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“Spark of My World”, Pokemon GO!

Summary: You fall in love with the sun and your sister won’t stop being smug about it because she’s known all along.

Pairing: GoSpark

Notes: My very gay gift for @revolocities as thanks for all the GoSpark he has given to the world. Thank u.

Additional comments: Very Gay (and terrible) and written in second person POV. Enjoy.


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“Weeell, I know some Gaelic… And I am fluent in French. And in Italian, Spanish, German, Polish—”

“Polish? Really?”

“Yup. You never know which language can come in handy! I learned German and Polish during the war. I think that Italian and Spanish are useful here, we have a big a Italian and Spanish communities in the country. Aand I learned French to talk with you in French.”

“Ça a un sens.”

“Oui, mon canard.”


General Danvers Soulmate AU: There is no color until you look into the eyes of your soulmate, although some are able to see their children in color. (Astra loves Kara like a daughter, Rao agrees with this bond, fight me.)