Okay but why have a Han Solo movie when we could have a Cassian Andor movie?

Han is a great character, but Han Solo is a complete jackass when we first meet him. He’s rougishly handsome, yes, but an entire movie about that will probably get old (especially when Harrison Ford isn’t Han) and full of cliches. Cassian lost his parents, and was a layered character without Luke Skywalker’s help with a backstory almost everyone is curious about.

What if the hypothetical Cassian movie showed him having a motherly bond with someone in the Rebellion, instead of a fatherly one? Maybe there was some woman (preferably of color!) who wanted to help 6-year-old Cassian? What if it showed him slowly becoming more and more hardened, showed every battle he fought in, every time K-2 had to pick him from the ruins of a fight?

Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk are completely ready to be in another Star Wars movie, and Alan especially has been insistent on a Cassian (and K-2) backstory. The two loved working together as man and droid. Let’s give the audience something they want, and have actors excited to do the job that are fit to do it.

Just an idea.


EXO - 170222 Focus News: 6th Gaon Chart Awards, red carpet

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Ok so, I hate that everyone makes fun of Sehun’s lisp. You guys do realize that Sehun has Incognito Orthodontic Braces right? So if you don’t know, Incognito Orthodontic Braces are braces that are placed behind the teeth so that no one knows you have braces. So yes, Sehun is going to have a slight lisp, that COMES WITH BRACES!!! I know a lot of people don’t know he has them, but he does. And it hurts people with braces feelings if you constantly call out their lisp, as it would anybody with one. So please, realize that he’s going to lisp for a while, we just have to get used to it, I actually think it’s kind of cute. Thank you for your time.

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