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  • Is an absolute mother hen over her Paladin but couldn’t care less about anyone else
    • Except for Allura. Red cares for Allura too
  • Keith: *Stumbles*
    Red: *Bursts through wall* MY SON ARE YOU HURT
  • Is protective of Keith for two reasons. One, she fears losing him and having to face Black about it afterwards. Two, WHEN WILL YOU STOP LAUNCHING YOURSELF INTO OUTER SPACE GODDAMMIT WHY DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING AROUND HERE
  • Likes the Peace & Quiet, ironically is one of the most active Lions, beside Blue and Green
  • #PoweredByRage
  • Will fight anyone, anytime, anywhere, for any reason
    • Will also fight EVERYone
  • Knew about Keith being half Galra since the very beginning and wasn’t gonna give him two shits, being very wary about this, but after he launched himself out the door to space for the first time she was like “Welp there’s not many of these just walking around in the Universe and he’s as reckless as me so I guess that’s it, let’s roll”
  • Ended up getting way too attached to him and will raise her barrier to shield him from anything
    • Shiro: Come on, Red. Let go of him, it’s his turn to do the dishes.
      Red: *Keeps barrier up, doesn’t budge*
  • Lance once told the story of The Lion King to the Lions. They all instantly decided Red was Zazu and provoke her like ‘What, will you sing the Morning Report to Black next too?’ every time she says something obvious.
    • Red likes Kovu the best btw
  • Red still doesn’t like the Blade Of Marmora folks. She holds a grudge against them because of those goddamned trials which hurt Keith so badly back then.
    • Red: Idc if you’re half Galra or if you somehow have a connection to those bastards because of your stupid butter knife, thEY HURT YOU AND I’LL KILL THEM ON SIGHT
      Keith: Red no
      Red: RED YES
  • Legit tried to close her mouth on Kolivan twice. Failed both attempts.
  • Red growls everytime Kolivan is in sight. Kolivan secretly thinks she’s adorable for being so over-protective
  • They once had a meeting outside the Castle right after some battle. As usual, Red was growling every single time Kolivan would be near Keith. At a certain moment, Kolivan glanced up at her and gave this tiniest smirk on the corner of his lips and Red almost shot him right there and then, not caring about everyone else around - just didn’t because Blue noticed and tackled her, engaging in a fight and distracting her away from the others
Invisible|| Logan Howlett

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The funniest thing about a months worth of OML fics is that this anon was the only person to ask me for a Young! Logan request and here we are! This is my LAST Logan fanfiction probably until June or July. Thank you all so much for the prompts! I had so much fun writing them!

I am completely sucked out of ideas so this is all around bad

Prompt (Requested by Anon) - Ever since she joined the school, the reader has done everything to get Logan to notice her, but is always overshadowed by Jean since they have similar powers. During a training simulation the reader snaps, loses control and accidentally hurts another student which causes her to run out. Found by Logan hours later, she confesses to him; completely oblivious to the fact that he has always noticed her.

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This arrived today!!!

I have a guilty pleasure of reading Rayearth just like it was published inside Nakayoshi. The feel of the paper and the bigger images (faints).

I know you can find the scans of Nakayoshi on internet; however, some chapters are incomplete and this is one example (scan of color page is moved, extra page missing).

I love this chapter since you have Hikaru x 2 (on the cover of the magazine, and the color page of the chapter). Also, an extra page that wasn’t included inside the Tankoubon is here!!!! Geo a Zazu looking at Eagle like he is the sleeping beauty is pure gold!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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"I don't care if you live or die." (handsomethrowrug)

“That’s fair your majesty.” Zazu sighed dejectedly. The hyenas weren’t around, and Zazu seriously doubted Scar would kill him personally, so for the moment, he was safe. 

Scar’s feelings didn’t come as any kind of surprise, but they were dejecting to hear. He looked over at the score marks on the walls where he counted the days he had spent in the cage with his beak. Mentally he wished his cage a happy 50th.

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  The owl was staring long and hard at his blackboard and at the many, many mathematical diagrams on it, tapping his beak with a hoof in thought whilst he did so.

  He heard the door open to his classroom however and he held a finger up before even looking at his guest, in order to silence them. For a moment, the room was in silence once more, until Archimedes took the chalk from its holder and wrote a number in an equation.

  It was only then that he turned, dusting his wings off from the chalk residue. “ What can I help you with, sir?

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Pork tenderloin is lean, boneless and almost tender enough to slice with a fork, but to make it great, it needs help. We asked the past winners of the F&W Classic’s Grand Cochon, a pork-cooking competition, for some flavor-boosting tricks.—Julia Heffelfinger

Enhance with Bold Ingredients Adam Sobel of San Francisco’s RN74 fills soft tortillas with grilled tenderloin and tart, spicy toppings like grilled pineapple, charred jalapeño, pickled red onion and fresh cilantro.

Prepare with Tangy Dairy By soaking the tenderloin in acidic dairy like buttermilk, yogurt or sour cream before cooking, Jason Vincent of Chicago’s Nightwood adds rich flavor while tenderizing the meat.

Rub with Anchovy Paste Co-chef John Stewart of Zazu in Sonoma County, California, seasons tenderloin with briny flavors, like an anchovy paste mixed with garlic and olive oil. The end result isn’t fishy, just complex.

Create the Illusion of Fat with Beans Duskie Estes, also co-chef of Zazu in Sonoma County, likes to mimic the silky texture of pork fat by serving tenderloin with creamy white gigante beans cooked with caramelized onions, lime juice and cilantro.

Top with Luscious Condiments Scott Romano of Frisco Gun Club in Dallas slices tenderloin thin, piles it in a sandwich and spreads on strong, rich condiments, like an herbed aioli.

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