[ OFFTHECUFF - MrZee in L2a ]

Went to the French glacier of Les Deux Alpes for a week with Jesse Augustinus, but ran into so many familiar faces that we decided to stay for 3 weeks.

Riders: Max Zebe, Jesse Augustinus, Cees Wille, Andre Strazzu, Ivika Jurgenson, Elena Graglia, Wessel Van Lierop, Ziga Rakovec


This part of Super Metroid (Metroid 3) I’ll be collecting the last of the item expansions.

Main channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BLUESNAKEClyde

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Hola a toda la gente que sigue a Planeta Zebes, les ofrezco mis excusas por no subir nada, estoy en otros proyectos en mi vida y me cuesta tener una horita para conseguir y subir material, pero ahora trataré de ponerle mas bueno al asunto, cheers!