bright limestone
in the dark moist earth
allowing the edifice to shoot up
in belfry and dome shapes

a sacred space
that knows my name
by heart

an architecture becoming flesh
through the showering of multiple gifts:

here I received baptism
water trickled on my head
and meandered down my tiny neck and shoulders
welcomed into the body of Christ

here I received Eucharist
and learnt about communion,
thanksgiving and healthy togetherness

here I received forgiveness,
balm for the bruised pilgrim that I am
and here I learned how to fore-give:
always a preemptive strike of generous love

here I celebrated my very first mass
as a freshly ordained priest,
called to be a wild artist of Good News

here, in this ancient church
made from the fruit of the earth
bright limestone hewn from the belly of the earth
I fell in love over and over again
with the One who loved me first

this, my village church,
that knows my story well,
I carry within me today,
not a church made of limestone
but of real encounters made of flesh-and-blood

each a chaplet of a sacred narrative
crafted and composed
moment by moment

Poem | Philip Chircop
Photo | Daniel Cardona | Zebbug Village Church

Every year I look forward to the #GoodFriday #procession even though the cold up here in #Zebbug is absolutely crippling (especially in a thin skirt and roman sandals -_- ) and the reason for that is that I get to spend 3 hours with this #feisty little princess =3 I absolutely love her! =D

How can you not love a little kid who gets all worked up when she sees black clouds that could ruin our time together! =D #KingDavid (at Zebbug Gozo Church)

And the Propellor is Done!! 🌪
e Anche la Elica è Fatta!! 🌪
——————————————– (presso Ħaz-Zebbug, Malta)