2010. A secondary character in IO; Urz’s sister, Zebaucher. While she was alive, Zebaucher was the highest ranking and most powerful of the Greater Shape-Shifters. When Urz came into the picture, she was regulated to the bottom of the very short social ladder, which she didn’t agree with. Urz caused unending trouble for her elder siblings until Zebaucher finally decided to put an end to her shenanigans by burying her six feet under. The two demons fought for a full Infernal Year (about 2.5 “human” / standard years).

It’s safe to say that Urz wasn’t really prepared for Zebaucher’s declaration of war, and attempted to hide from her much more powerful sister for the better part of the fight until she ran out of hovels to take cover in and tricks to fool her with. Strengh-wise Urz couldn’t hope to put up a proper fight against Zebaucher, keeping herself alive through slight of hand. Happy to exploit any sleazy tactic she could, Urz managed to outwit her sister and Assimilate her, the Shape-Shifter equivalent of murder, taking her status amongst the remaining Greaters in the process. Urz’s still-living siblings hate her for what she has managed to do (plus Zebaucher treated them with slightly less disdain than Urz does), but don’t dare to challenge her position.

A fantastic friend of mine illustrated a scene from the tail-end of Urz and Zebaucher’s fight for me about a year back:

I love this image. I’ve tried to draw out Urz and Zebaucher’s fight in the past but it’s never turned out well. I’m sure you all remember my last pithy attempt from some time last year:

Shape-Shifters doing fisty-cuffs isn’t really a traditional “fight”, the chances of either demon keeping a stable form while exchanging blows is pretty small. The sight of these two trying to tear each other apart would be comparable to a tentacle salad.