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6.  Peacemaker - Akane Kurashiki

Now, who am [I]? I am [I], the 9th letter of the alphabet. But I am also [Zero]. …No, that’s not true. I’m not really Zero. Not yet. Perhaps you could say I am…[less than Zero]. Zero is my future. In 9 years… I will be [Zero].


when i made my first blog last year, i never  ( in a million years ) would’ve guessed i’d ever accumulate this number of followers. ever. with my on and off activity, n’ mass shitposting, i’m surprised i ever even surpassed 100. way more important than numbers, though, are the people who i’ve met & interacted with here, and who have inspired me – or encouraged me to stick around, when i wasn’t feeling it.  ™

i’ve said it countless times – & i’ll say it when i’m on my deathbed : i love cloud strife. he was the first muse i wanted to pick up, but i decided against it because he was already such a popular character and muse. finally making this blog back in october of 2016 wasn’t a mistake. despite being painfully awkward, i’ve met a ton of people ; some i speak to regularly, and others  ( – my bad  not so much. 

all the same  ( gross i appreciate everyone sticking around. ffvii has been a part of my life quite literally since the year i was born, and having some means of conveying how much it (& cloud ) means to me is pretty therapeutic, n’ relaxing. i won’t ramble much more, anyhow. i’m not gonna tag most everyone in the list below, obviously, but i’ll make some mentions. the usual stuff, right ?  cloud voice: let’s mosey.

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Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week - Day 3/7 : why you love season 1

I love season one because Kara had clear story arcs and every episode contributed in some way to her character development and I felt other characters were also developed well, eg. how Cat Grant seemed harsh at the beginning of the season but mentored Kara/Supergirl and became a beacon of hope and empathy at the end of the season. The sister relationship between Kara and Alex in season one got time to develop and if there were conflicts they usually got time to decompress at some point. The family dynamic between Alex, Kara and J’onn (who had also lost everything before coming to Earth like Kara) was very important same as the support Kara got from her friends such as James who was also her romantic interest and proved you could be a hero just by wielding a camera and your words.

Kara tries to connect with people with words before fists. Actually the season finale wasn’t just about fighting, defeating the main enemy of the season one includes Kara giving an uplifting speech about hope. In season one, the show was about dealing with loss and anger but it was also about compassion, friendship, family and hope and what it meant to be a hero.