I made a very unorganized A-Z list of names that you can use for your sims if you'd like :)

Axel Alekia Arian Aniese Arabella Braxton Bambi Bee Beau Belli Camo Cally Coffee Cami Calista Dax Demitri Della December Dusty Erin Esther Eden Fallon Friday Fararah Finn Friday Gia Gannon Gunner Giligan Giselle Holland Holiday Hoover India Indie Isiah Jamison July June Jubilee Kellan Kale Kyra Kayson Luna Leonard Lindy Maisie Marylyn May Maggie Maxon Morning Moose Nebraska November Nita Nexus Ophelia October Olive Octavius Parker Patron Pax Quinn Rhode Rover Rumi Rimi Sapphire Sierre Scotland Seven Tuesday Thalia Tag Temp Violet Vance Venice Wes Westly Wednesday Xena Xenon Yuna Zara Zander Zearing

anonymous asked:

This is a weird question but how is xe/xir pronounced?

not weird at all! it kind of depends on the person saying it, so its best to ask each person who uses those pronouns how they want them to be pronounced.

I say it like:

xe: zee

xem: zem

xir: zear (like ear with a “z”)

some people also say it like:

xir: zer (her but a “z”)


xir: zair (like air with a “z”)