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Skittle Alley are a French band on a Spanish label.  The Spanish label is rapidly becoming one of my go-tos when I’m in the mood for indie pop in the C86 fashion. 

Recent releases that I loved on Discos de Kirlian were the Vulpine Choir CD and The Death of Pop. 

This Skittle Alley release recalls the mid-tempo pop of Teenage Fanclub, The June Brides, BMX Bandits, Mojave 3 or The Zebras. 

My Surgery Part 1

This is going to be a long post. I mean very long, so to help I’m going to break it into sections pertaining to the different parts of the day of surgery and following. Hope you enjoy, and once again sorry I disappeared for so long. 

What I Had Done: Laparoscopic Full/Complete Nissens Fundoplication

(I ended up being forced into laparoscopic, which I will discuss later, so don’t get your spoons in a twist.)

Getting There: 

I can’t remember everything from that day, but I believe that my surgery was scheduled for 11 am, and we were to be there at 9:30 or 10 am. I woke up, got my “go” bag (I will make a post about a “go” bag later), and left. My mom drove me, my dad trailed behind. I was mad at them because it was day two of no food and they stopped at Akron Children Hospital’s coffee shop. I was a tad hangry, to say the least. We reached our check in location, which involved many turns and elevators. If you know ACH you know they are famous for their elevators. The lady was very nice and took us to a room with a curtain for a door, no biggie. 

Paper Work and Procedurals: 

First thing first the gown. I changed into the gown and pants and put mine in my go bag. When you are staying for a long surgery and stay, they give you the good, high-quality stuff, none of that paper/plastic fabric or the one size fits all blue drapes. Then we filled out the paperwork of who I was and what allergies I had. I got my two red bands, for my latex and medicine/food allergies, one on each arm, and we were set for paperwork on a legal aspect. It always pissed me off to watch the Red Band Society, because they used the red bands to signify big surgeries, but red bands in almost all hospitals (at least in America) signifies an allergy. I get one when I go to get an x-ray. My girlfriend got one when she went for a checkup and she’s  a normal all spoons intact kind of person. Anyway, after that, I had to pee in a cup, which was dumb. Quick fact, I’m trans if you didn’t know, FTM, and I’m been on T for almost two years. My ovaries have been out of commission for awhile, and I’m not sexually active, but apparently, a pregnancy check was in order. I am aware its a legal thing, but I don’t think God is looking for the next Virgin Mary to be a trans kid about to get surgery. 

DNR and Religous BS:

Okay so after this was done we met with the social worker. My parents signed some more forms, I signed some forms, and so on. I then told her that I wanted to get a DNR in place. Just to be clear, this is a SUPER SIMPLE EASY process, well she kinda did an 180, and I guess a few screws fell loose or something, because after she left, about 10 mins later, a Chaplain walked in. First off, I did not ask, nor did my parents ask for a Chaplain, or any kind of religious, or any other form of counseling. We were perfectly fine. I knew what I wanted, I knew the legal proceedings, and I knew who needed to be there to do what. So the hospital assumed just because we asked about a DNR we were somehow religiously affiliated. I told this woman I didn’t need her help, nor did I want it. She would not leave. She spent 20 mins about a foot from me (closer than my parents were) trying to talk me out of it. I told her I wasn’t interested in retracting my statement. Eventually, she left, only to return 10 mins later. At this point I was pissed. I previously was calm, and happy to be having this life changing surgery so I could fix a debilitating problem, but she had ruined this. She proceeded to try to talk me out of it and spoke to me as if I was a 6-year-old. If you knew me personally you would know that I do not like confrontation, and I do not like to be challenged on things pertaining to myself, in short, I’m bullheaded, and I do my research. This woman was getting on my last straw. She told me that ACH had a policy against DNR’s, and wouldn’t treat me if I had one. For one I have a feeling she was lying or didn’t know what she was talking about, and two if not, I think that is highly illegal. As DNR’s are the law. She gave me this hokey stuff to fill out with my parents about what I would like in the event I was going to die, but this only applied if I was brain-dead, which is not the point as to why I wanted the DNR. The papers were also only suggestions from child to parent, not law. The whole thing made me mad as hell. I ended up talking to my doctor, who is a great man, but also made me mad. He told me that he wouldn’t work on a patient who had a DNR. I think that is dumb, it defeats the purpose of a DNR. DNR’s are supposed to help improve life, not worsen. Refusing all treatment is the opposite of DNR. The whole thing was baloney. He also said that a healthy boy like me doesn’t need a DNR, which for one, anyone can have it, and two I’m not healthy. It just goes to show that even to doctors our disability/illness is invisible. So I ended up just consenting to the surgery without the DNR. I still plan on getting one, one day, but I needed that surgery, and unfortunately, that was the risk I had to take. 

The Delay

Now technically this happened in the midst of the previous body of text, but it made more sense to describe it after. My surgery was scheduled for 11 am, but I did not have surgery until noon. This really isn’t a big deal I just thought I would throw it in for explanation sake, and so people know what to expect. My surgery was delayed because there was an emergency gastro surgery from the ER that my doctor had to help with. Like I said I was very happy to wait. We ended up needing the extra time to short out the above BS. Just so you know though things don’t generally follow the planned timeline in hospitals. 

Surgery Time

Okay, so it was surgery time. They came and got me, but before I left the room I took off everything they didn’t give me except my underwear (some surgeries that come off too though) and put it in my go bag. So my glasses and what not. Then we walked to the operating room, and it is really bright, you walk unless you are unable. There were TV’s everywhere because it was a laparo surgery, which was cool to see. There was also a bunch of stains on the ground, but it looked more like spilled iodine, not blood. I highly doubt that you will ever see blood when you enter the room. I met my anesthesiologist, another doctor, a nurse who works with the anesthesia, and another nurse. They were all really nice, and I was cracking jokes with the anesthesia doc. I told him that in previous surgeries apon wake up I will rip out my IV, so he took the medical tape and wrapped it around my hand like 5 times which made me laugh. They are really good at their job. Since I’m a-okay with needles all my drugs were done through IV, until I was asleep. I never forget what happens then I go under, it just doesn’t make me forget, I remember the whole process, always have. After set up was done that was that. My doctor and a few others came in said hello, he was talking to me most of the time. Before they put the IV in you slip your arms out of the gown, but you’re always covered when you are awake. They put all the little electrodes on me and started to turn on stuff. As they put the drugs in they kept talking to me, asking me stuff like what I wanted to be, what colleges I was thinking about, how I liked school. My doctor was telling the other doctors about my crazy school and the weird classes I take, so that was fun. The nurse was always explaining things to me, and talking to me. She asked me if I was nervous and I never was. I always go into surgeries with the acceptance that if I die, that’s okay. I want to be at peace of mind. I’m always happy and content/calm when I go under, and I think that’s how it should be. The doctors and nurses I had definitely help with that. I also know a lot of the people at ACH, which helps. It took awhile but I fell asleep. The anesthesia is cold when it runs through your veins but they cover you up with warm blankets, so it’s okay. 

Well, that’s part one, I will be adding a part two soon. We are currently in the process of trying to move/sell our house so I’ve been very busy. I hope this is helpful to at least some of you, and entertaining to the rest. 


@sao801 Of course!

1. Micron pens-they’re inexpensive and incredibly high quality. Recommended!

2. Pilot Futayaku double-sided brush pen-Has a really nice firmness to the brush to make easy and varying strokes. Has a grayscale brush too!

3. Zebra brush pen fine tip-REALLY love this brush pen, I got this at my local Daiso store for like a buck, but can’t find it anywhere online for less than $16 :(

4.Pentel sign pen-fun for just doodling and such~I don’t use this for watercolors often, as it smudges easily when erased over.

Hope this is helpful!

so true! disabled people are the best actors, we deserve an Oscar!!! :D

anonymous asked:

Hello theree!! I was just wondering,, what do you use to line ur trad works? I love how clean your lines are, so pretty!! ;;;

aahhh thank you anon!! /////
Here’s some pen I love to use for tradi works

from left to right:
(1) tachikawa school g pen
(2) tachikawa pen holder + zebra maru nib
(3) tachikawa pen holder + zebra G nib
(4) dr. ph. martin bombay ink (cherry red)
(5) liquitex carbon black ink

sometimes I also use snowman drawing pen, sakura pigma micron pen, and sakura pigma brush too

When you finally get a diagnosis 


Hey guys I’m currently getting ready for A levels to begin next week… These are just a few of my favourite supplies ☺️

- Bic Matic Strong Mechanical Pencils (0.9mm)
- Bic Cristal Original Black Biros (1.0mm)
- Paperchase Pencil case
- 5mm Squared A5 notebooks from Hema
- Zebra Mildliners (3 from the pastel pack) in pink, blue and green.
- Hema 0.5mm pens in Black, Orange, Pink and Blue.

I am currently beginning my Assignments for when I start my courses next week (bit late but I didn’t know what sixth form I was going to go to) so I will begin posting a lot more!

I’ve also updated my banner and I absolutely love it :)

Melly :) x

I felt like bringing my brown hyena OC Scarecrow back to life.

I’ve changed her design a lot over the past years. But then I finally found something I was satisfied with.

Scarecrow was originally created when I changed into a hyena. She was meant to be me, but the spotted hyena turned out to fit me much better in the end.
I still kept her as an OC.

Brown hyenas deserve more love, as they’re a very rare species seen in the fandom.
And I also just love how ridiculous those creatures look with their lion like mane and those zebra legs <3 


I just ordered these things from Ebay! For around 150kr - Less than $22! I paid $16 for the zebra mildliners in flourescent, when I bought them from Amazon, so I’d recommend that you buy them from Ebay. Anyways, I can’t wait to get all of my stuff!

1. Sticky notes 2. Zebra Mildliners 3. Cute gel pens 4. Rainbow washi tape