I just want to tell you about a sad thing that happens in Poland right now.
The Instalation you see on picture above is “Rainbow” (polish: “Tęcza”) on Plac Zbawiciela (Savior Square) in Warsaw. This instalation has been a subject of controversy since it was built in 2012, and has been set on fire so far 6(sic!) times.
You wanna know the saddest thing? “Rainbow” has been burnt exactly one year ago. Now it is reconstructed, but the real problem is when it happened. 11th of November is a very special date to polish people. This is our Independence day. The day in which we should share our happines and gratitude to our ancestors who shed their blood for freedom of our country. But instead of that there are a thousands of people, that find themselves authorized to decide who is a real polish citizen, and a true patriot. To say that no homosexuals, trans, atheists, or just liberals in general can be counted among that fraternity. To say that them, and them only, are true Poles.
And I’m certain that they will try to burn “Rainbow” for the 7th time today.