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ZTD dick science

Now, ever since I finished Zero Time Dilemma, there has been a burning question plaguing my mind. Perhaps it is the most tricky puzzle in the entire zero escape series. It is a question which I am sincerely surprised the fandom has not yet addressed. And that question is: ‘If Phi’s boobs are D Cup, how long is Sigma’s dick?

Now, hear me out. We all know that the two factors are connected. In VLR we are supposedly told that Phi’s boobs are C Cup, to which Sigma replies:

Implying that there is a mathematical relationship between the dick length of Sigma (which shall henceforth be named SDL - Sigma Dick Length) and the size of Phi’s boobs (PBS - Phi Boob Size). This could easily be interpreted as a bewildered sarcastic remark. HOWEVER, we as human beings perceive sarcasm primarily through tone of voice. Thus, as Sigma in VLR is not voice acted, we cannot know whether he was being sarcastic, or whether he was informing us sincerely that there was a direct relationship between his dick length and Phi’s boob size.

This mystery only comes to mind because of a drastic change in information presented in ZTD, namely:

To which Sigma replies:

Thus acknowledging the uncanny transformation.

Naturally, this leads us to the burning question: If Sigma was telling the truth in VLR, and there is a mathematical relationship between PBS and SDL, how long is Sigma’s dick anyway? If Phi’s boobs are actually bigger than C Cup, surely Sigma’s dick is longer than 12 inches?

I’m no mathematician. This is probably clearly indicated by the fact I’m here doing so little with my life that I have time to write a hypothesis like this. But, I have attempted to calculate the true SDL, based on PBS:SDL ratio suggested in the first screenshot. Hopefully this handy table shall be helpful in explaining the issue:

Using these simple sums we can learn that, indeed, if what Sigma said in VLR is true, and if Phi’s boobs are actually Ds, then Sigma’s dick can only be 16 inches long.

16 inches.

So, clearly some of these facts aren’t true or Diana is a very lucky lady.