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"You could stand to eat healthier" for Kalluzeb, please?? :^}

I am so sorry this is a million years late dear. Good news. Perfect timing. Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy!! <3 Also available on ao3

Zeb walked into the mess at the new base, looking for Kallus. The Ghost had just come back from a mission that took him away from Kallus longer than he really would have liked. After a quick look, he realized Kallus wasn’t there. Zeb pursed his lips, he knew exactly where Kallus was.

Which was what passed for his base of operations. Basically, it was where he kept all of his counter intelligence on Empire. It was barely large enough for Kallus and Zeb to both stand in. Kallus took to it without complaint. Zeb was pretty sure Kallus felt like he didn’t even deserve that small amount of space to work in.

Getting Kallus to believe he was allowed to take up space, to be a part of the rebellion, to interact with the other rebels in anything other than a professional way was … not the easiest task. He still felt a near constant guilt for how long he stood against the rebellion, how long he had hurt innocents, and destroyed lives. He felt guilty for not doing enough as Fulcrum, for Thrawn finding him, and Chopper base. For all those lives lost. He felt so much guilt about things he had no control of.

Zeb had a pretty good idea of what that felt like.

Kallus looked up as he leaned against the door frame, and smiled as soon as he saw Zeb.

“Back already?”

Zeb’s ears flicked forward and he couldn’t hold back a smile, “I know you have a radio in here, and heard Hera announce our arrival.”

Kallus shrugged, unashamed. “True.”

Zeb raised an unsubtle eyebrow, “They’ve got some good grub goin’ on in the mess if you wanna come along.”

He watched Kallus’ smile falter just a bit, “I’ve got a decent amount to do still, here. You go on ahead, we’ll catch up later.”

“You really could stand to eat more,” Kallus reached towards a drawer in his small desk, “and don’t just show me one of those MREs you’ve got in here.”

Zeb knew Kallus hated the way everyone looked at him when immersed in large groups, so he stuck mostly to himself, and the Ghost crew. People he was comfortable with.

Zeb was perfectly willing to compromise, “Fine, how about we meet up with Kanan, Hera and the others, and see what they’ve got?”

Kallus visibly sighed in relief, “I’d like that.”

Zeb’s ears flicked forward as he held out his hand. Kallus smiled as he took it.

Zeb moved his arm to wrap around Kallus’ waist as they walked towards one of the smaller common rooms the crew liked to stake out when on base. If they were lucky, Ezra already gathered enough food for them all. That kid could hoard food like no one else. At least this way he knew he could get Kallus to eat better, if for a little while.

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Zeb picking up Ezra by the scruff of his neck in the last episode was 1) so cute and 2) made me imagine that he did it all the time when the kids were smaller and lighter. Not even because he had to, he would just randomly pick either of them up at any time and they hated it

Obviously this would only start once each of the two of them were used to roughhousing with him - Zeb can be a little abrasive when you don’t know him too well, but he wouldn’t pick up someone who’s still afraid to be touched!

…after that though, yeah, he’d readily pick them up by the scruff of the neck - sometimes one in each hand, while the two teens roll their eyes or grumble!

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For the prompt request; Kallus is the only one who has freckles and Zeb wonders why. He likes them, he just wonders why only Kallus has them.

Ooh this is so cute! Thanks for sending it! 

“What is it?” Kallus finally asked after catching Zeb staring at his face for near ten minutes straight.

“What, you don’t like me staring at you?” Zeb responded light heartedly, a chuckle following.

“It’s just distracting.” Kallus responded in an annoyed tone, but Zeb could see through it.

The two of them, currently sitting on the ground full of reports, strategy plans, etc…, had been organizing Kallus’ office for hours now and the sun had just begun to set. The warm yellow ray illuminated Kallus’ face in a way that Zeb hadn’t quite seen before and all to quickly, he noticed numerous yet small, dark spots scattered around his face.

He’d seen them on his face before, but only at a far off glance (and not when they were on friendly terms at that) and in the blink of an eye, they seemed to have disappeared. He’d hardly remembered seeing them when they were on Geonosis. But now, there they were, as numerous as the stars in space, scattered like an artist spilled his ink. Zeb had never seen any other human with these spots on their faces; not Kanan, Ezra or Sabine. Only Kallus and in all truth, Zeb was curious. This made Kallus even more unique to him.  

“I don’t mean to be a distraction, if you want me to leave I can.”

“No, I wouldn’t get any of this done without you.” Kallus admitted, sighing and looking up at from his data pad toward Zeb who still gazed at him. “Zeb, I’m serious, what is it? Is something wrong with my face?”

Zeb rolled his eyes. “If it’s really bothering you—”

“It is.” Kallus grinned.

“I wanted to know what those spots were on your face were, and why you have them.”

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Specters in the Night.

So I thought I would write this for poor Zeb, who had to have felt helpless when Maul invaded the Ghost and it must have just killed him to not be able to protect Hera and Sabine.

The Night After the Events of the “Holocrons of Fate”

“Garazeb Orrelios! What are you doing?”

Standing on the railing overlooking the cargo hold, Hera shouted over the sound of Zeb’s staff smashing again and again into the empty crates surrounding him.

Zeb looked up, startled, a feral look on his face, his teeth bared. Registering that it was Hera, he quickly shook his head and settled on an abashed expression.

“Oh, hey Hera,” Zeb said shutting down his staff and straightening up.

“Zeb,” Hera’s voice was quiet now, “why are you making such as ruckus? It’s late and everyone has turned in. It’s been quite a day, I’m surprised you are still down here.”

“Yeah, well,” Zeb replied gruffly, his hand absently rubbing the back of his neck, “I couldn’t sleep, so I figured I would get in some practice.”

“I see. Mind if I come down there?” Hera suspected the reason for Zeb’s insomnia.

“Suit yourself.” Zeb replied rubbing his eyes and taking a seat on one of the abused crates.

Hera climbed quickly down the ladder to take a seat next to Zeb on the crate. She knew he was not doing well just by looking at the clumped fur on his shoulders and back. The fact was, she herself was still recovering from Maul’s invasion of the Ghost and their lives. Everyone had felt vulnerable, but some more than others. The rest of the crew had headed to their bunks hours ago. Sabine had left early, mumbling to herself about the poor choice the people of Mandalore had made in letting Maul take over in the first place. Ezra, walking lighter than he had in months had actually hugged her before hitting his bunk for the night. And although she had joined Kanan in his bunk for some private time, she had not slept. Leaving a gently breathing Kanan, she had risen when she had first heard the racket coming from the cargo hold.

“So,” she paused, “talk to me.” She laid her hand gently on his forearm reminded again just how enormous and strong he truly was. He was also a good friend and one hell of a back up in a fight. Usually, but fighting Maul was an entirely different situation.

“Herrra,” Zeb growled her name lightly. “Everything is fine. Really.” He turned slightly away from her, but the arm she was touching remained motionless.

“Zeb, I have known you for a long time. You have come to the rescue of every member of this little family at one time or another. You are so important to us, to me,” she gently ran her hand down his soft fur. “I know you would do anything to keep us safe. But today, Maul’s attack, it was beyond all of us. This wasn’t anything any of us expected or could have handled. You did everything you could and we all made it out ok.”

“Did we?,” Zeb sighed. “Hera..I failed you and Sabine. Bucketheads, I can do, but these dark force users, they…they…I ..I can’t do a thing. I’m helpless.”

Arghhh!! Zeb threw his staff to the floor. “It’s just like Lasan all over again!”

Facing Hera again, Zeb’s shoulders sunk in defeat. He turned his brilliant green eyes to hers and spoke.

“Ezra knows, but I never told you what happened when Lasan was invaded. I was the Captain of the Honor Guard Hera, it was supposed to be my job to protect the royal family, but after the initial blast I was knocked out. When I woke, they were all dead. Everyone. I failed and I failed you and Sabine today. When I woke up, I was so sure that it had happened again. That I had lost you and Sabine. I can’t forgive myself Hera, I can’t.” Zeb’s voice had faded to a whisper. His shoulders hunched even more.

Hera turned to face Zeb square on. She lifted her face to his and stood at her tallest to get as close as possible. She grasped his forearms with both hands.

“Garazeb Orillios, you listen to me right now,” she spoke firmly. “You have nothing to be forgiven for. You did all you could, I know that, and you have to know that too.”

“We both did all we could,” Her voice got quieter. “When Maul invaded my mind to get the Holocron, he took everything else that I held there about Kanan. Our lives together.” She paused, “our love. It was all ripped from my mind. I couldn’t fight it and I gave away so much. How do I forgive myself for that? But the thing is, we have to forgive ourselves Zeb, we are doing the best we can in this fight. The dark side is strong, really strong. But, it’s not stronger than we are together. And that is how we will survive all of this. Together. A family. No regrets, and nothing to forgive.”

Zeb slowly brought his gaze back to her eyes. Hera could see the pain there and perhaps gratitude.

“Hera,” he said slowly. “How do you do that, keep it together, after all we have lost?”

Hera impulsively grabbed Zeb around the waist and brought him into a bear hug the best she could around his expansive midsection. Her face was full of smelly purple fur and it was perfect. She squeezed her eyes shut and took it in before she spoke.

“Zeb,” she said, “Being around Kanan, Sabine, Ezra and you makes me strong. I am strong because you are strong. I fight because I believe we all deserve a better future and I have hope we can make that happen together. “

She released him and he backed away a bit, clearing his throat.

“Well, I guess we should hit the sack”

“Yeah, I think I might be able to sleep now,” she replied.

They turned and headed up the ladder, Hera first followed by Zeb.

“Thanks, Hera, for that, and well, everything.”

She peered down at him on the ladder. “You are most welcome Garazeb Orrelios. Always.”

Zeb smiled up at her as they reached the top. “Goodnight, then,” he said.


They headed to their bunks. Both reinforced for another day in the rebellion.

Healing Wounds

 Set after Fire Across the Galaxy…                                                                          

Ezra sat on Sabine’s bunk in the ghost, wincing in pain. Kanan had offered to treat his cheek, but to his surprise Sabine stepped up to do the job. She patted his check with antiseptic, as he groaned. He had deflected the inquisitor’s lightsaber, but it’d left two painful cuts on his face. 

“Hold still,” Sabine ordered firmly but gentler than usual, as she dabbed at his cheek. He managed a weak grin and said, “Yes, ma’am. So what’s in store for me, Doctor Wren?”

She shook her head at his jokes, but said, “Well, from the looks of it, the cuts are definitely going to heal, but you will have scars.”

He joked around some more, despite feeling like his face had been set on fire multiple times. “Aw, I don’t mind. It show’s I’m a survivor, and plus, the ladies LOVE scars. At least, according to Zeb.”

She smirked and tilted her head “Actually, I think they look more like whiskers. So you look less like a rugged macho man and more like a loth-cat!”

He widened his eyes and pouted, meowing. Sabine couldn’t help laughing. The kid had been through so much that she didn’t really think he needed the name ‘kid’ anymore. But, she called him that anyway, to tease him. Still… there had to be more to it. They had just encountered another Jedi, another lost apprentice. She wondered how Ezra felt about that.

He saw her eyes grow serious and asked, “Come on. I’m not THAT bad looking with my new war wounds, am I?” She smiled again, and said, “Could be worse, hotshot. How are you feeling… about everything?”

Ezra sighed. Ever since painting the tie together, he had gotten closer to Sabine. He let her bandage his face, and told himself he could tell her. He could trust all of them now. He could open up. “I’m just shocked. And a little happy too. That me and Kanan aren’t the only Jedi out there. But… it’s just that…”

Sabine answered for him, “There’s going to be a bigger challenge we’re facing now. But we can make it through, Ezra. We always have.”

She surprised him again by setting the bandage and taking his hand. NO one had really taken his hand like that in… a long time. But this wasn’t parental. It was… something else. He didn’t let go. He put his other hand over hers.              She gave him that special smile with one corner of her mouth turned up. He loved that smile. Especially when she laughed and it grew wider. 

The smile grew into a beam. Then she pulled him up, and he saw with satisfaction that he was exactly her height now. Good. He couldn’t wait to be the one calling HER shorty from then on. “You up for a game of dejarik?” She asked.

 “Am I ever. You’d better have some decent credits on you because I’ve started beating Zeb now!” he said proudly.

“Everyone can beat Zeb!” she replied with a laugh. He smirked. “Yes, but only I can beat Chopper. Game on, Wren.”                                                                      “You’re gonna lose, Whiskers!” she called back, and he shook his head, patting his bandage. “You know you love them.”

They strolled off to the dejarik table as Ahsoka Tano watched them, a pang growing in her chest. It reminded her of so many memories, from the old days, the good days. Before everything turned dark. She was happy for them. They needed light in a dark time.

_______________________________________________________________________ Thanks to gabby-xo27 for this idea! I’m gonna get round to drawing this when I get the new computer! What do you think? 

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prompt: kallus and zeb get stuck somewhere (again) and have to wait it out until rescue comes. bonus points if one of them remarks about how it's similar/different to the events of the honorable ones

THANKS! I enjoyed writing this! 

 When the ground gave way beneath them, Kallus nor Zeb were prepared for the impact below.

One second they were babbling on about reuniting with their crew, the next second they were falling down an under ground tunnel with no idea of where it would end.

It did however eventually come to stop, though that did not make things any better. Zeb fell to the ground first, and luckily for him his fall was cushioned by dead leaves that had also fallen down this tunnel prior to this. However, Kallus came down next using an unexpecting Zeb as his cushion.

After impact, both remained in that position in silence attempting to figure out what had just happened. Eventually, Zeb realized that Kallus’ abrupt landing had knocked the air out of him, and made way to shift in a more comfortable position.

“Hey Kallus—any other time I wouldn’t mind if you were on me like this but now, I can’t breathe!”

“Oh, right…” Kallus responded, coming back to himself. “Sorry.” He rolled off of his partner and walked around , stopping underneath the opening of the tunnel, gazing up as far as he could see.

“There’s no way we could climb up there.” Kallus frowned.

“Well I could.” Zeb responded, warranting an annoyed gazed from Kallus.

“It’s risky, and a steep fall.” He responded, walking back toward Zeb and sitting down next to him. “We need to send a signal and hopefully we’ll be found.”

“Sounds good.” Zeb replied, rummaging through one of the bags that fell down with them and grabbing the commlink. Kallus watched in silence as he fidgeted with the buttons until a proper signal was being transmitted. Afterward, he placed the commlink on the bag and frowned.

“Let’s hope that our signal is found,” Zeb frowned. “and now…we wait.”

“Now we wait.” Kallus repeated, taking a breath and leaning against Zeb.

For a while, things were just silent. There was the chirping of the native animals from the tunnel, but other than that, nothing else. The interior of the tunnel (or the place they’d fallen) was pretty large. When Kallus looked around a bit more, he could see small caves leading down certain paths.

“We can have a look around.” Zeb said, breaking the silence.

“Or we could sit here and wait.” Kallus responded, but he was too late . Zeb had already stood, ready to go search the premises. However, he stopped abruptly and let out a low growl.

“Zeb? What is it?”

“My leg…I think it’s…”

“Broken? Well sit down and let’s have a look.” Zeb knew there was no use trying to argue otherwise with Kallus and did as he was told. Kallus then walked over to him and observed his leg.

“I must have broken it when I fell on you; I’m surprised you didn’t notice.”

“Well, I was in pain but I didn’t think I broke it.” Zeb shrugged. Kallus simply rolled his eyes.

“It isn’t that bad now, but if left untreated it can be. I just hope help comes fast. For now, you don’t move.”

“Can’t argue with you on that.”

“No, you can’t.” Kallus smirked, shifting positions and letting Zeb rest his head in his lap. He stroked Zeb’s ears for a while until speaking again.

“This reminds me of back then…on Geonosis.”

“Thought you’d say something like that.” Zeb replied.

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