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@casvyopeia i wasnt going to do anymore but i cant say no to christophe and i. really wish i did like i had to make a speedpaint to show how god awful this is

1. Za to ze tyle jem
2. Za to ze zjebalam tyle przyjaźni
3. Za klotnie z rodzicami 4. Jestem za słaba
5. Boję się
6. Nie umiem zaufać
7. Zraniłam najważniejszą dla mnie osobę
8. Poddalam się
9. Jestem idiotką
10. Słabe oceny
11. Za wszystkie kłamstwa
12. Naiwna
13. Ranie ludzi
14. Przegrałam
15. Nie śpię
16. Suka
17. Nic mi nie wychodzi
18. Zrobiłam nadzieję
19. Zdjelam maskę
20. Nie udało mi się tego zrobić
21. Za moje myśli
22. Zjebana psychika
23. Uciekam
24. Nie umiem rozmawiać
25. Stracilam już chyba wszystkich
26. Za kłótnie z nim 27. Za wszystko
pegasus grounded - Chapter 1 - Anonymississippi - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: ½
Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Astra/Alex Danvers
Characters: Alex Danvers, Astra (Supergirl TV 2015), Kara Danvers
Additional Tags: Horse Racing, Prohibition, 1920s, post-WWI ennui, Coney Island and Atlantic City, General Danvers Week, Historical AU

Everything changed by 1920.

War was no longer romantic, booze was no longer legal, and horses… horses didn’t hold the same sort of usefulness as a locomotive or a Model T. Modernism had rendered entire lifestyles impotent.

But Alex Danvers knew horses. Knew them well enough to carve a life out tending to them. So the call to the Steel Pier in Atlantic City doesn’t exactly take her by surprise. But the flying horses, and the star that rides them?

Well… Alex Danvers never planned on her.

Lextra/General Danvers HeadCanons PT 1
  • Alex has a 3DS and a Pokemon game. She nicknames her favorite pokemon(s) after Astra - using General/Wife/Wifey/Eco-Freak/etc. her favorite changes a lot - but she will only ever use ‘Astra’ for her favorite of the week. [Right now, it’s set on Noivern, I don’t know why.] [Also, Astra has no idea.]
  • Alex is such a silent crier, hates to actually break down and become a shivering mess - she just buries herself into Astra and stays there until all the tears are gone - probably falls asleep there too. Astra just wraps her arms around a curled up Alex and peppers kisses onto her head.
  • Astra has a habit of keeping Alex on top of her while they both fall asleep. Alex rolls everywhere, and watching her roll off the edge once was enough to send the general into a silent panic. Alex Danvers is now secured comfortably every night. [Not ON TOP, on top … just, side-on top…]
  • Alex made the horrible mistake of taking Astra with her to an animal shelter one time. The aunt is just as bad as Kara. 
  • Astra loves cuddling with Alex - because her human is so squishy. 
  • Astra keeps their kisses brief, even in private, but can never get her hands off Alex, in any/most situations. She’ll always try to at least have some sort of skin contact with Alex. 
  • After long days with the DEO, perhaps after a close fight or a particularly brutal one, or maybe even after one of them has a trip to the med bay/sun beds, Astra/Alex just pulls the other in between their legs, whether their standing, sitting, cuddling, or kneeling, and they just bop noses lightly, foreheads touching, hair curtaining their stupidly bright blushes, and light kisses here and there, sweetly whispered nothings, soft and short hummings - they don’t give a shit if they’re surrounded by glass windows. 
  • Astra draws on the walls, she writes poems in alien languages, draws beautiful graphics and fluffy pictures of the two of them on the walls … but then Alex writes ‘Fight Me’ on the space above the bed’s headboard and  Astra has given up doing anything sweet for her for some time now. 
  • DEO Ships It.