Bioshock Infinite: Enemy Aesthetic:  Crow/Zealot of the Lady

Sweet mother of Columbia, why do we worship three symbols in your memory? We worship the sword, so that we might avenge you. We worship the raven, so that we might cover the city with eyes. We worship the coffin, because it symbolizes the weight of our failure.

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Due to the unexpected explosion of the El, my mission has lost its course,
and I sustained damage from the explosion to such a great degree that I did not have enough strength to maintain even my own existence.

That’s when I faced the deep chaos one should never feel.

When I was wandering within the chaos, I felt a faint energy of the El somewhere, and instinctively, I chased after that energy. As the El’s energy grew stronger as I got closer, I thought to myself:

It’s not too late. With this much energy, I might be able to complete my unfulfilled mission.

Then I… When I fulfill my mission, I will be forgotten by the humans. For now, I only need to pretend; just enough to blend in…

Did you guys see that?

It’s something we’ve never seen before…

No? Missed it? Scroll up and look closely this time…
Found it? You knew it the whole time? Or still confused? 

Let me give you the answer:

Guys these are images never before seen in the game… This is not Hamel, this is not Elysion, this is not the old Elianod, capital of Elrios 500 years ago that we know of…

The “city” on the top… looks like Elianod before the Nasod War, before the first El was ever rampant. Before Goddess Ishmael ever “helped” (cough) the first Lady of El to calm it. I’m judging this by the fact that it’s more perfect in shape, and that it’s not covered, which means it is not of Harnier and Solace’s time, 500 years ago. 

We all know what the Giant El looked like 500 years ago, before its destruction:

Exterior of Tower of El

Interior of Tower of El

The capital Elianod, before the Nasod War, was the peak, the zenith, the epitome of Elian culture it EVER was. Notice the size of the “buildings” and the grandeur of the city. We were amazed at the intricacy of Solace’s manor and the appearance of Tower of El, and that was with an imperfect Giant El. Imagine a culture where there was the original, the first perfect Giant El, complete and whole. Is this a glimpse of what El used to be like, before humans and Elians abused it and lead themselves to the Nasod War and subsequently the imperfect rampant El? Will our heroes visit there? Perhaps as a vision? Or time travel?

The bottom picture… is not so cut and clear…

Is it still a city? Or is the “El” inside a building? I can’t be too sure. What I can tell is that the El in the previous picture and this one are of the same size (I just checked). The same beam of light is coming out of it (or into it). The “buildings” arround it has changed drastically, but that’s easily explainable if we, for the sake of argument, assume that it’s been hundreds of years since the city in the previous picture to this.

Why is it so dark and ominous looking, you ask?

Friend told me the coloring reminds them of Henir, and I thought it was because these are fragments from Henir’s Space Time so maybe the coloring reflected off of the light inside Henir… 

but… then I remembered… Denif.

  • Luckily nothing big happened to the Lady of El today, but several hundreds of years ago, Zealots of Henir attacked the Lady of El and the Giant El went rampant. The entire continent was on the brink of extinction…
  • Zealots of Henir? Who are they to do such reckless…!
  • They are… fanatics who follow the ancient God Henir, with the belief that everything except the ones by the will of Henir must be destroyed to cleanse the universe.
    So they’ve been attempting to destroy the creations of ancient God Elia and the Goddess Ismael, and over the countless years, they have targeted the El crystal and the Lady of El…

It could be of the original El when it was first attacked by the infamous Zealots of Henir, just like how Denif was telling us during his Zealots of Henir 101 lecture to Solace, 500 years ago.

Guys. This is in Henir’s Space Time. These fragments are visions seen inside the Henir when Ain was in there.

Is it really strange for us to think that the city on the bottom is of Elianod when it was attacked by the Zealots of Henir, hundreds of years + 500 years ago?

The scale of the plot is getting bigger and bigger… Prepared to be excited!


My “Zealot of the Lady” cosplay at Anime Expo. Most people know this character as a “Crow”, or sometimes “Murder of Crows”, since you have to kill one in order to get the Murder of Crows vigor. If anyone at Anime Expo saw me & took a pic, please post it! I would love to see how your photos came out ! :D I wore this cosplay on Saturday.


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