Another SMALL ZEXAL Abridged Preview!

Unfortunately my last editor has irl commitments to tend to so if you would like to be part of the ZEXAL Abridged team and you are an editor! Feel free to contact me ^_^b. At the moment we have ZeroSigner helpin out but If I can have more helpers, eps could get done faster! Thanks everyone!♥♥♥

((I tried to lip flaps one part that was missing XD thats why it looks weird SEE?!?!? SEE WHY I NEED A GOOD EDITOR!?!? XD)))

This is how I edit a mouth movements when abridging an anime. Or, in this case, making an audition clip for Mana. XD

“Name” refers to what I label a screenshot. In this instance, durbe a1, durbe a2, and durbe a3, since Durbe is the character I’m working with.

The letter is used to place the sequential order of animations for a particular character, so “a” suggests this is my very first Durbe clip. If I had gone on to edit another clip with a different series of mouth movements for the same character, they’d be b1, b2, and b3.

The 1 clip (Mouth closed) goes on the lower video track; it is there so the character’s mouth closes during the gaps in the upper track. On the upper video track is the sequence of 3-2-3 (Partially open, fully open, partially open), which you have to time with the syllables in the dialogue.

The 2 clip (Mouth fully open) can be adjusted for length, depending on how long the syllable is.

The 3 clip (Mouth partially open) is delegated to being just a single frame long on either end of the 2 clip, usually where the vocal sounds begin and end.

Remember to leave a space in between each syllable so the character’s mouth can close. The shortest your 3-2-3 sequence can be is three frames, one frame for each clip.


Arc-Vridged Episode 1: Year of the Tomato


With the blood sweat and tears and mostly blood we bring you the first Abridged Arc-V (didn’t take long eh? xF) We scripted as soon as subs for ep 1 came out eheh. azzyfox and I have teamed up for this special abridged series!<3 So now we have creators of ZEXAL Abridged (ZealtheDeal) and Digimon Frontier (AzzyFox’s) in an epic matchup of the century! :D


Yuya Sakaki: AzzyFox 

Young Yuya Sakaki: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl                                       

Yuzu Hiragi: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl

Shuzou Hiragi: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl

 Yusyo Sakaki: AzzyFox

Noboru Gongenzaka: Wraith10     

Yoko Sakaki: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl

Nico Smiley/Circus Hitler:  Cipher  

Strong Ishijima: Wraith10

Narrator:  Wraith10

Elvis Fishley: AzzyFox

Arbok: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl

Odd-Eyes Dragon: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl

Battleguard King Trolly Troll: :  Cipher

Ronald MacDonald:  Wraith10

Extras: ManatheDarkMagicianGirl

EDITED BY: AZZYFOX because he is the most ketchup of us all

Enjoy! And look forward to more fun! :D


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Please help me get to the Qualification Round ♥ Just give my audition a thumbs up ^_^

 It would mean a lot to me!One of the The prizes for YouTube Idol is that I can get a chance to record 3 Original songs in a mini album! That would be a dream come true for me o^w^o so I can share my original music with you guys!♥

Watch on manadarkmagiciangirl.tumblr.com

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-Vridged Episode 7: Holy Fajitas!


Episode 6 is finally here! Yuya is hungry! But doesn’t wanna waste his life ordering Pizza like Shuzou. Whatever shall he do!? Circus Hirtler invited him to a restaurant! But…to duel some dude named Michio Mokota !?!?Will he get a meal? Find out now! Also whattup with Yuto and Shun in Heartland?~



***  azzyfox   - (Scripting,Director, and Editor)

Yuya Sakaki

Himika Akaba


*** manadarkmagiciangirl - (Co-Scripting )

Yuzu Hiragi

Masumi Kotsu (Fusion Girl)

Sora Shiunin

Futoshi Harada

Ayu Ayukawa

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

*** tjherriot -

Reiji Akaba

Circus Hitler/Nico Smiley

Good Yaiba Todou

*** tyrestgwa  https://twitter.com/TyrestGWA -

Mr. Security Man

Mchio Mokota

*** wraith10 -


Hokuto Shijima (Xyz Guy)


*** ZoidsBN   http://twitter.com/ZoidsBN


Evil Yaiba Todou 

*** SaviorDragonFTW     http://twitter.com/SaviorDragonFTW

Shun Kurosaki


Maximillian Pegasus



This episode had us rollin in laughter super great job to all involved! And welcome to the cast! OUR SHUN: SaviorDragonFTW and AtraWulf as Pegasus! Both whom have worked with Azzy in Digimon Frontier Abridged!

Believe x Believe ENGLISH TV Version
  • Believe x Believe ENGLISH TV Version
  • ManaTrain Chuu2kyuu xD
  • Mana Singz

AS PROMISED!!! And wish Choutokkyuu(BulletTrain) hasd more instrumentals xD) BUT I recorded it finally on my mike 8D!

Ladies and Gentlemen!~*



Believe x Believe! Electric Buddies!

Believe x Believe! x4

(YOU!) Forget about winning or losing, draw your best card!

(YOU!) Speed ahead full throttle! Heart pounding, on the game!

Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Done! Done! Done! Done! x2

Swaying in my m-m-mind

The Pendulum of the Soul, Ultimate Confusion…

The urge! Got it! Got it!

The battles are now for real! A true revolution!

Just breaking the wall x2

Ride On Now!

Believe x Believe!

Everybody goin! Break the wall that’s in front of you!

You’re gonna beat it! Beat it!

Those infinite futures. Throw your hesitation away!

Make it! Make it! Show your courage! (Break it now!)

Step ahead! We’ll step it up! (Do it now!)

The fun has only begun! So come on! Anyone can become a believer!

Believe x Believe
Electric Buddies!~*°^`·o


I need to gif this holy shit. XD

YuGiOh Abridged,Thank You

If I had more time to talk in our vid I would have said more things. But I guess I can express myself more here since I have the endless space right? ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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 I am one of those kids who watched this series since the very first episode came out & have watched this series bloom & spread its wings into the world for a decade & ongoing. And I watched the abridging community grow and evolve.It’s like WOW, how many people can say that they made something successful for that long? And have touched thousands of people’s lives? THAT is life goals right there man! And just knowing I got the chance to meet him even once is a blessing. Martin is one of the kindest,selfless, most humble people I’ve ever met & he continues to inspire me daily❤️.

 I remember YuGiOh itself was the show that got me friends in elementary school. I was this little shy girl from Bolivia who barely could speak English,moved to the U.S. but could draw pretty good for my age & when the other kids saw my drawings of YGO or Pokemon or whatever else,they wanted to talk to me & be my friend & help me learn English. And then YGO TAS came out when I was in middle school and it made me laugh and make even MORE friends. I know back in the day,STRANGER DANGER was highly associated with the interwebs & making internet friends was so taboo or considered “not real friendships” (to some degree a lot if people still believe that) but with all the tech nowadays,it’s harder to deny that YES you can make friends through the internet & YuGiOh Abridged did that for me.

 If YuGiOh Abridged wasn’t a thing,I wouldn’t have met my first ever abridging friends X,Shady,Wraith10,Tyrest (my now bf),xJerry64x and further down the line TFS, PurpleEyesWTF, Faulerro or my abridged teams of SoulEaterAcademy,ZealtheDeal & YuGiOhKetchup whom I wish I could name em all but that would be A HUGE list. All of my friends in the abridging community that I have known for years or have just recently met have made my life be filled with happiness,laughter, & warmth. And these guys and gals have formed such strong bonds of friendship with me that I consider them my 2nd family. Whenever I beat myself up or are at rock bottom,they help me get up and keep going. 💫✨🌟💖

 In reality,I have always been a person who no matter what I did,I always felt useless,pathetic, not good enough at anything I did,and my anxiety and self esteem has always been quite poor. I’ve been at the brink of ending my life several times in the past & recently had a few scares, but whenever I needed a laugh or just a little break from reality I would just watch YuGiOh Abridged or any of my other fave abridged series or script an episode of ZeXal Abridged and they help me get through the rough days. I could be crying for weeks but abridged series always manage to get laughs out of me & cheer me up.

 I cant say I have all the accomplishments others in my field have. Honestly, being a gal in any form of media is tough.I can safely say tho,I was the first girl to be the head of a YuGiOh Abridged series. We had DarkSideIncorporated as the front headers for GX,Wraith10 was the most popular 5D’s Abridger (and thanks to him I became a VA cuz he cast me as Aki and Ruka & made X discover me), and then when ZEXAL came out, I was the trailblazer & I gained the respect of the fandom. And now teaming up with Azzy for Arc-V is surreal. And it is mind boggling that I wouldn’t be here w/o the original. 

 I remember I used to only voice act for other people’s abridged series. Until Lordmoonstone made that abridged contest and I did a One-Shot of SHINGU: Secret of the Stellar Wars & I thought it was so much fun,but I wanted to abridge A YuGiOh series cuz it’s always been my fave, so ZEXAL was announced & I jumped for joy & put out the first ZEXAL Abridged on the internet. It was the best decision cuz it is such a fun & creative outlet for me & the show itself has made me feel proud of myself for once. I still struggle to believe that I am any good at anything. And there are times when I still think about giving up but I stay. Little things here and there remind me why I do this. I know what its like to be so down on yourself that you feel numb and hopeless. But I also know what it feels like to be cheered up by a friend or by something you enjoy. And I have had people say that ZEXAL abridged has helped them get through things & I am happy that I could do that for even a single person. I hope I can continue to do that for people with abridging or any of my other hobbies for as long as I’m here. ;w; sorry for the hella long & emotional post but I wanted to share how much abridging had impacted my life & made it better. 

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 So here’s to many more future funtimes with abridging and hope everyone will continue to enjoy this fantastic medium LK has given us. 💕

Parallel Moon
" Imagine living in a peaceful world. Some where out there is a parallel universe living in peace as well. But one day that universe wants to be the only one of it&#39;s kind but in order for that to happen, YOU have to be destroyed! It&#39;s a race against space and time and it&#39;s not going to be an easy fight! Who&#39;s going to be the ones to stop them? And will they succeed?! Stay tuned and find out!"


AND  ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A ZEXAL/ARC-V ABRIDGED FAN 8)! Hello I am Mana! Creator of ZEXAL Abridged and Co-Creator of ARC-V Abridged ^^

YOU SEE THIS?! This is a hella awesome comic my greatest friend in the whole wide world cic-studios is making! We have been best friends since 6th grade and she is my hero and inspiration! She is a super hard worker and a very talented artist! It would mean the WHOLE world to me if you would read it and rate it!

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