Day 27/100:

i stayed home sick today and used my time for revising and for preparing for my acid-base test in chemistry tomorrow. i’m really nervous, but i’m trying my best to prepare and hopefully i’ll be okay!

i’ve also recently taken up self-studying french!

je veux Français parler.🇳🇱


17/12/16 10:48 PM // This week’s bullet journal spread! Tried a slightly different layout this week. Might look different from previous posts bc I changed the second page. I managed to finish 3 books this week and I’m now reading A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir. Hope you guys have a great holiday xx


28/9/16 2:46 PM // This week’s bullet journal spread + some minor details. (This picture was taken on Monday, hence all the unchecked boxes.) Term break but actually busier than normal school days. I just came back from a three-day trip to Bandung and I’m currently studying for the general SAT tests this Saturday (wish me luck!). Super nervous because it’ll be my first time doing it and the reading and essay content is quite different from what I’m used to. Oh, and if any of you know any tips for the SAT, please tell me, I’d really appreciate it :)


november 20, 2016 | 10:26 pm | 14/100

yay i’m back from a semi-hiatus! my friend got me 2 sets of zebra sarasa pens (my all-time favorite pens!!!) from japan ✨ i’m also starting on a new bujo 🌺💫🍃

9/10/16 1:37 PM // Second half of this week’s bullet journal spread + physics notes on a sunday morning before church 🌿📖 Also managed to finish my statistics homework before I left. Thinking of compiling all my OC’s into one book but I’ve never really planned them outside of my head. Still need to write an essay about a famous Chinese person for my Mandarin lesson. Hope this week treats me well 😁


18/5/16 3:56 PM // studying chemistry for my igcse exam tomorrow. Kinda worried that I won’t study thoroughly as chemistry is a subject in which once you understand the topic, you don’t really need to revise a lot, so I decided to go through the syllabus and do some more past papers. I’ve already done like 10 last week. Just made a stupid mistake: did the specimen paper for the core syllabus instead of the extended one 😩. Good practice, though.

Today I did my economics igcse and it was actually comparable to my mock exams. I did a lot better than I expected in my mocks so I do hope I can obtain an equally high score.

Oh, and also, I’ll be answering all the asks in my inbox tomorrow so don’t worry if I haven’t answered your ask yet ☺️