doingthedosincewwii asked:

oh my god im not sure i can take another one D: Although... My friend found this song called Lost Cause by Imagine Dragons and it could fit the Winter Soldier. Check it out! If you did fan art for that song it'd be pretty rad!

ahaha well i think this one would be a little less… depressing… than my last one :’D


OH SNAP IMAGINE DRAGONS YES i’m listening to it now and SHIT wow yes it’s perfect and i have ideaaaaas

like the winter soldier recovering and clinging to steve because it’s the only thing he has now, and even though he’s super grateful to steve for taking him in and helping him recover, he’s depressed. he feels like he’s not worthy of steve’s care because of all the lives he’s taken and the fact that he can never be steve’s bucky again. but steve persists and still cares for him despite those things and poor winter just doesn’t understand and it just makes him feel WORSE and fghsdfgsjGHDJSGFSJ