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soo zebeck, know any good dirkuu fanfics?

oooooooooh!! hehehhehe ;;D


with cherub caliborn:

Override - Inspired by “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.” Caliborn plans a way to transfer his consciousness and personality into a computer program as a way to escape his sister…and for more nefarious reasons. (NSFW!)

Call me maybe - Doomed time line. Dirk loses Jake to Jane and in his utter depression finds out maybe he’s been barking up the wrong tree all along. (very adorable!!)

Neverland“Your personality is stuck in some sort of cantankerous prepubescent limbo. You are going to be a stunted, miserable tool forever.” Your name is Caliborn, and you are the boy who never grew up. (sadstuck omg wwehh)

with troll!caliborn:

Absolutely filthy BDSM - Dirk gets kidnapped by uu and experiences the most terrifying things a human has heard of. (very very good!!! one of my favourites it’s hilarious!!!  not actual porn though hahaha)

ROANBONE.jpg - hilarious but nsfw pesterlog!!! another favourite even though it’s out of character now hahhaha

Playing Unfair - When Dirk Strider wakes bound to a chair in a strange room, he finds himself stuck in the middle of a deadly game that could cost him his life. But he has a few tricks up his sleeve, and he knows exactly how to manipulate his opponent to allow him to win… (nsfw, very hot woooooooahhhh)

untitled i think - a fic konobeat wrote for me hehehe i tried to draw for it too it’s adorable!!! includes jealous!caliborn, my one weakness 0u0


Caliborn: Play the game - As you step into the courtyard to wait for your sister, you see them, the Alpha kids. You stay the fuck away as you scrutinize their behavior from afar. (hehe i remember the author put this in my submission box when i was crying about the lack of dirkuu fics hehhehe!!)

i’ll try to update the list when i find other fics i like heheheheh

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im sorry for asking this but what brushes do you use in sai? would you mind posting your brush settings! your art style is amazing oh my god

why thank you!! 8D here’s the ones i use most often:

(the last one’s just the normal brush with the respective options applied, i just duplicated it to keep it separate hahahha)

otherwise i love playing with other options too esp with my pen :“)

the brush and crayon are the best!!! my fav haha

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barely 5'0 ft, 115 pounds, most of my weight is in my tummy and thighs, long black hair, part of it shaved off (sidecut), light tan skin, my otp to die for is Tavris (I start crying when people draw me it (*´∀`*); ), I'm an extremely affectionate Italian but sometimes I'm tsuntsun about it (≧0≦) , you can win me over by feeding me sweets, I have gross kinks, and I just want someone to love / vice versa! (´;ω;`) <3 my gender is loli (◡‿◡✿)

cute loli anon!!!!



idk how you ship them but i hope you dont mind them <3!!! i love them like that myself ahhaha :“’D

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14/m/texas. mute, deaf, albino. i love taking photography and sometimes selfies of myself, i have my own darkroom so yeah. i write raps and make my own beats, too. i act cool just to be ironic. i sometimes have sword fights with my puppet-pornography lover of a brother on the roof. yeah.

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loli!anon: senpai, i really really really hope im not annoying in any way to you, but the past few weeks have been really awful for me and i'm currently a bit knocked up on drugs from attempting an overdose but chickening out on it and if its not too much to ask, maybe you could doodle just oneee more thing for me to cheer me up? you dont have to of course but as i said before, i admire you greatly and it'd be nice to know someone slightly cares a bit about me, even if im on anon

oh my god, sweet anon please please talk to someone about this :(  i know it’s hard and it’s painful and im not going to pretend i understand the full extent of your pain and stress but there is always someone out there who would listen and try to ease your pain even a little bit! you can even talk to me and i won’t mind! (there are even hotlines where you could do so if you dont really feel like talking with your parents or friends?)

i wish you the best of luck and hope you never try that again :( /pets your head

here’s some vristav since i know you like it ;u;

sorry it’s ugly ;q;“”

and i wish you the best of luck anon<33!!! i hope you get to feel even  a bit better soon!! 

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where did you get your textures for your brushes?? :o

uhhh here: 







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You know how there's some people who say "omg her art is so damn good I'll never be like that I'm gonna quit"? Well, you give me the opposite feeling; I see your art in all its gloriousness and I just feel like drawing again. So yeah, thanks for being so awesome.

wow really?? ;u; oh thank you!!!! im so happy to encourage someone with my dumb drawings oh man its so great……….i hope you have fun art is so great!!! art is the best!!! have fun making art and love it!!!!! 

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ok basically you are me last year youre gr8 at everything that isnt color and lighting but you totally suck at color and lighting read this whoole website huevaluechromaDOTcom/indexDOTphp itll take you at least three days to finish it but once youre done you will be a master at color and lighting

woah thank you ashes!!!!!!!!!!! yes colour is so mean to me :“(