ZE:A REACT: When he realises he really loves you/confesses

I can’t find the request, it’s been quite a while for this one, but I believe an Anon sent in a ZE:A request with them realising they loved you/confessing to you. Enjoy!

I am thoroughly dissapointed with the lack of ZE:A gifs ;-; 

on another note, I want to thank you all so much for 2000+ followers ;-; I’m so happy you guys enjoy my reactions and I will try my best to make more things for you to enjoy! Also, thank you so much for your patience! I’m working on you requests and I will get them in I promise!

Junyoung: You had just finished watching his performance and backstage when you rushed over excitedly, with that little bounce in your step, to shower him with compliments he’d break out into a shy smile. He didn’t know it himself but seeing you run to him made his heart race.

Kevin: He had been recording the entire day and just when he finished he realised you had been waiting for him, curled up on the chair with his coat over you as his blanket. You looked so peaceful, smiling softly and mumbling something incomprehensible (although he swears you said his name) that he just kept staring at you. When you awoke you were slightly confused at the ‘I love you’ he threw your way, but it made your heart flutter nonetheless.

And then he’d get embarrassed and start laughing.

Kwanghee: Honestly he’s a bit unpredictable and so are his emotions. Like you’re literally just sitting there sipping tea after making some for the two of you and after a long drawn out silence in which he stares at you…*GIF*

Confessing, Kwanghee style (God, I love this man.)

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Siwan: He was waiting for you at a cafe; you had promised to help him practice his lines. You arrived a little late, and he had already ordered for you. Your favourite espresso. He had been surprised he remembered it himself. While you two busied yourself in rehearsing the lines, he couldn’t help but admire how passionately you were giving it your best. He also couldn’t help but notice the little gestures you did; the way you tucked your hair behind your ear, the way you softly tapped the table with your fingers, and the subtle lip-bite while you were focused on the script. He caught himself staring, and grew a little flustered when you looked up suddenly. You made his heart race and he wasn’t sure why he was realising this now of all times.

Taehun: WE WERE BORN ON THE SAME DAY. Okay, I’m done.

You two usually spent a lot of time together, and he absolutely adores your sunny personality. When you get fidgety because you can’t control your excitement, or when you start singing at the top of your lungs just because, or when you imitate him while he’s doing something, or when your stuffing food into your mouth.

But because of his busy schedule he was missing out on all of that. And all of you. He didn’t think something or someone could be on his mind 24/7 but apparently it was so and when he finally saw you at the end of a busy day he’d become that bashful sweetheart that’ll want to confess really fast.

Minwoo: When he took the coffee cup from you in his hand and your fingers brushed against his he didn’t expect for your touch to send such a strong tingling sensation, and he couldn’t help but smile as he saw a blush creep up your face. So he wasn’t the only one that got butterflies when you two spent time together. He’d probably make a really corny joke just to see you laugh and ease up the atmosphere so he could tell you how much he really loved you.

Heechul: The two of you had known each other for a while now, and there was that initial attraction from the start. You were too shy to look his way and he knew the effect he had on you, what he didn’t know was his own feelings for you were a lot stronger than he had initially intended them to be. Whilst shooting an idol dating variety show together he found himself getting really jelly over the fact that the other male guests were all intent on pursuing you through the games and challenges and his determination to win you over kicked in. He was becoming so passionate in the show that he had to stop and compose himself so as not to make it any more obvious that he was falling in love with you.

Relax Heechul, relax. Play it cool, you have to look cool for her.

Hyungsik: You were being absolutely ridiculous, on a sugar rush, hair up in a messy bun, giggly and just EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. The energy wasn’t reaching Hyungsik but your pure emotions and happiness definitely were. He caught himself just watching you with a smile, thinking how utterly dorky and clumsy you were but how utterly loveable at the same time.

Why do I even bother with this girl?

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Dongjun: You were working diligently, helping him monitor his performance in his latest drama serial and you wrote down all the remarks he made so that he could have notes to look over and work with when he practiced the next scenes. You were so busy and drawn into perfecting the notes for him that you hadn’t realised he had stopped monitoring the screen and started just staring at you. Your focused eyes, slight lip bite and a scrunched up nose made his heart skip a beat.


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