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****We decided to do a “what’s in my pencil case post together at the last minute :) enjoy****

||First photo||- Jhordan

1. Pilot G-2 07 in black and blue
2. MUJI 0.5 (I don’t usually use these but I decided to include them anyway)
3. Zebra Mildliners  (pastel)
4. BIC Wite Out Correction Tape
5. Faber- Castell Liquid Pen Corrector  
6. Post-it Flags in teal

Pencil case:

design happy dash and dot (in purple)

||Second photo||- Elise

1. Pilot Juice Pen - 0.35
2. Pilot G5 - 0.7
3. Muji Low Center of Gravity Mechanical Pencil - 0.5
4. Pilot Frixion Highlighters - Pastel set
5. Staedler Triplus Fineliners - yellow and blue-green [ I alternate between different colours, whichever two I’m feeling at the moment!]
5. Post It Note page flags
7. Milan correction tape
8. Milan ruler

Pencil case: countryside flower floral pencil case

anonymous asked:

What kind of highlighters and midliners do you prefer?

Why thank you, anon, for giving me a reason to talk about stationery again :D

I’ve switched allegiances for highlighters and midliners to Zebra Mildliners~ They’re more expensive than the highlighters I had been using, but they feel so much smoother, and the colors are so strong and lovely <3 I built up my collection a few at a time. Love them~

so true! disabled people are the best actors, we deserve an Oscar!!! :D


100 Days of Productivity

Day 08/100

Just a quick Stationery Haul! I remember when I first got into this community and loved seeing all the stationery must haves that everyone would include in their gorgeous pictures. Now that I have a lot of these things I’m so grateful! (BTW for anyone wondering, my Muji package came in the mail today!)


  • Staedtler 4pk Black Fineliners
  • Uni-ball Signo 2pk Black Gel Pens (0.7)
  • Pilot G2 12pk Colorful Gel Pens (0.7)
  • Pilot G2 3pk Black Gel Pens (0.38)
  • Muji 12 pk Colorful Gel Pens (0.5)
  • 2 Muji A4 Recycle Paper Notebooks (7mm Ruled [college ruled])
  • 2 Muji Rubber Grip Polycarbonate Mechanical Pencils (0.5 Lead)
  • Zebra Mildliner Highlighters (3 of the 5pks // not the new one :()
  • Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens (Brush & Soft Brush)
  • Leuchtterm 1917 Grid Notebook in Anthracite (or Grey)
  • Crayola Supertips 50pk

Hello everyone!!! I wrote this motivational/advice post because in less than three days I’ll be back to school aaand this is the time of the year when
a lot of people decide to start their own studyblr blog and the ones who are already part of this community feel more motivated tha EVER.
Sooo… you are about to read a few things you dont need to be a studyblr blogger (because why not?):

1.- A MacBook/Mac
I know iOS is nice and comfortable, MacBooks are so pretty and Apple products have sucha great quality. There are other brands with high quality products too. But c'mon,
The computer you use, will NEVER define your grades.

2.- A Moleskine/Leuchtturum1917 bullet journal
The already mentioned brands are pretty nice, but it’s not necessary to have one (or two or a hundred notebooks) as a bullet journal: what’s important is the content,
not the cover.

3.-Zebra Mildliners
When I first discovered the Studyblr Wonderland, I was obsessed with Zebra Mildliners: but they are not easy to get.
Sp, there’s a lot of more accesible ways to make your notes/bullet journal spreats prettier without Zebra Mildliners.

4.- Muji Notebooks/Muji Pens… Muji stationery.
Again, the tings you use will never in a million years define your grades… You can use any notebook you want or any pen you like, there’s a lot of high quality
stationery brands whit even more variety. So it’s not necessary to use Muji to be a studyblr.

5.-Expensive stationery
What can I say? Some things are just not worth the price, because (even though they’re cute) you can find other  cheaper brands with the same quality. Like I’ve said on my last masterpost  “Price not always means quality” so, before you buy expensive stationery look for other accesible options.

Well… That’s something like a basic list of the things you don’t really need to be a studyblr… So then what do you need to be a studyblr? Yes, there’s a list below:

1.- Yourself
I think that when you start a blog, one of the essential things it’s being yourself. It may sound cliché, but it’s true.

2.-The willing to get better
You’ll find a lot of tips, guides and advices, but it’s your choice if you follow them. You will also find very smart, nice and kind people, so go and get some friends!

3.- Knowing what this all it’s about
When I first saw all the Studyblr Wonderland, I was excited because I thought everything was about pretty notes and cute stationery, but now, i think studyblr it’s more
than that, it’s helpful and at the same time, full of inspiration.

4.- Effort
You pretty much need effort when you want something to go as well as you expect.

Sooooo…. That was my “motivational-with-a-kind-of-realistic-vibe” post and the purpose of this was to inspire you to keep going with your studyblr blog (or start one).

When you finally get a diagnosis 

I’m thinking about making a Sims 4 town of SSO tumblr people with their baes but I think Lea already did something like that so I’m not sure. I know Zebra did in Sims 3 too.

And all or most of them will have kids with their baes because I love the new Parenthood pack. I’ll probably have a few single Sims too, and if two people have the same bae then I’ll name them something different like Darko #2. I’ll probably give them a physical feature to differentiate between them too

anonymous asked:

do you know if snales can be housed in the same tank as a marimo? also, what kind of rocks are best for snales? i have been thinking about picking some up. thanks!! -tumblr user crikeyreyisnewt

@crikeyreyisnewt they sure can! :p
aquatic snails come in a wide variety of sizes~ horned nerites are about 1/4″-1/2″ wide as adults, (zebra, tiger) nerites get about 1-1.5″ wide as adults, and mystery snails get 2-3″ I believe!

snails have a good sized bioload and will need a filter. i believe mysteries require a heater…i recently heard that mysteries are tropical but i haven’t double checked! nerites seem to do well in the 70s. i’ve kept them at 72-74F and 78-82F :p

when i asked in some snail forums (”snails, snails, snails” and “snailology” facebook groups) they said sand or barebottom is best since they’re easy for the snails to climb over and poop doesn’t build up in the substrate like it would with gravel. i’ve seen people with gravel tanks keep snails though so i dont think housing snails on gravel will injure them (if anyone has any more on that pls leave a comment or reblog for us!).

also having at least a 2.5-5 gallon tank is a good idea :) in a 2.5 gallon you could probs do 1-2 horned nerites, in a 5 gallon you could do 2-3 tiger/zebra nerites, and in a 10 you could have a few nerites or a mystery snail :p 

if anyone has any suggestions for crikeyreyisnewt or wants to add/correct anything, please feel free to!


@sao801 Of course!

1. Micron pens-they’re inexpensive and incredibly high quality. Recommended!

2. Pilot Futayaku double-sided brush pen-Has a really nice firmness to the brush to make easy and varying strokes. Has a grayscale brush too!

3. Zebra brush pen fine tip-REALLY love this brush pen, I got this at my local Daiso store for like a buck, but can’t find it anywhere online for less than $16 :(

4.Pentel sign pen-fun for just doodling and such~I don’t use this for watercolors often, as it smudges easily when erased over.

Hope this is helpful!