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         playlist for the kpop boy groups that always get a “who??” or “they came out with that one song that one time right?” after their name. discover and rediscover these either amazing or embarrassing songs in the gracefully titled playlist, nugu.

t-max don’t be rude // code-v addiction // dnt the love in my heart // the boss lady // ze:a all day long // f.cuz mine // a'st1 1234 back // u-kiss i like you // f.cuz no one // the boss stumble stumble // dnt crazily pretty // dalmatian round 1 // g.iam only you // touch me // x-5 going crazy // m.i.b gdm // myname message // a-jax one 4 u // aa so crazy // lc9 mama beat // taken young boy // tony and smash get your swag on // cross gene la di da di // bigstar hot boy // 24k hurry up // mr.mr highway// m.pire i’m better // lu:kus so into u // twi-light without you // hitt goodnight //  toxic lonely // c-clown solo