet, Selfie. There are no morphs or weird genetics at play in her what so ever. 

As you can see, the zebra morph doesn’t affect the yellow at all. Selfie is a normal and she’s still super vibrant! The bright yellow coloration is a result of selective breeding. These guys are both 5 to 6 generations removed from their wild-born ancestors. 

Here is Selfie’s family tree. You can see below how the great great grandparents looked. More tan than yellow, and more brown than black. Selective breeding can do a LOT in a relatively short amount of time! Jungle carpet pythons are probably the best example in the snake-keeping hobby of selective breeding affecting the captive populations.

In short: Hashtag’s pretty in part because he’s a weird morph, but MOSTLY because he has gorgeous parents.


Several months ago I put a down payment on a jungle carpet python, and today the breeder called me up with info and photos.

Here’s the little guy I’ve picked out!

I didn’t think i’d end up with a zebra jungle carpet… but I really loved this guys patterning.

The breeder I’m getting him from, Nick Mutton, is as professional as they come. He’s talked to me multiple times over the phone, and his passion for these animals is practically tangible. He’ll show you the photographic family lineage for each snake, going back several generations, so you KNOW what you’re getting. Pure lines. Beautiful colors. 

I cannot wait to watch my little guy grow up. I plan on taking regular photos of him to document the color changes.

skullbird said:“ I got a carpet from Nick this year too! Maybe well have snakey siblings. :P”

Maybe :D  She was the only normal female from the clutch to go home yet, the others weren’t ready. But those are her parents. 2008 Will Leary female and one of his more recent male zebras, I believe he was Schuette line. I believe it was the male’s first breeding season. I haven’t gotten a copy of her family tree yet.