My tribute for one of my favorite games, Super Metroid.

Entering Planet Zebes’ gates. The feeling of loneliness in this planet was achieved only with pixels and sound. No dialogue/text boxes were needed. It was just you and the game. One of the most brilliant moments in videogame history… pure magic!

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Okay. This took… so… very… long to finish. Mind, I did kinda leave it without shading for a good few weeks, but decided to try finish it in the last few days. But yeah, I believe this might be the best Samus I’ve ever drawn. Although… I wasn’t planning on a background so I just kinda half-assed a Norfair backdrop xD
But yeah, I really like how this turned out .v.
(And yes, this is the same picture from which I made that dumb meme the other day from with the lenny face :3c )

(I noticed I made a few mistakes with the suit, as I did it mostly without reference, but I only noticed while I was far enough along with it that I really didn’t want to go back and change it all so eh)

A Brief plot summary of every Metroid

Metroid/Zero Mission: Samus travels to Zebes and fucks up the Space Pirate’s shit

Metroid Prime: Samus travels to Tallon IV and fucks up the Space Pirate’s shit

Metroid Prime 2: Samus travels to Aether where the Space Pirate’s shit has already been fucked up, but she fucks it up even more anyway. Also some shit about light and dark who cares?

Metroid Prime 3: Samus travels to several different planets to fuck up the Space Pirate’s shit

Metroid 2: Samus literally commits genocide. 

Super Metroid: Samus travels to Zebes and fucks up the Space Pirate’s shit

Metroid Fusion: Samus travels to a space station and fucks up the Federation’s shit.


S: My silence will cost you.


S: You will take over ALL of my chores. And because I’m overcome with pity, I’ll be nice and only make you do them for a solid month.


S: That’s my final offer. Take it or I’ll call Zeb

E: ……ok start pulling.

Jedi are taught to trust their instincts.

One day Ezra’s instincts will remember that he can no longer fit in Air ducts.


Endless list of favorite games: (1/?)

Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA) (2004)

       “Planet Zebes… I called this place home once, in peaceful times, long before evil haunted the caverns below. Now, I shall finally tell the tale of my first battle here… My so-called Zero Mission.”                                              -Samus Aran

The Space Pirates

- Space Pirates are, in fact, a coalition of races.  Any new species inducted into the Pirates are often for some strategic purpose, often for physical capabilities.  The Galactic Federation has spent some time collecting data on the species that make up the Pirates, which is hardly exhaustive, but includes major species that makes up the bulk of their military force.

- Zebesians: The weakest of the Space Pirate forces.  They were some of the earliest troops to debut, due to their natural resistance to extreme environments, quick breeding, and obedience.  On Zebes, they are nomadic, and often join up with other colony or hive species for protection, which made them favorable to the Space Pirates.

- Ki-Hunters:  These are the smallest of the Space Pirate forces, but their powerful sting and wicked barbed jaws makes them formidable opponents.  They are often compared to the ancient wasps of earth for their black and yellow stripes and wings.  Before being inducted, they were smaller and formed hives on Zebes, but the Space Pirates genetically augmented captured species to initiate a breeding program to bolster their ranks, especially because they can be manipulated with hormones and food.

- “Tallon” Pirates: Strong, fast, and intelligent, these pirates are believed to be a founding race in the Pirates.  Their homeworld is not known.  Heavily deployed to Tallon IV due to their natural curiosity, they avidly explore and exploit natural resources, and also make the bulk of the Pirate’s science team.

- “Aether” Pirates:  Samus’ studies of ancient lore suggests these Pirates may be one of the oldest species in the Pirates.  They are large and crustacean-like, often 4.9 meters tall, with exposed hearts and intestines.  They are asexual (the species in its current state lacks the ability to produce sex cells), and rely on cloning techniques to survive.  They are resistant to dry and hot weather, hence their deployment to Aether, as well as other desert environments.

- Utragian Pirates:  A recent addition to the Pirates, their home planet was seized by the Galactic Federation near the end of the Phazon Crisis, but the species has since turned nomadic.  They are some of the largest pirates, but also the most violent.  They happily engage in self-mutilating behaviors, assaulting other species, as well as eating fallen troops, including their own.  Despite this, they were already a powerful force before being inducted, having dominated their planet and developed advanced weapons, which made them favorable to the Space Pirate command.

- Not much is known about the Space Pirate commanders, as they are reclusive, and heavily guarded.  What is known, is that they have advanced genetic manipulation techniques, communications, transportation, weapons, and even food production industries.

- The Space Pirates have attempted to induct the Kriken Empire into their ranks, but negotiations failed.  The Space Pirates see the Kriken as being far too rooted and rigid in their behavior, while the Kriken view the Space Pirates as little more than the genetically degraded remains of a once-proud species.  Even now, they remain on hostile terms.

An animated mockup of Ridley in Ridley’s Lair, using my Metroid Redux graphics.
PS CS6, 16 colours, 24 frames.
Design-wise I was inspired by Zero Mission for Ridley’s head, and Super Metroid for the body.
Let me know if you want to help me continue the romhack. Contact me for commissions.

From the Metroid NES Manual-
Hunt out the Power Items and boost Samus’ power! At the start of the game, Samus carries only a short beam. You have to boost Samus’ power by finding the rooms that contain Power Items and capture them. Boosting Samus’ power gives him new ways to attack–such as wave beams, screw attacks, and bomb-setting. There are 10 Power Items in total. Collect as many as you can to fortify Samus.


There is evidence of some kind of ancient civilization scattered throughout Zebes, whether it be erected structures, duct and pipe work or detailed carvings in stone. However, the biggest evidence of this civilization are rooms, probably constructed for some kind of religious purpose, housing these humanoid like creatures that caress artifacts in their hands . Whether these creatures are actually the fossilized remains of something once living, or merely statues used as idols is uncertain.