Saturday Morning
  • *sound asleep when my partner comes back into our room*
  • Partner:G'morning sleepy head, time to get up...
  • me:no, you don't understand!!!! we're stardust, matter is NOT destroyed, it's recycled. and we will be stars again! i swear on everything- it's true. Science!
  • My Partner:...ok *pat pat* that's nice honey.
  • me:*now fully awake* huh? oh, crud. did i just sleep rant? sorry my love. 😶😶😶

TOP FLOOR BATHROOM - Find more from the build here.

| Floor | Walls | Painting | Towel | Plant Frame | Plant (Set Tessa) | Sink | Toilet | Shower |  

To respect the cc creators TOU, I won’t just put everything in one big folder, but I will link to everything. Sorry but the creators rights comes first.

Thanks to all the amazing CC creators


Phew! I gotta give it to interior designers. I can get pretty indecisive when it comes to decorating, especially room themes, furniture, and clutters. Maybe that’s why my apartment is still so barren, haha! I included the before and after photos of the room, hope ya enjoy! :)

P.s. I’m completing/renovating for this house right here!


Floor - simsrocuted
Wallpaper - granny zaza


Bed - dreamcatchersims4 - mattress // plumbobpancakes - hanging bed frame // simsinwonderland - quilted bedding
Ceiling lamp - shinokcr
Chair - meinkatz
Clutter - k-hippie - pantone mugs // mio-sims - camerasbooksmannequin // buffsumm - bathroom clutter // mangosims (paula set) - big f statue // mangosims (onde set) - vase // lina-cherie - tea planters
Door - nynaevedesign
End tables - lightsxxx
Floor - milana
Ottoman - peacemaker-ic
Pillows - cool-panther
Rug - hvikis
Wall art - black-le & black-le // hvikis
Wallpaper - mangosims (paula set) - grey wall // rachelssimstuff - concrete wall, zig-zag wall // hvikis - dark concrete wall

anonymous asked:

Good vibes, Zaza! I was talking with my bf about what we want our future to be like and I asked if we decide to have kids, could they call me Zaza or some variation of that instead of Mom, and he's totally chill about it. It's been a long road of learning but now we're both pretty much comfortable with my gender identity. Also, I recently came out to a friend who doesn't follow my tumblr (my irl tumblr friends knew already) and it went really well!

awww that’s so awesome, i’d love to see more Zaza’s out there! also, there’s loads of other gn parent names like; Maddy, Baba, Nini, Moddy, Bibi etc..that are all equally easy for kids to say! what makes a family is love, and it sounds like you two have that in spades. best of luck turtledove!


im so disappointed that zaza is leaving :(( like, i’ve never liked him and i’ve always thought that he was completely unuseful but it was his dream to play with us and they barely gave him a chance :(( poor guy….