for the anon who asked me to post this

my immediate reaction to finding out that my brother had met zayn and had gotten me a shoutout!! excuse my ugly sobbing (09/16/14)


ok i was tagged to do the fave zayn pics/gifs ( i think it was 8 but im doing 10 cause 8 is too hard) and no offense but im actually dying rn like im actually dying that was the most difficult thing ive ever had to do fucK thank you zaynsfreepalestinetweet libby ily!! *zayn voice* i love you too libby i love you forever :’) thank you for the zayn pain i needed that!!

anyways i tag zaynmajor colimfirth masalahoe zeauxing txmil koreanhoe lcuigi zayncomeback dominicanhoe zlouds ziamftbenzo zaynisgod juicyziam tvventies kimjoning to do it!!

i spent like….. two hours making this in photoshop…….. pls

i can’t believe three THOUSAND people want to put up with my weird shit. what the hell is wrong with you all? i’m sorry, i don’t mean that, please stay


[[by the time ur reading this, my url might be traviesmccoy, who knows]]

so i’ve had this blog for almost two years and i’ve made (and lost) a lot of friends!!! i thought it’d be nice to do this or w/e idk

before i list all of the mutuals i have i want to give a shoutout to a few who are more special than the rest. (doesn’t mean the rest of yall aint special to me but,,, these people are like SUPER special)

patrickstumphf- jfc, can you believe it’s practically been a year since we met?? time flies when you have someone as good as you around. i love talking and complaining about shitty things to you every day and i’m glad you put up with me. there’s not a single person in this world who’s been as good to me as you’ve been. even though we have like, super tiny little spats here and there, we’re still pretty cool. you’re the tyler 2 my josh + i love you + you’re so important. please don’t ever forget that. you’re also the hottest girl on earth jfc never stop calling me babe i love you make out with me and touch my ass and feed me root beer flavored lollipops

cadespace- i’ve known you for so long and i’ve seen you go through lots of changes and you’ve seen me do the same bro,,,, it’s good to know that we both have dirt on each other like that i love u no hetero bro

miyuckii- squaaaaad,,,,,,, ur such a weeb i love you man,,, we havent known each other for long but ur super nice to me,,,,, love u bro…. hmu and tell me if you’ve gotten good at making eggs yet bro ur my tiny bro i love u


okay now it’s time to get to like all my other friends, i might put this under a readmore bc it’s gonna get suuuper long. hopefully i don’t leave anyone out. i have lots of time to make this, so i probably won’t forget many people.

if ur url is bolded then we’ve PROBS talked more than like two times and ur cool af

[if we’re mutuals and you don’t see yourself/don’t want yourself here, hmu, and i’ll fix it! :) ]

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