My take on ZE:A's recent scandal regarding falsifying of college credits and Star Empire's official statement

This is really bad and would probably hurt ZE:A’s image especially that they are getting popular these days. But for what it’s worth, I don’t think Star Empire is making excuses by issuing this statement. See they mentioned "We’ve already revealed to the BAI two months ago that the members have nothing to do with this". It means that this is their official response to the Board not just the media. Why would they drag BAI if they are just making excuses? So I guess we just have to wait for the official finding from BAI if they haven’t released one yet. But since it was 2 months ago and the Fs have been reissued, this case was probably closed already and BAI already moved on to other cyber schools, right? 

Another point to consider is that if the school and professors are really innocent then they could just easily refute Star Empire’s claim 2 months ago and provide additional documents to support this but looking at how the news was reported, they did not and so far stayed silent. Why so? Because they are probably in the wrong too. If I was the professor and I know that I’m not guilty or someone bribed me to do it, my initial reaction would be to protect  myself because that is human nature. But instead, still they did not do anything against Star Empire or submit anything to BAI 2 months ago to prove their innocence. They disappeared right? 

However, at the end of the day Star Empire had some lapses too. This is something that you can’t just simply miss and say “oh sorry we don’t know about it”. I bet there a lot of discussions that went on regarding this behind closed doors and we wouldn’t probably know about it. I’m pretty sure they noticed the grades back in 2010 and might have wondered why or how they got those but didn’t bother asking questions and was just thankful that the professor gave them a passing mark. Anyone who went to college knows that a lot of these things happen in the university. But again I’m not sure how it is for Korea or cyber colleges. On the other hand, Star Empire should have been more proactive during that time and dealt with it right away instead of waiting and hoping that no one would question it. I guess a hard lesson learned for this agency.

Despite everything, I believe ZE:A could survive this. They aren’t that popular yet but they have talent and loyal fans. They managed to do it for the past years and they can do it again. There are a lot other scandals out there that are far more worse but people involved managed to deal with it. Star Empire and ZE:A just needs to improve more and work harder to show the audience what they are capable of. I have faith in ZE:A!!!

Read the article on:ZE:A under suspicion of falsely earning school credits + Star Empire releases official statement http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/11/zea-under-suspicion-of-falsely-earning-school-credits-star-empire-releases-official-statement