zeb coulter

i seem to be late on the posts about current happenings in WWE, but here we go!

i watched the swagger/coulter breaking kayfabe video earlier this morning, and i’m all for it. i haven’t read any posts opposing it but i’m not necessarily sure why there would be, cause it’s pretty straight forward and makes complete sense for them to do.

in a world where television is, possibly, as controversial as it gets other than a reality show where you have to murder people, wrestling will always get shafted when it comes to doing storylines that could offend people. 

we can’t win either way! it’s stupid it’s fake, but man those storylines are real and offensive and you can’t do that! naughty naughty! fuck outtah here.

good on WWE for having them record that video. totally makes the nay-sayers look like morons.